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Sex befor marriage




Whether is it  possible to have sex before marriage? Is it right or no?Whether is it  possible to have sex before marriage?

01:21 AM Oct 17 2007 |

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i think it is so common .we can do that.but make sure you love her .sex is so beautiful

01:29 AM Oct 17 2007 |




I agree, sometimes it could be better because you can know some details that change  when you are undressed. is marvellous if you can find your partner that is feeling the same , but if you are loving alone is cruel.

01:45 AM Oct 17 2007 |



Viet Nam

Can do that. If make sure you really love her.

Many men of  us (especially Asian) want his lover must be virgin.

04:22 AM Oct 17 2007 |


Russian Federation

Of course possible. Moreover it must be. Because if you marry and than only make a sex and understand that you don't like how your partner doing sex, you will have to devorce or live without sex you want.

09:15 AM Oct 17 2007 |


Åland Islands

relpy to kanaobi:

without the pills and the condoms, you will have a dozens of baby, you are no be afraid of that?

03:03 PM Oct 17 2007 |




I am very thankful for your comments

06:33 PM Oct 17 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I totaly disagree with this point … First for me as a Moslium,  it's something forbidden to do if you weren't married to that person ….

and if you think about it ,,,,,,, I believe that it is something special that it can't be tried with others except one , no more ,and that one everyone think that  he or she will be your husband or wife , however, what if something happend that in the last there would be no marrige !!

I think although the good and the loove momery that you will have and ofcourse the good time Cool but still he or she won't contiune all his or her life with you ..

so in my point of view , you have to give that thing which is so so special to only one person

and that will be your life partner :)

06:51 PM Oct 17 2007 |




why not.god has given us this thing. but i would like to say that if you want have sex than dont try to distroy their life.try to be honest person.and if you have done this than pls try to every possiblities to marrage them for humanity.becoz someone had give me bluff.i couldn’t forget that.

07:03 PM Oct 17 2007 |



United States

with me i was born and raised in a convent where i was taught that its a sin bofore GOD  to you know have sex b4 marriage

imagine am now 22 years old and have never had a girlfriend

01:32 AM Oct 18 2007 |



agree with you

07:18 AM Oct 18 2007 |