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push myself

push myself

Date: Jan 25 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I think the challenge on this record was to try to become a better songwriter and push myself as far as I can push myself.”

Justin Timberlake talking about working on his last record.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

challenge myself; go farther than I think I can go

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Justin Timberlake is saying that on his last record, he challenged himself to be a better songwriter and to try new things.

We all push ourselves sometimes. Anyone who has ever tried to achieve a goal has to push themselves.

Mountain climbers push themselves to get to the summit. Even when they feel totally exhausted and want to turn back, they push themselves to keep going.

Say you are studying to become a lawyer, and it’s time for you to take the Bar Exam. You have to push yourself to study hard so that you will pass the test.

Say you need a job, but you are not motivated to go out and look for one. You’d rather stay home and watch movies. Too bad! You have to push yourself to work on your resume and fill out a few applications.

Do you push yourself to try new things?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“When I was in college I was constantly pushing myself. I made straight A’s.”

“I always try to push myself at the gym. When I am about to drop from doing so many sit-ups, I’ll force myself to do 10 more.”

“Life’s too short not to push myself. I have a lot I want to accomplish, and it’s not going to get done while I sit in front of the TV.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

encourage oneself to do best
by xingxingzouzou
You tell yourself that you have to try to do it althought it's very uneasy
by oceangirl05
i guess the meaning of push my self is work hard ot improve my skill. yeah, i think that's all thank you.
by y13l4
push my limits
by driyam
ahameed try best as much as possible
by ahameed
JazzThing J.T. wanted to urge himself to get better than before.
by JazzThing
Push myself is "go beyond". Bye
by Zunnich
to be better - to succeed - to be at the top - to do excelent work
by hanin
to be demanding of oneself
by LO
to do my best
by Art
amlan challenge yourself to go/work beyond limits.
by amlan
to work as hard as posiible, to be able to stretch oneself and keep trying to do better and better everytime.
by neerja
it means "overstep one's limits to do one's best"
by jixie_91
hard work
by milind.khadloya@gmail.com
Trying to do something the best as it is possible.
by svjetlana.m
acacia work as hard as he could to do his own best.
by acacia
jimmyahmed I Encourage myself to do something.....
by jimmyahmed
To give pressure for better result.
by t_nanu@rediffmail.com
osatoga Encourage myself. Try to do my best by myself
by osatoga
=peter= it means: motivations
by =peter=
Lisin It's not only people will do their best to accomplish their works and dreams, but people will do every thing to make the accomplishment perfectly.
by Lisin
forse yourself to get going
by anna1
To do your best to achieve your hit.
by waleedmahmoud
inana i think (push myself)means (go ahead and do my best to reach)
by inana
amado performs your self and make it better
by amado
anano83 to realize your possibility, opportunity... to see what are you able to do...
by anano83
to work hard
by yonfifi
tilwayne prompt myself to get better
by tilwayne
ikong i think this as doing one's best. how about that?
by ikong
to do one's best; to do everything that is possible and impossible to get the target. Am I right?
by gumpa
to improve to go further
by Abdell
to make every effort
by vuitinhvn
to demand oneself
by wonkapet
I guess "push myself...." means to develop all my potential.
by thuhuong
云淡风轻 urge myself to do my best
by 云淡风轻
make all the effort that he can
by chilena12
encourage one to put effort in it
by happybabyivy
to develop yourself, to go thriving
by glazki
here i think it means that he forced hisself and tried to do his best to achieve something that he wants
by samangharib
Lena1234 push myself is givving yourself the strength to go on & to support your self
by Lena1234
blue lily make himself do his best ,and to be the best, or at least "better"
by blue lily
encourage or force myself doing something.
by helenhorse
driving force to do some thing Determination
by Everwelwisher
do my best
by oceanscent
work hard myself,try hard myself,apply myself..........
by shameeralim

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I puch my self to do goodi can not help it I see what I can do and I do it.

01:22 PM May 18 2015 |


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I think that the meaning of push myself
is to work hard to join my goal and make something good

12:24 PM Jan 25 2007 |

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Yes Tahir i am surprised too.. as you told me the good meaning of this slang but no name in winner?????

05:27 AM Jan 25 2007 |

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Why there are no winner list today..
as i guessed 100% right???

05:24 AM Jan 25 2007 |

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It’s nice to learn slangs which are very usefull in our daily life. may be this could be one of them.

04:54 AM Jan 25 2007 |

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