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what stereotypes do U have about Russia?



Russian Federation


a week ago I returned from Europe.I was slightly shocked by such a fact: when people found out that my friends and me were from Russia,they started to speak about – vodka, matreschka, cold war… =) All these are just stereotypes. Not so many russians drink vodka,we don't play with matreschka, bears don't walk in the streets in Russia. 

So I wonder what else stereotypes do U have about Russia and how u know about it?

10:58 AM Sep 16 2007 |

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nothing …... lol

11:01 AM Sep 16 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


I shoud say the first impression of Russia on me is people there are very good-looking.Have a look at Putine, and you will see what I said is true.

But old ladies are very heavy.

They love wishkey and blace bread.

There are lots of splendid palaces in moscow.Red Square in one of the grandest square throughout the world.

I also read an article which mentioned that some young guys take part in an extremist organization called "skinheads" . Is that true and if, is it serious?


04:01 PM Sep 16 2007 |



I always imagine blonde people,I remember that there´s a really beautiful castle,I remember about vodka (I´m alwaysssss drinking vodka) and,the cold weather.

I watched two documentaries about life in Russia,that´s interesting =)


Don´t worry about stereotypes,I live in Brazil and ppl imagine that here´s just indians,anacondas,and samba.

And I really HATE samba. lol! 

04:29 PM Sep 16 2007 |



Oh yeah,and I don´t know why,i´m afraid about the way your write…that´s so weird to me,because there´s some leters turned back,lol!!!

04:31 PM Sep 16 2007 |


United Kingdom

I think a lot of people just believe stu..d stories that for instance they can watch on TV or hear in radio… Just read a truth that one friend of mine heard in nursing home… She had some training programe there and their teacher was telling about one unbelievable thing what is happening in Russia. She said:'and for example in Russia it is not crime if husband would kill his wife'. And it was training so another 10 people believe now that man can kill woman by law in Russia. :))))))) ...... So I do not know any stereotype about Russia but I know it is not true everything we hear.

So please if anyone tells you that kill the man is not crime, do not believe that even if it would be your teacher.  ;)))

05:21 PM Sep 16 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

in the past, world media shows russia as a bad country.

some people believes anything said in media , without making sure that its the truth

Abut me , i like russian people , and i don't believe in what media says. 

06:02 PM Sep 16 2007 |



Russian Federation

Thanx everyone!Smile

Frankly I don’t care about it. I think we all have stereotypes, I am

not the exception =) but usually I try to avoid such knowledge.

To my mind, it’s simple impolite) I started this topic not to say

that stereotypes sound offensively, no! I just wanted to know

what made young people think so (where they heard it or

were taught).

 Now I also have a new “stereotype” that people in Europe are

 more friendly, easy-going, smiling then RussiansLaughing

About “skinheads”: yeah, you’re right about skinhead.

Because of their actions, my native city

(I live in Saint-Petersburg)now it is considered to be  dangerous for

afro-American students, students from Pakistan, India, Egypt

and many others=( I am so sorry about that! All my friends and me

are against of such organizations and they are prohibited in Russia, but

sometimes skinhead  attacks take placeFrown

06:13 PM Sep 16 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

Russia. Uhm

Cold- yeah that would be the first thing that comes to mind.

Hard- I mean a tough people. In sense they have been through a lot, so that has hardened their psyche.


11:24 PM Sep 16 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


I wanna correct a mistake I made last time. Not wiskey but Vodga they love.Embarassed

04:34 AM Sep 17 2007 |

egyptian diva


Female models look great!!
The streets are not safe from Gangs and armed men.
Russians drink too much alcohol, but I think that’s because of the cold weather, maybe.

03:16 PM Sep 18 2007 |