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How do you assess a person's level of English?


United States


 I agreed to tutor a friend English, but I'm really not sure where to begin. I need to know his level of English to have a starting point. Can someone recommend a good assessment tool?

 Thank you!!

06:05 PM Jul 13 2009 |

The iTEP® test

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you can try some of these tests











03:06 AM Jul 14 2009 |


United States

I like the test BBC has, too! :)

04:58 PM Jul 15 2009 |


El Salvador


Try to find out his background too.  Tests are good for u to know about the english level he or she has, but they are too academic.  Remember a written test does not tell you what the person really knows, and the oral might be interfered with accent.  If you will test him or her, do both tests.

 but do not forget to find out about background too.  that will help you know where to begin and what he or she will be most intereted to learn.


Do yo u both speak the same language???  I once taught a korean some English, but she did not speak my native language and of course, I do not speak korean.  it was tough at the beginning, but there were common points i could take into account to teach.  So you can find them too. Good luck :)))))


03:26 PM Jul 18 2009 |



hiiiiiii u can ask him some real life questions and  tell him to answer u in a complete sentences by this way u can easily assign his weakness in the grammar and get his level


with my best wishes

06:58 PM Jul 19 2009 |

ramesh rasa


i want information how to i do interview in english

how i developmy personlity

07:03 AM Jul 20 2009 |




I prefer the conversational approach, too, whether it be for testing or coaching. What I'd do is just start a normal conversation. Ask him different questions in different tenses. 

What time do you get up?

How did your day go? What did you do?

Have you ever done this or that?

What were you doing the time your mom came back home?

etc etc

Make notes on his performance.Then when you have a clearer idea of what his weak areas are, come up with a plan , like, what you want to teach each time.

Teach him that, again, through a conversation. You can first of all, kind of, model and tell him about yourself . Like, I like to sleep in but I had to get up early today. I had to drive my son to his art class.

Then keep on correcting the mistakes only in the focus area. Don't overwhelm him with too many corrections.

Each time [lesson] revise what you taught the previous time. Ask questions that call for the usage of the specific structure you practiced in the previous lesson.

09:25 PM Jul 25 2009 |


El Salvador



Hi Sammy,


How are classes going????



09:26 PM Jul 27 2009 |


United States

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for all the ideas. I checked out these tests and got some idea of different English levels. Then I chatted with my friend to see what he might need to improve. We also talked about what his goal is, so we can have a game plan. I think it's a good start!


07:19 PM Jul 28 2009 |




Hello everyone….......... I would like to know more strategies to work with a group of students of different levels, I mean with a heterogenous group of yougs that some have good level of Eglish, others the basic and others dont know anything or sometimes…. English is  really difficult for them…... I have this problem in my classroom, so i try to use different kinds of strategies, activities. However I dont have good results in some ocassions and this situation make me feel impotent and sometimes upset…...... I would like you help me…............ I will expect your responses….......... thanks friends….......... bye….

05:39 PM Jul 31 2009 |

mazin moon


HELLO, I think that you must ask about parts of speech and tenses,

07:45 PM Jul 31 2009 |