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John in a Wedding

John in a Wedding

Date: Oct 02 2001


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

My summer of weddings ended recently when my friend Greg got married. His was the last of seven that I went to, and it was a great time.
This one was special because I was invited to be in it. This means that I was part of the ceremony. It wasn’t a big role, but it was fun.
Listen to Tanis and I talk about it below.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Tanis:  Remember that wild bachelor party that you were talking about a couple of weeks ago?

John:  Yeah, my friend Greg?

Tanis:  Yeah. Did he get married yet?

John:  Yeah, we just had the wedding last week.

Tanis:  That’s right. I forgot. I’m sorry. I knew that wedding was coming up but I wasn’t sure when.

John:  Yeah, it was really cool. Actually I was in it.

Tanis:  Oh, were you the best man?

John:  I wasn’t the best man but I was a groomsman.

Tanis:  How was that?

John:  It was cool. It was the first time I had done it. You know, the whole rehearsal the day before, then the rehearsal dinner where everybody hangs out afterwards. And then taking pictures in your tuxes and all the women had their dresses on and stuff. It was a… it was a cool scene.

Tanis:  Sounds like a lot of work! Was it fun?

John:  It was a lot of fun ‘cause everybody’s friends, you know, and everybody was young and we were all excited and happy for Greg.

Tanis:  That’s neat. Was it a nice wedding?

John:  The wedding was pretty cool actually. Uh, and it was fun being the usher. You know, the person to walk everybody up and seat them in the… in the pews. And then actually being able to stand up at the front of the ceremony, in front of everyone, was kind of fun.

Tanis:  Did anyone faint?

John:  No one fainted but there were some mistakes. Even though we had that rehearsal, people walked to the wrong side of the altar and, uh, people weren’t quite standing the right way, and so the bride was looking over and kind of pointing us to stand the way we should.

Tanis:  Oh no. Was it obvious?

John:  A little bit, but I think everyone just thought it was in good fun. So everything worked out fine.

Tanis:  And then when you guys went to the reception did you sit with the wedding party all at one table or were you… did you just get to mix and mesh with the crowd?

John:  We pretty much mixed it up, you know. Sat with our own friends and had a blast!



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There is some good vocabulary about wedding ceremonies in this conversation. The ceremony was like many others, so the words we used are very common for most weddings.
In the U.S., 26-29 is a very common age to get married. I’m single, but most of my friends are hitched now. I wonder when my turn will be…
What is the average age for people to get married in your country? Come tell us at the Life Goes On message board!
See you next week.
Your American friend,


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