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Date: Feb 08 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“And Jude [Law] and I would speak on the telephone a lot before we started shooting. Oh my god, they’re going to fire us… if we don’t make them laugh?”

Kate Winslet explaining that she was nervous about doing a good job on her recent movie The Holiday.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

ask someone to leave a job; tell a person they are no longer employed

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Kate Winslet is saying that she was so nervous about her new movie role that she thought she might not be able to succeed and would consequently be asked to leave. She says that she and her co-star Jude Law worried that if they weren’t funny enough, their boss would fire them.

When a person is not fulfilling the requirements of his job, he risks being fired.

If you are a manager, hiring and firing are probably parts of your job description. If you have an employee who is not doing a good job, you may be forced to fire that person.

When a company discovers that an employee is stealing from them, the company will most likely fire that employee.

A business that discovers an employee who is sexually harassing his co-workers will probably fire that person.

Have you ever been fired?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“If I don’t get this project done, they’re going to fire me.”

“I heard that the boss is going to fire Janine for being late every day.”

“You should fire Gerald. He just surfs the Internet all day. He doesn’t do anything!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Romeo2007 it means she will stop doing his work and lose His hire.
by Romeo2007
I guess its meaning is stop somebody from working in a company, for instance. In this context, it means if they did not make the audiences laugh, they will be stopped working in the company.
by tania18
ahameed terminate or reject
by ahameed
osatoga your boss make you resign your job.
by osatoga
Y.Furu to force someone to leave one's job
by Y.Furu
xiahong dismiss somebody from his/her job
by xiahong
it means the boss will make them leave their work and they can not back again.
by sunnygirl_only
dismiss removal relieve sack
by millyhsu
amore4ever fire means to leave your work by the manger for example
by amore4ever
It means they are going to make her out of job if she had not made them satisfy or do the job perfectly.(A very nervous situation)
by t_nanu@rediffmail.com
to fire means to dismiss
by impala
to fire .. is to drive out away or dismiss a person.
by teenastar07
i think fire means "desmiss"
by alnaimi
tilwayne opposite of "hire"
by tilwayne
constfang Fire here maybe mean dismiss somebody.
by constfang
Barca To dismiss somebody from work
by Barca
fire means let her go, force her leave her position. lost her job.
by helenhorse
sack us
by gracemlui
sack, dismiss
by biapappone
Your contract is terminated by your boss. To be cancelled. Dismissed.
by fidiasjose
to dismiss someone from his/her job
by Northern.Wolf
they will dismiss us if we don't make them laugh
by Shawki
Lonely Fire mean to dismiss someone from a job.
by Lonely
To terminate from job.
by yonfifi
dringfun dismiss,kick somebody out from work
by dringfun
lau_jia i guess it means to angry at someone or to get somebody laid off.
by lau_jia
JazzThing they would dismiss her
by JazzThing
by waleedmahmoud
saj They will be expelled If they fail to make them laugh
by saj
to fire someone means to dissmiss him(her),to get rid of him/her,to sack him/her
by mohammed-fadel
In this case "to fire" means "to discharge", "to dismiss"; "to give the sack"; "to give smb. official permission to leave a place or job; to make smb. leave a job".
by Olichka
Terminate the employment of.
by mickey_1249
SoulSugar To fire someone means that the boss is cancelling the work-contract.
by SoulSugar
to expel
by osama1969
nugroho replace her with somebody; lay off her
by nugroho

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someone will lost her/his job.

07:31 AM May 05 2010 |

Josh K

Josh K


You’re fired

03:08 PM May 14 2007 |





06:04 AM Mar 27 2007 |




To fire means to dismiss ; drive someone out,isn’t it?

03:47 PM Feb 08 2007 |




Firing someone is the last alternative that we could do; Firstly we coach him, secondly councel him, then rotate & assign him to another job; eventually if he couldn’t get improved then we fire him.

08:48 AM Feb 08 2007 |




Fire is being used in many ways in English

07:50 AM Feb 08 2007 |

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