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Music Mix!

Metal Music



hi all.I like listenin to metal music and I listen nearly all styles of that especially melodic death,symphonic,black,folk,thrash,power,heavy.my favourite bands are dark tranquility,children of bodom,kalmah,mezarkabul,soilwork,eternal tears of sorrow,ensiferum,amon amarth,dimmu borgir,stratovarius…

what kind of metal do u like?and what r ur favourites?waiting 4 ur replies…

08:29 AM Feb 01 2007 |

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Bitch is back, I see. ^^

Hey, blanqueador! I like Sepultura, too. And Lordi is from my home country. :P 


01:29 PM Apr 08 2007 |



I prefer if u die.

03:21 PM Apr 08 2007 |

Death Smiled


amon amarth, six feet under, obituary, alastis, aaaarrghh, antisilence, metallica, slipknot, cannibal corpse, pig destroyer, arch enemy, Dark Fortress, Morgul, marduk…

 and something else

06:53 PM Apr 18 2007 |



i love sistem of a down…but i dont listening metal….and soad isn't just metal…so…i love it…but i listening all music…take care all…and listen metal music….rulzzzz!

07:07 PM Apr 19 2007 |




nobody likes linkin park?I like to play and sing their songs!

08:41 AM Apr 20 2007 |



Metal!!!!! of course, my all-time favorite is the father of all death, the sadly deceased Chuck Schuldiner… is a must to hear some of his great music all 13 of december.

Others I like are Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Kreator, Carcass, Sadus, Krisiun, etc.

...and let the metal flow! 

02:50 AM May 11 2007 |



goth metal, black metal, vampire metal, elektronical metal. national metal


Xess, 13 candles, Drudk, Swarga, Månegarm, Bathory, atherias,Burzum.

 I could go on forever … but Bathory is the absolut favorite and Burzum.

06:33 AM May 31 2007 |



i like doom and symphonic especially.

i love anathema, katatonia, therion, nightwish, iced earth, blind guardian and the list goes on..


06:29 PM Jun 04 2007 |

Death Smiled


Amon Amarth , Burzum , Linkin Park , Episode 13 , Mezarkabul , Cannibal Corpse , Invoke , Godgory , Moonspell , Alastis , Obituary , Killchain , Summoning , SlipKnot , Arch Enemy , Mayhem , Pig Destroyer , Metallica , Aaaarrghh , Behemoth , Satanic Warmaster , Deicide , Extremely Rotten Flesh….

I'm drivin me mad….

Stay Metal Forever….   Take Care you all

10:03 PM Jun 04 2007 |