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Life Talk!

Presentation yourself:)



I'll presentation myself after you presentation yourself:)

I wait for posts. 


Do you like your country and why or why not?

What kind of music, eat, weather, clothes,etc. do you like? 

07:53 PM Feb 23 2009 |

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Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

I do like my country ,SOMETIMES you do not have to  justify your love for something ,  I do not listen to music , but I think music is a romantic language , I like coffee so much as well as Pizza , I like the weather when it's spring , sometimes the cloudy one ..

09:20 PM Feb 23 2009 |



hi i like my country cause it is the place where i belong to.it s my origin.i like amazigh music,pop,,,

12:21 AM Feb 24 2009 |



Ok. I do like I promised:) I like Poland. It's very interesting country:) BUT winter is too long… I like dancing, skiing, volleyball, going to the mountains and cycling. I'm person, who do something all the time. I never have free time:) I'm studying a lot… My favourite subject at school is English. I don't like history. I'm brave, friedly, lively, sensible and talkative. I lone my friends and going out with them. I like china's food and polish also. I like be wear elegant or sports… I respect other people.

03:07 PM Feb 24 2009 |




Hmm… Yeaa i love my country.. but sometimes (maybe often) critise..

But it is becoz i want to imprıve it :))



I am fall in love with my books and my bike.. I dont have any stuff more iimportant than them..

I love reading, writting, swimming, cycling..


I hate wearing skirt.. I always can wear eveything.. But dont wear skirt, if it is not too necessary..


I wanna be a doc, a surgeon.. Also after finishing medicine, ı will study politic depertman too.. I love talking sooooo much! Never shup up :))

So be a politician will be good for me :D



I am afraid of knife and fire..

I always think that i will die in fire.. :s with burning.. :S

Ohh… I dont know why!! I just afraid of!

Also i have cut my big finger in left hand when i was 8. I still have a sign on my finger..

:S So after that day i cant walk when i put a knife on my hands..

I'm afraid of that i will down and knife will go into my stomach..


I love black n white and blue!

I dont have a lot close friends.. But others are toooooo many!   but most of them not necessary :P



I love rock music,,...But not too  hard!!

my favory is Kıraçç...I love him!

He is a great man!



My eng is not so good.. but i always write..:D i dont care if i do mistakes D:

I dont worry :) Anyone didnt learn it into their mom's stomach :D

(a Turkish idiom)




also i see myself as a culture-ivy :D

I lived with dififrent culture..

Teachers, neighbours are TUrkish.

Mom is Zaza-PErsian.

Dad is Kurdish..

Grandma is Armenian..

Best friend is Jewish…


They were all talking in diffirent languages.. they had diffirent understanding of life!


I had to learn all them, love all them, respect all them!..


I had to learn all languages..

It was hard for me..But i loved :))





Now just they came my mind to write.. but i am more than all them :))

A person cant introduce himself/herself with letters.. A human is too diffirent than all them!

Human is diffirent..Feelings are diffirent :)


05:43 PM Feb 24 2009 |




I don't like my country, we have stupid politician, who always argue… roads are awful :S and we organize Euro 2012, but i'm afraid it will be big shame :/ we don't have highways, stadiums etc. 

kind of music? ...rock, pop a bit hip hop, sth. like Craig David, Chris Brown, 50 Cent or Matt Pokora

eat-casseroles (all kinds!)

weather- I love summer!

clothes- jeans and T-shirt, sometimes sth. provocative

movies- comedies, thrillers (Dr. House, Dr. Who, CSI, Bones)

in weekend I usually long sleep.

My zodiac is Scorpio ( it's a lot explain)

06:11 PM Feb 24 2009 |




it's still better now than before when PiS was the major party in coalition with other idiots.

earlier, i thought it's good that won PO, but now.. of course i prefer PO, but it seems that they a bit don't manage with problems…

still not enought but they are being built

hah… in my village will be highway,firstly it will have for Euro 2008 but sth. change and they'll start build in 2013… I hope that won't be with other places…

09:33 PM Feb 24 2009 |



I like my country….Indonesia why??? it's simple. coz this is my home. this is the place that i built my dream. and rich of culture. even the education, mining, agriculture, foreign trade is controle by greedy pilotician. But, indonesia well known by our tourism places. we have scenery. except in our capital city. that's one of my nightmare. hahahha,,,,cause: fanny is the future of indonesia

What kind of music, eat, weather, clothes,etc. do you like?

Music: i play piano. music is universal. that we can feel the soul. and i like to play pop / classic with piano. but, i enjoy another genre.

Eat: i like to eat from the most beautiful chef in the world. my MOM... but i'll like to taste food around the worl, someday.

Weather :i like tropical area like my hometown. but, i hate sun radiation that darken my skin.

Clothes:  my fav.jeans+t-shirt+kets. CASUAL!!!

 I like: debate, traveling, on stage, chate, talk, leadership, do coorporate w/ other, etc…

11:16 AM Feb 26 2009 |



My name's Sylwia – of course! I've a son. My child is sometimes polite, but sometimes impolite, but I'm a patient young mother. I've a husband we are together. My husband's name's Marek and my baby's name's Mikołaj. (Nicolas in English or Santa Claus:)) Mikołaj is the good-looking boy and he likes cry, cry, cry…... a lot!!

I'm from Poland, but I live in Norway. My place where I live is fifty-fifty, because here is a lot of snow and a  winter is long… but I love a summer and the sun… My Teenage years are filled with all kids of problems. My family in Poland don't love me – I thing. They are bed people..
I love a shopping, I'm a good shopper and I like buy many clothes…. I like learn about new things. Sometimes I'm sad and I want cry… becouse life is brutal..
I had a lot of friends in Poland, but hear I reseach.. some friends…
Now It's all about me.. I write leather….......

12:05 PM Feb 26 2009 |




Hi! My name is Dima, I`m from Ukraine. Сertainly I love my country, in spite of political war for power))) I am a happy man and try to do happy circumferential me people!

I like spring, mountains,beautiful girls, honest people, star sky, club music, stylish clothes… :-)

I don`t like  lie, hypocrisy, when tangled headsets, bad weather, warm beer)))

Have a good day!


12:57 PM Feb 26 2009 |



I don't like politican but I know that my life independens of them. 

06:56 PM Feb 26 2009 |