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Are You Hiring?

Are You Hiring? English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Sep 28 2007

Themes: Work


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There’s nothing worse than pounding the pavement looking for “help wanted” signs. Each rejection feels like a personal blow and before you know it, you don’t have enough confidence left to get a job digging holes.

Devan is having a hard time finding work. Listen to Amanda give her a pep talk.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So how’s job hunting going?

Devan:  Terrible. I can’t find a job anywhere.

Amanda:  What routes are going? Are you doing Internet, or hard copy...résumés in the mail?

Devan:  I’ve been emailing my résumés to all kinds of places. I applied at a bakery. I applied at a pizza place. I applied at an office. Nobody wants to hire me!

Amanda:  Have you connected with a recruiter or a job staffing service?

Devan:  No. Do you know one?

Amanda:  It’s free and they have all the staffing services. They interview you hardcore. They get your whole profile, and then they do the work.

Devan:  I would like the idea of somebody else doing the work.

Amanda:  Yeah. It’s pretty cool. You have one interview with them only and they’re the gatekeeper, and they sell you to any job opportunities that are out there in your city.

Devan:  That’s awesome because I don’t even know where to begin looking. I don’t know who’s hiring. I don’t know anything.

Amanda:  It’s probably one of the most frustrating processes a person can go through, really.

Devan:  It is. I see why people get stuck at crumby jobs for as long as they do.

Amanda:  I completely agree. So they don’t have to job hunt. And it’s worse if you are unemployed at the time because then you’re desperate and you’ll take anything. So do you have something right now?

Devan:  Yeah, I have a job, but my work’s going out of business so I’m trying to find a new job.

Amanda:  So time’s running out.

Devan:  Time is running out. I’ve got till the end of the month.

Amanda:  Can you afford a little bit of time between this job and the next one? A little cushion there?

Devan:  Yeah. Maybe I’ll get some unemployment soon.

Amanda:  That’s true too.



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Devan has applied a lot of places, but is having a hard time finding a job. Amanda asks her if she’s been using a recruiter. She hasn’t.

A recruiter, Amanda explains, interviews you and then shops you around to local employers, saving you the trouble. Devan thinks that sounds like a great idea.

She also says that she sees why people stay at crumby jobs for so long. Working sucks, but looking for work is worse. And, as Amanda points out, looking for work when you’re already unemployed is the absolute worst because you’re desperate.

Luckily, that isn’t the case for Devan. She has a little bit of time to find a job.

How did you find your job?



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Saudi Arabia

Thanks for the lesson it discusses the subject of a major and important in life without work You can not achieve your ambition, for me Occupation Everything is a dream I hope to achieve, and now I am concerned about the lack obtained!

05:07 PM Apr 17 2013 |




I  will unemployed next week, and don’t know if can get the next job easily ? But the decision has made so I must go on and  insist on ! Come on!

12:03 PM Jul 15 2012 |




I always do not worry about one new job, because i always believe that i could get one job. Actually, it is, but not the satisfactory job. So i will consider more before i sending out my resume and entring in a new firm. So do not worry and feel terrible, hope is still there. Make sure you like the new job. 

06:06 AM Feb 14 2012 |


Viet Nam

I’m unemployed for long time. I faild all interview . i don’t know how long i get a job. i feel terrible.

02:21 AM Nov 01 2011 |



not easy..

08:29 AM Oct 21 2011 |




I want  find a job,but my english no good enough

07:17 PM Oct 20 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I am in love with e baby , thanx alot for this useful lesson .

Unfortunately i hav'nt work , i was looking for a job over the past 2 years :(

07:35 AM Oct 05 2010 |



getting hired is not a hard thing ,what matters is get the satisfactory job

01:46 AM Sep 05 2010 |

1 person likes this




but i think u have a good job but u are right the time’s running out u have to look for another.

03:42 AM Sep 01 2010 |



i'm unemployed for one week and it's terrible. i'm not use to stay so long in my house and this computer makes me crazy. i stay 9 10 hours/day just to search for a job. First i was looking for a job in my domain. now i'm able to accept anything and this is the worse idea. i need a vacantion..a real one..but guess what ?? i can't afford it .

03:02 PM Aug 02 2010 |



I found muy job by sending my resume. afger that I got lots of interviews

11:41 PM Jul 20 2010 |




I Fond my job by sending my resume.After that i got lots of interviews,It's really tired to do that.You have to go many places (sometimes 5-6 places each day),and every company always let you waiting the result if you may have chance to get the second interviews.


09:15 AM Apr 01 2010 |


antistaticSuper Member!


I have a really good job!

03:05 PM Mar 07 2010 |




Well, I found my job by sending my resumé to the enterprise's site. I think internet is the easiest way to find a job and people just don't realize that!

02:42 PM Feb 02 2010 |



no body wants to hire me

11:21 PM Nov 19 2009 |




Fortunately I'm working and I'm happy. A agree that it's very difficult to find good job. Espespesially now, when economic situation is so unpredictable.

10:33 AM Nov 06 2009 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Its very hard to find good job, I hope that will be easier in the next years. Now, I work and I like very much my job and that is the real thing when you go on job with the smile and when you have wonderful collegues.

04:07 PM Jul 20 2009 |




Rating just 4 u Mon Amie:)) jobless is the worst thing and noone knows better than jobless people

11:35 AM May 31 2009 |




This lessos is awesome. I've learned a lot of new expressions here.

12:11 AM Mar 21 2009 |




Thanks god i had never front this problem..Being a wifehouse is my lovely job and so my hasbund feels himself superior:}

02:21 PM Mar 17 2009 |

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