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80's Music

80's Music

Date: Mar 13 2001


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Although it’s already the year 2001, music from the 1980’s is still very popular in the United States. People like to relive their past while listening to the songs they knew when they were young. John and I loved music when we were kids. We used to listen to the radio all the time, and when we heard a song we liked we would record it with a tape recorder so we could listen to it again and again. We don’t have those tapes anymore, but when a band like the Retros comes to town, we’re excited about hearing 80’s music again. Listen to this conversation to learn more!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




John:  So did you pick up the tickets for the concert tonight?

Migs:  Yeah!

John:  Who is it again that’s playin’?

Migs:  It’s, uh, the Retros. They’re an ‘80’s band.

John:  Oh, that’s right. Have you ever seen them before?

Migs:  Actually I did. I saw them at New Year’s this past year. Their show was amazing. They sound exactly like every band that they cover.

John:  Like what? Give me an example.

Migs:  Some of the best songs that they did were the Go-Go’s and The Cure and Huey Lewis and the News – bands like that.

John:  Nice. All that stuff when we were about 9, 10, 11 years old.

Migs:  Yeah. All those songs that we used to record off the radio and then play over and over.

John:  From our ghetto blasters…

Migs:  (Laughs) Yeah. Exactly.

John:  So the crowd gets pretty fired up, and, it’s fun…

Migs:  Well last time there was a ton of energy and there was a ton of people and so it was the perfect atmosphere because, you know, everyone loves that 80’s music to dance to.


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80’s music is wonderful! It’s always fun to relive the past and listen to music from a different time.
This is a very natural conversation. The speed and the complexity of the language are typical of ordinary communication between native speakers. You should do your best to understand the whole thing.
Do you like 80’s music? What’s your favorite song? Come to the MUSIC MIX message board and let us know!
Have a great week! I’ll see you soon!



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Great songs were made in the 80’s

02:30 AM Mar 15 2008 |




The 80's was a fun decade, I'm glad I could live part of my life listening to so many nice bands and artists.

02:28 AM Mar 15 2008 |




i like u2,too!

11:27 AM Mar 03 2008 |



i think it sounds well   80s music

10:41 AM Mar 03 2008 |



I love "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the buggles… and "Hold me Now" by Thompson Twins. I understand The Buggles it's the first video rated on TV, isn't it? I like "Skid Row" and Depeche Mode too. They were very young and I was in that time too. I'm happy with the music they're playing rigth now too. You must listen "Cafe Tacuba" is a band from Mexico: They're Cool.

04:21 AM Mar 03 2008 |

catherine xia



03:20 AM Mar 01 2008 |

smiling free


i love every kind of music but,80's is the best can you write me at


07:11 PM Feb 29 2008 |




 i like it.

i perfer to old songs than pop music.. for instance" say u say me// it is classical.

02:55 AM Feb 29 2008 |



It’s a neat idea to relive the past and listen to music from a different time. Lots of wonderful memories! I love 80’s music.

03:42 PM Feb 28 2008 |


Russian Federation

I like U2

08:13 PM Feb 15 2008 |

lester fiallos


well, what i have to say, if it  the only thing that i know

12:54 AM Feb 13 2008 |

lester fiallos


you beautful

12:43 AM Feb 13 2008 |




I like jesse ,i think his music is excelllent.

10:06 PM Feb 08 2008 |

Josh K

Josh K


I love that kind of music, good music.

01:15 AM Feb 05 2008 |




03:25 PM Jan 29 2008 |

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