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Life Talk!

do you believe in love at first sight??



maybe it's true,i'm in love but not from the first sight!! many sights if ou want Wink

11:19 PM Sep 22 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

yes sometimes

12:04 AM Sep 23 2007 |




I do not think so…maby you can like a person to death from the first sight but not to falll in love…coz you can hate the same person by knowing her afterward …maby you may dislike the personality so the love dies…and love can never die…


you understand at least what i'm saying….hope the meaning is obvious…

see ya 

12:09 AM Sep 23 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

may be from first sight

03:11 AM Sep 23 2007 |





yes,i think so.

03:17 AM Sep 23 2007 |

waite pearl

Saudi Arabia

 It s soOoO strange to fall in LOVE from the first sight if u think about it …......but belive me it happens to many people and I heard many stories about that and Iwas one of them. Wink see ya.. 

07:32 AM Sep 24 2007 |



Viet Nam

Pchychology has show this. It is often happen when male and female fall in love at first sight. And they fell be attractive

10:01 AM Sep 24 2007 |




No …... I don't… I think man and woman need some time to have the chance to know each other better… and then if they like eah other they can fell in love.

In short, there's no thing called love from the first sight!

10:25 AM Sep 24 2007 |




Nah, i dont think theres such a thing.. how can u be sure if its love if its the first time ur seeing him or her, right?

10:44 AM Sep 24 2007 |



If you had asked me this question there is a year I will undoubtedly have said "no, I don't believe in it at all".

I was with the same boyfriend since more than 5 years (I was sure that we were made to be together.)when I have met my new boyfriend.

One day my glance was posed on another man and I immediately knew that it was him the man of my life.
I can't explain what I really felt at this moment but I can affirm that into one second my whole life completely changed.
When he has seen me, he has felt the same thing of me.
I have left my ex boyfriend and now I live with this man for whom I was fallen in love at firts sight and we will have a baby soon

04:27 AM Sep 25 2007 |




yes i do.and it happened

10:28 AM Apr 15 2008 |