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How much time do you spend on the net...?




Well do you have a personal computer at home and is it hard to stop using it at the evenings. I may give the first answer.Yes I spend the whole evening on the net.:)

07:32 PM Oct 10 2007 |

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

I spend almost every working day in front of computer. Usually I am very, very tired but I find the way how to relax. Ater a dinner, I go to my room and I spend 2 or three hours on Internet. It happens every evening.

10:41 PM Oct 10 2007 |




3 to 4 hours at evening a day.sometimes,this leads to a hard backache for me but i never STOPWink

10:53 PM Oct 10 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

2-3 hours on average

11:36 PM Oct 10 2007 |



I spent my day about more than 4 hours in front of computer start from evening.. Sometimes it leads my eyes ache…ToT… However, since I am a college student, I have to browse the internet more often to collect any information that relate to my assignments…Tiiiiirrrreeedddd!!!!

08:38 AM Oct 11 2007 |



because of work.i  must stay  in the  front  of   computer  from  morning to  afternoon.there are almost  8 hours.even so,after work when i  get home,i  am  customed to open my  computer .just  for relaxing

06:47 PM Oct 11 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

I spend almost the half of day on net But sometimes i don`t spend all the time just for net, i also spend it on Photoshop and switchmax , because i like Designing so so much.

 I feel i can`t live without it.  

01:06 PM Oct 12 2007 |



United Kingdom

I spent sometimes all day in net… :) to groove on I've working by computer :P

07:58 PM Oct 12 2007 |

coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

 I spend on the computer about just 1-2 hours not more  because my time is something important in my life and I have to save and keep it and do something useful it will help me and help the others…

moreover .. spend more than 3 hours on the computer is not healthy to your eyes and your body …so I dvise you to reduse your time as soon as possible …I just want your care  Laughing 

08:46 PM Oct 13 2007 |




 to me,it depends.since i  got my pc one and a half years ago,i some time feel it that surfing on the net seems boring but my study life more boring,therefore when i get tired of my study i go to the internet for some disatttraction.

10:43 AM Oct 14 2007 |




  usually i use the computer 1to 2 hours to study.and in the weekend i use the computer watching TV for 2 to 3 hours .

02:00 PM Oct 14 2007 |