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All Ages

All Ages

Date: Jul 23 2007

Themes: Hobbies, Music


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

No one wants to feel like they’ve entered a playpen when they go to a rock and roll show. A lot of bands play at bars where kids aren’t allowed so their older fans enjoy seeing them in peace. It’s usually easier for bands to make money at bars too because the alcohol sales generate so much income. But at the same time, their younger fans miss out entirely. It’s such a bummer when you’re a kid and a band you like plays a place you’re not old enough to get in to. Plus, if we want kids to grow up and become musicians, they have to be able to see live music at a young age.

Mason and Kevin remember when they were teenagers and had to miss a lot of good shows because they were too young. But now Mason admits that he prefers 21-plus shows. Listen to him and Kevin talk about going to all ages shows.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  A friend of mine’s got a show coming up.

Kevin:  Okay.

Mason:  And I love this guy’s band, I mean I really like his music, but I’m kinda not that excited about the show.

Kevin:  Why?

Mason:  Well it’s an all ages show.

Kevin:  Oh, so that’s like any…It’s not just like 18, it’s like any age.

Mason:  Yeah, it’s any age and I feel terrible because before I turned 21, before I could go places you can drink, I was dying because there were no good shows to go to, yeah? I mean can you think back on how many good shows you missed?

Kevin:  A ton.

Mason:  Tons! But now that I can go to all those shows, all the kids that are the age I used to be annoy the hell out of me.

Kevin:  15 year olds yeah…I was at a show recently that was all ages but there was a separate bar area, which was nice, but even that…I wanted to be close to the stage so it was best to be in the all ages section and there were some very obnoxious people.

Mason:  It’s just…they’ve all got their cell phones now and they all are talking. They’re not there for the show, they’re there to be out and be cool.

Kevin:  Totally, totally.

Mason:  Yeah, I kinda don’t know…I fairly exclusively go to places that don’t allow underage people in.

Kevin:  That’s why movie theater brew pubs that don’t allow kids—awesome.

Mason:  Totally. Like the only place I go to see movies.



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Mason really likes his friend’s band. But the group’s next show is an all ages show, so he’s not too excited about it. Kevin clarifies that the show isn’t 18-plus, but, in fact, open to all ages. Mason says he feels bad because he can remember being young and not being able to get in to see live music and Kevin agrees that he missed a lot of good shows as a kid because he was too young to get in.

But Kevin was recently at an all ages show and he says there were some really annoying people there. Even though there was a separate bar area, if you wanted to stand close to the band you had to go into the all ages section. Mason agrees that that section is annoying because kids tend to talk on their phones and may have just come to the show to hang and not to actually watch the band.

Kevin mentions that cinemas that serve beer and don’t allow kids are a lot of fun too and Mason says that places like that are almost the only places he sees movies.

Have you ever missed a show you wanted to see because you were too young? Do young people at concerts annoy you?



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I’m 25 and I don’t feel comfortable in shows or parties which has teenagers I feel like a fish out of water…. I think should not be allowed underage people to attend all kind of shows and parties and also the parties should be separeted by age.

07:46 PM Jul 13 2011 |





03:41 PM Sep 21 2009 |






03:29 AM Sep 20 2009 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied


11:45 PM Sep 10 2009 |



I want  to know English, but how? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please


06:12 PM Sep 05 2009 |



hi evry one my name is sameer from yemen

10:32 PM Sep 04 2009 |



Where is the lesson

03:57 AM Sep 04 2009 |



United Kingdom

that's gooooooood


03:03 PM Jul 31 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

Actually, I haven't attended any concerts or shows. I think there are in my country similar to these concerts where all fond people like it. I don't like noisy and crowded places. However, there are certain places where kids not allowed like wedding parties, there are some rebels who don't follow what's written in cards.

05:46 AM Jul 16 2009 |

king zhang

king zhang



05:20 AM Jul 16 2009 |



Russian Federation

YEa,it`s cool video.I like itLaughing

05:51 AM Jul 13 2009 |

taj mahal

taj mahal

Saudi Arabia

it is crab

03:25 PM Aug 04 2007 |

taj mahal

taj mahal

Saudi Arabia

it is crab

03:25 PM Aug 04 2007 |

sara 2007

sara 2007


Hi I Like the lesson

12:50 AM Jul 29 2007 |

Hunk 1

Hunk 1



kinda is adverb its informel word used by americans…..kinda means a little. for example if we use it in a sentence :  The movie which we saw yesterday was kinda boring is equal to The movie which we saw yesterday was a little boring. Now i hope you found the meaning of kinda . Keep in touch if you need to know anything else dont worry i wont get a fee Smile. take care . bye

09:30 AM Jul 28 2007 |

Hunk 1

Hunk 1


what the singer was singing in a song i could not understand the wording of singer cant they sing word after word why the sing in joing sentences which are not easy to understand by non euorpeon people i need answer plz!!!!!!!!!! how to understand english songs i mean to say how to improve the listening power?

09:35 PM Jul 27 2007 |



great conversation…..

07:34 AM Jul 26 2007 |

A lover of Ebaby

South Korea

I only went to some kind of an all age show once, so i was extremely excited.  I think that's why i didn't notice about young people. 

02:21 AM Jul 25 2007 |




what's the relationship between video and article?

what do the stars mean?

pleez tell me ,thanx:) 

12:02 PM Jul 24 2007 |




Speaking of playpens..  I don't like how the fence off the beer garden in some all ages shows.  Makes me feel like an animal in a cage.  And it's frequently in a lousy location for watching the music.  And there are usually more people talking over the music in there…

Does the concept of all ages shows even exist in other countries where the drinking age is lower?

05:42 PM Jul 23 2007 |

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