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Date: Oct 06 2004


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“At the very beginning when the cameras were all around me was, at first, a little nerve-wracking. But afterwards, he made me comfortable. It was totally fine.”
-Britney Spears, in an interview with Taryn Manning.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

when something makes you very nervous

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

I love making the slang lessons because each week I have a new slang word that I can drop in my day-to-day conversations with people. It’s like my little joke with myself. Yesterday, I dropped this week’s slang word of the week, nerve-wracking, while I was having a conversation with John. Then I started laughing. It must be nerve-wracking to have a conversation with someone and then have them just start laughing in the middle of it. You should try this sometime. Your task this week is to use the slang word as much as possible, kay?
See ya!


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””It’s so nerve-wracking to go on a blind date.”“

””Watching yourself on TV is so nerve-wracking because you never look how you think you should look.”“

””It was nerve-wracking to be in an interview with all of those people. I’ve only gone to interviews in the past with 1 or 2 people. At the one this morning, there were 5 people sitting in front of me!”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

I think “nerve-wracking” is when something or someone makes you get very nervous
by Ricardo (Salvador, Brazil)
I think “nerve-wracking” is when something makes you very angry
by Ricardo (Salvador, Brazil)
Nerve-wracking means feel uncomfortable or something mess you up.
by Kaewta (Bangkok, Thailand)
mentally tiring
by katsuoki (funabashi, japan)
making someone very nervous
by Elaine (Taipei, Taiwan)
Too nerves to keep normal behavour
by Angus (Beijing, China)
to be shy or not knowing what to do or say at first.
by Alfredo (Jacarei – Sao Paulo, Brazil)
I think nerve-wracking means:
to afraid of being watched by many people or be in an uncomfortable situation because of some reasons.
by Homayoun (Mashhad, Iran)
I think it means:irritating, tiresome.
by Hanga (Csíkszereda, Romania)
I guess it’s means nervous
by Cynthia (Beijing, China)
I think the meaning of “nerve-wracking” is the feeling of annoyed,afraid and vexed.Just something troubles you.
by Stephanie (Xi’an, China)
It is said to refer to Something that makes you very nervous, or anxious
by Paola (Pasto, Colombia)
feel much pressure and stress on nerve, kinda of a series of trying experiences.
by Shirley (hangzhou, China)
i think this means something makes u feel uncomfortable,sth gives u the feel of tightly surrounding and makes u feel troubled.
by Dilhun (Y´stanbul, Türkiye)
I think it means that you feel a little nervous,because your own nerve tells you—it’s terrible!
by duoyi (Chengdu, China)
It means very nervous
by JInMang (Shanghai, China)
nerve-wracking means an experience of having a maximum nervous toward something in a certain situation.
by Cherish Maris (Dumaguete City, Philippines)
I think nerve-wracking is someone give you bewilder.That mean events happen unexpected encounted.
by t-trang (Hochiminh, Vietnam)
Nerve-wracking means extremely nervous; intensely distressing or irritating to the nerves.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
Something nerve-wracking is something that makes you worried much and thus you feel tired because you have to pay much attention to it.
by Pinkie (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Meaing feeling nervous or upset.
by Yi (Hangzhou, China)
it means some very headache thing,pretty much like the pain on the neck.
by Emily (Qinhuangdao, China)
I think “Nerve-Wracking” means to be very nervous about something or someone.
by Kevin (Comayagua, Honduras)
It’s something causing great anxiety or distress, something extremely trying on the nerves
by Eliana (Campinas, Brazil)
In my opinion, it means someone feels nervous and uneasy which is due to surroundings.
by Yizhe (beijing, China)
nerve-wracking” same to keep calm
by Edson (Mogi Guaçu, Brazil)
nerve-wracking: so nervous that cannot act well in front of camera or when something new or different coming, feel uncomfortable
by lz (TJ, P.R.China)
nerve wracking: so nervous that cannot act well in front of camara
by lz (Tianjin, P.R.China)
a tough process, and paid a lot of effort on doing something
by lee (hk, china)

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