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Seasick English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Sep 11 2007

Themes: Health


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s getting less and less common for people to travel by boat. For most people, it’s a special occasion to ride on a boat. In Portland, a vessel called the Portland Spirit takes people down the river for dinner or lunch.

But sometimes eating on a boat isn’t the greatest idea. Marni and Kevin are out on the deck of the Portland Spirit because Marni isn’t feeling very well.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So, Kevin, this is really wonderful, I love being on this boat…

Kevin:  Are you okay?

Marni:  ...but I have to admit, I’m getting a little queasy.

Kevin:  Oh, I’m sorry. Is this, like, your first time on one of these dinner cruises?

Marni:  Yeah, and this is so wonderful and I really appreciate this. Do you get seasick ever?

Kevin:  The first time I ever got seasick I was probably 8 years old. I was in Massachusetts whale watching with my family. Nobody on the ship…So amazing…and I got so sick I had to sit in the bistro in the booth and didn’t get to see any of the whales.

Marni:  Well, I’m going to try to tough it out because this is really wonderful. We’ve got the bridge, the water.

Kevin:  And the food’s good.

Marni:  It’s just the seasickness aspect it’s a such a weird thing, the motion sickness. You feel like you’re going to throw up, but usually you don’t.

Kevin:  Maybe we can sit down and you’ll feel better, if you have to put your head between your legs.

Marni:  Okay. I might, I might. I might ruin the mood, but you know. It’s all about survival.

Kevin:  It’s better than losing your cookies.

Marni:  That’s true.



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Marni tells Kevin that she’s having a really fun time on the boat except for that she feels like she’s about to throw up. She has seasickness, temporary nausea caused by the motion of the water.

She asks Kevin if he’s ever been seasick before. He says that when he was 9 he was whale watching with his family, but he missed seeing all the whales because he had to sit in the boat’s restaurant the whole time because he was seasick.

Marni says she’s going to stay on the boat and hope she gets better. Kevin says she could put her head between her legs, and she says that might not be appropriate at dinner, but they agree it would be better than vomiting.

Do you get to ride on a boat very often? Have you ever been seasick?



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Fairly recently i had a chance of riding a boat and suprisingly i did not get seasickness..maybe be becoz i’m cruising the river not the sea.. :p. To think about it, i have been in a ferry before but i was okay. No seasick. So i guess i’m immune to seasickness. But when i was a child i get nausea when riding in a car, i even throw up everytime i rode a car. I guess because of the motion and also the smell of the gas. Once upon a time i will feel under the weather when riding a car. (maybe) now that i’m used to ride in a car, it never happened again.  

05:38 AM Apr 09 2013 |




It’s not clear that if I really have seasick.I just have a serious mental disorder about travel by sea,so once I get in a ship,I can not help shaking my whole body.

02:37 PM Jan 19 2013 |

Victoria G

Victoria GSuper Member!

United States

When I was a kid and set sail with my dad I had a seasick for the first time. But later when we were having so much fun with another kid on the boat I forgot about the seasick:) so being distracted seems to be helpful sometimes

09:59 AM Sep 03 2009 |



ı am interested this reading passage  its funny

11:04 AM Sep 16 2007 |




When I was in Turkey, I got sick on the boat, before I go to dive. Crazy feeling!!!

11:00 AM Sep 16 2007 |




i never got sick on ship,car,train and so on,i can promise that i won't get airsick when i were by air.

08:55 AM Sep 16 2007 |

Hyeon Ju Bang

South Korea

It's very interesting. loseing your cookie—> I saw this word first. it may be mean if you throw up you will be lost your cookie which you ate ? haha

05:06 AM Sep 14 2007 |




i once even had been carsick ,but now i am ok ,no nausea ,feeling very good .

10:40 PM Sep 11 2007 |



well, never been on a ship cruising in the sea….. but yes, enjoying on the sea beach with my girlfriend was so much fun !!

03:05 PM Sep 11 2007 |




So wonderful

01:40 PM Sep 11 2007 |



ı have not seasick and have a dinner in boat is very nice ı like having breakfast on boat

01:22 PM Sep 11 2007 |



I love being on the boats and look at fish jumping and I never had problems except enjoing it. The problem is I don't get the chance to go to the sea due to the fact that my country is landlocked and we are very far from the sea.

11:55 AM Sep 11 2007 |



If havaing time,I will ride on a boat ,I think It may be wonderful and amusing

10:33 AM Sep 11 2007 |




i have never been such kind of experience. but i can imagine how amusing and peaceful it would be.

10:05 AM Sep 11 2007 |

Johnny bai

Johnny bai


i am okay, and enjoy such feeling – sea wind blowing on my face, walking like space walking, and seeing the beatiful scenery.  

09:44 AM Sep 11 2007 |

Tahir Bajwa


h r u ? i am fine . ia m tahir bajwa from pakistan . plz send me viod

08:38 AM Sep 11 2007 |



when i was a guide ,i had to  get ride on the boat,however sometimes i had seasick when i was tired and not conformtable.

08:33 AM Sep 11 2007 |



i often get ride on the boat, my long tour on boat was to see salt mine, which was situated on the other bank on the river, but i’ve never been seasick…

07:58 AM Sep 11 2007 |




I've already ride on a boat, but it wasn't a cruise and it was just great! Than's to God I didn't have seasick 
because it will spoil all my journey…

05:43 AM Sep 11 2007 |




When the ferry runs you feel something like tickling in your stomach. It's a nice feeling:)

05:41 AM Sep 11 2007 |

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