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American Slang Students Love




If you are teaching students, teach them something cool that they can use.  It's fun and it will get them more excited about learning something fun.  I'll give an example of something useful they wouldn't learn in school.

Teach a word like "Pansy".  A pansy is a type of flower and if you call someone a "Pansy" it means that they are a weak and scared person afraid of doing thing.  It's funny, and even if a student doesn't have a large vocabulary, they can use a word like that and someone will laugh and say "where did you learn that".  It's fun and builds interest and confidence. 

Some examples of how to use it.

Steve is afraid to ask his boss for a raise even though he's been working in the company for 3 years.  He's such a pansy.

Kevin refuses to play tennis because he doesn't want to lose and feel embarrassed.  What a pansy.

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07:09 AM Oct 13 2010 |

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I found tha "pancy" is an offensive word for a man who seems weak and too much like a woman!

12:11 PM Oct 17 2010 |



United States


This word is "pansy" not "pancy".  If you look up in a disctionary "pansy" means weak man OR a kind of flowers. In my country (Romania) pansy is a very delicate flower and very beautiful. Maybe this kind of flowers there in America.

Using this word is amusing not insulting.

12:13 AM Oct 19 2010 |


United States

It could also get them a bloodied nose, a novice should refrain from using "put down" slang words.

05:58 AM Oct 20 2010 |





06:11 PM Oct 22 2010 |