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Life Talk!

Where the students do not go to class at night???

vt cat

vt cat


In my city. Each of us to school at night. Hate! But I have heard, not everyone places such a situation, talk with your school class way!

06:04 AM May 30 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

In my college we have strange habits, one of them is that our major exams most of the time takes place at Thursday night, and some times fridays. And we can't do anything about it Cry they just like to interrupt our weekends.

09:57 PM May 30 2009 |



stay in a netbar

have nothing to do,hang  around

 so when you feel lonely,you are about to find sth to do

chase after a gril.play cards or sth else

 after all college time is confusing,night,somebody likes night better than the day cause night is quiet,and night is full of desire

03:13 PM Jun 01 2009 |