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fair-weather friend

fair-weather friend

Date: Jul 06 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“It is like being a fair-weather friend...The interest doesn’t stay for me.”

Writer Zadie Smith, in an interview with The Boston Phoenix.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

a person who is your friend only when it is convenient for him/her; an unreliable friend

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

A fair-weather friend is a person who is only your friend because it is convenient or beneficial for him/her. Maybe you have a car and your friend does not. If your friend only contacts you when he wants you to drive him somewhere, he is a fair-weather friend.

Or, for example, say you work at a restaurant and you always give your friends free food and drinks. If you lose your job and your friends stop calling you, they were fair-weather friends.

In the example above, writer Zadie Smith is saying that she quickly loses interest in the topics she writes about.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Mitch was just a fair-weather friend, I guess. When I lost my job at the bar, he never called me again. I guess he only wanted free drinks.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

hossein99 a person who stops being a friend in times of difficulty.
by hossein99
hiyo person who stops being a friend when one is in trouble
by hiyo
a friend who leaves when I have problems, one who does not stand by me
by cougarcar1
not a truly friend
by member777
Turmeric Not always loyal, depends on sircumstances-when everything is OK with you as it is.
by Turmeric
somebody who stays with you only in good times and leaves you at odd times.... in simple who leaves you when situation worsen
by K S Jayakumar
not serious, light-minded person
by apolo
Vitamin C someone who can only enjoy happy hour together but cannot bear tough time
by Vitamin C
tina.xu friend who is present in times of success but absent in times of trouble
by tina.xu
tejka A friend who supports others only when it is easy and convenient to do so
by tejka
I think this : "fair-weather Friend" is used for easy -pleasure person.
by nobi
Someone who's your friend just when things are nice, when they get nasty, he disappears.
by Lindsay
Turmeric not always loyal, depends on circumstamces-when you are OK as it is.
by Turmeric
friend who cannot be depended on in difficult times
by vith
a friend who will leave you when you are in trouble
by stella77_77
A person who is dependable in good times but is not in times of trouble
by mrgiba
by sungjaekim2004
ATEKE Faithless,fickle,unfaithful friend
like being weak
by david barcenas diaz
friends that are with you when it's convenient for them.
by chilena12
somebody who is your friend only when everything is fine
by Kti
that she is not a good friend as she wanted to be
by susy_415
monicalo fair-weather friend someone who is only your friend when you are happy and successful
by monicalo
by getsetgo
A friend who is there when things are going well but cease to exist when things are getting rough
by terriachie
It means a friend who can only share peace and happiness but not distress.
by Yanger
A non-interested friend :) A fgood friend
by melirubi
A fair-weather friend is who join you always in good and happy condition and left you alone when you are poor or sad.
by huma
be friend for a short period of time
by katy835
someone who only wants to be your friend when you are successful
by katy835
Nabilah A person who is dependable in good times but is not in times of trouble. We can also say he is a friend who supports others only when it is easy and convenient to do so: “I thought Gene would always stick by me, but when I got into trouble, he turned out to be a fair-weather friend.”
by Nabilah
A fair-weather friend is an untrustworthy one who you cannot count on when you are in truble.
by love212
fair weather friend means, the person who love to do the thing just for self purpose, nothing more than that. in short selfish
by vijjubond

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