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The problems with guys




I read an article The problems with guys in Yemen Times journal by Nasser alhamami And I like to share it with it's funny …so this what he wrote:


The problems with guys

If u treat him nicely, he says u are in love with him.

If u don't, he says u are proud

If u dress nicely, he says u are trying to lure him.

If u don't, he says u are from village

If u argue with him, he says u are stubborn

If u keep quiet he says u have no brains 

If u are smarter than him he'll lose face 

If he's smarter than u he is great

If u don't love him he tries to possess u.

If u love him he try to leave u (very true huhh?)

If tell him your problem he says u are troublesome

If u don't he says that u don’t trust him

If u scolds him u are like a nanny to him.

If he scolds u it's because he cares for u

If u break your promise can't be trusted

If he breaks his he is forced to do so

If u smoke u are bad girl

If he smokes he is gentleman

If u do well in your exams he says it's luck

If he does well it's brains

If u hurt him u are cruel

If he hurts u are too sensitive!!! &sooo hard to please!!!!

If u send this to guys they will swear that's not true….but  if u don't they say u are selfish

The moral of this story is…..

 SEND THIS TO GUYS OUT THERE ANYWAY….Send it to girls also gives them some laughter… 


11:57 AM Jun 05 2009 |

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pure girl


Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, verey nice, guys (it's good 4 you)

02:20 PM Jun 14 2009 |



it seems every body just complains about their relationships nowadays both young and old it's so depressing because everyone so selfish nowadays neither gender wants to work at it God help us all….......  

06:44 AM Jun 15 2009 |




welcome dear Nosa i think u know what's that meaning

05:33 PM Jun 16 2009 |




lol  it's funny, 70% is true and the rest is fabricated lie just to make girls laugh at males :D lol.

07:34 AM Jun 17 2009 |




Is it because the guy might care about the girl too much?Wink

08:14 AM Jun 17 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

hehehehehehe .All what be mentioned here is true …i agree with u …and not just guys in yemen .in whole world i think….

11:46 AM Jun 17 2009 |

Unjust Angle

Saudi Arabia

ya ya ya

11:54 AM Jun 17 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

i knw. so true.

andu knw wat ? a research prove that women r much stronger then men.


12:11 PM Jun 17 2009 |



It is very funny. 

Just for fun ,donnt be serious.

there are also some lovely gentalmen in this world.

01:12 PM Jun 17 2009 |




Woah… I think I should say the same about the girls. Don't you think so?

07:00 PM Jun 17 2009 |