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Hello, Folks around the globe…

My name is Indra Muis, a 37 English Teacher. As an English teacher I find it difficult to enrich my teaching methods. I understand that you probably experience the same thing I have been through. I then came up with an idea to unite all English teachers around the world in an association. By means of the association I can build a beneficial rapport with English teachers from other continents.

I started to design a web site called englishcenter.web.id. Now I just upload some of my teaching materials and aids in power point slide. I think you need them in your sessions. I also organize online competition for English learners who would like to show their works of English to the world.

I know that it is sort of ambitious project. All I have to do is just to share ideas. I believe we will get blessings in togetherness. Who knows you have an opportunity to go abroad. Then you have friends to welcome you in your destinations. Who knows I have business projects. Then I know whom I can contact to. Visit my site: englishcenter.web.id any time you have spare time. Good luck, Folks.        

07:07 AM Nov 09 2010 |

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United Kingdom

Hi teacher, Its much appreciated,


i like the way you explained on site, i would suggest to provide pdf, cd and dvd copies to intermediate or pre-intermediate viewers as you can explain more easily along with us anyways,

all the best 


cutting edge esl

07:07 AM Nov 12 2010 |



Dear Royalmayur

Thanks for inspiring us to provide teaching materials in various types of media. I am working on it. I hope Success is always in your arms… 

09:12 AM Nov 12 2010 |

Henry Barco Vargas


Hello. I Henry .  Just readed your note because i want learn english and i know that the practice is the best option.  I like chat with person in english for learn more.  Excuse me for all.  So your project is a great projetc have you luck

01:33 AM Nov 13 2010 |


United States

Hello Indra,

I would like to support you in your efforts of uniting English teachers from around the world.  There is much value in networking, no one source can contain all of the information there is about English.  If we pool our resources together, teachers and students will benefit.  Count me in!

07:58 AM Nov 15 2010 |



Dear friens…
I just read ur notes on my BB. I’m in mobile situation so I find it difficult to address U guys…personally. I promise to set a strategic plan as soon as I’m available.

03:07 AM Dec 03 2010 |



Hello Hendry….nice to meet you in this forum. Thanks for this conversation…keep practicing your English…I am sure absolutely you will be able to communicate well in English…..please send more words to me…..I look forward to your new vocabulary…good luck..!

12:32 PM Dec 03 2010 |



Hello, there….from now on please allow me to contact you in case I have problems in English and I need your help with things having something to do with English…thaks a lot…

12:36 PM Dec 03 2010 |


United Kingdom

HI All,

 Hope all is well with you people here.

 At abouve – If you are facing the problem, it makes sense that you are now learning the English.

Improve listening skill by listening foreign music
Improve written English with cutting edge english books, its new exercises will make you strong in all way.

Face any query, let me know


06:51 AM Mar 29 2011 |



United Kingdom

Dear English Language teachers,

I am collecting research on ‘what makes a good English language teacher’ 

and would be very greatful if you could spare some time to complete the questionaire (link below)


I know this is not what this forum is about, but i need as many people as possible for my research! 

Thank you in advanced! 


07:31 PM Apr 15 2017 |