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Devan Hearts Who?

Devan Hearts Who? English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 20 2007

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Last week on the Ebaby! soap opera, we learned that Amanda has a crush on Mason but that she doesn’t quite know how to tell him. She hints that she likes him, but he doesn’t get it.

But sometimes even if you don’t give hints that you like someone, other people can tell. Beren has a hunch that Devan has a crush on someone. Listen to them talk about it.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  So, uh, do you happen to have taken an interest in anybody in particular recently? Because I noticed somebody looking at you…

Devan:  What have you heard?

Beren:  I don’t know…I heard…

Devan:  Tell me what you know.

Beren:  I don’t know anything. Rumors…Rumors are rumors, I just want to go straight to the source.

Devan:  Okay! Okay! I have a crush on Mason. There. It’s out. Everybody knows. I like Mason. There. I said it.

Beren:  No, that’s cool. I think you might have a little competition though.

Devan:  With who?

Beren:  I don’t wanna say, but the initials might also start with an M.

Devan:  Do you think Marni likes him?

Beren:  I don’t know I…I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble.

Devan:  Do you think he likes her?

Beren:  It’s hard to tell. Mason has an eye for a lot of different ladies, I’ve noticed. So…I don’t know.

Devan:  Why are you telling me these things?

Beren:  I’m sorry. I just wanted to be honest and let you know.

Devan:  I thought he was a nice guy. I didn’t think he was like that.

Beren:  He’s really nice. He’s super nice. He just has a wandering eye so be careful.

Devan:  Does he date a lot of women?

Beren:  Um, yes…I mean…

Devan:  Did you and him have a thing?

Beren:  No, no, no never. I saw him taking pictures of girls at the mall once…

Devan:  He was taking pictures?

Beren:  Yeah I don’t know. It was really weird.



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Beren says that she’s heard rumors that Devan has a crush on someone. Devan tries not to tell her for a moment and then cracks and admits that (like Amanda), she has a crush on…Mason!

Naturally (since Amanda likes him), Beren starts to tell Devan that she might have some competition for Mason. But she tells Devan that Marni likes Mason. What’s going on here? Why does everyone have a crush on Mason?

Or better yet, why does Mason have a crush on everybody? Beren says he dates a lot of girls and that she even saw him taking pictures of girls in the mall!

What do you think about the idea of Devan and Mason? Would it ever work?

Do you think Marni actually likes Mason? Come back next Tuesday to find out!



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Saudi Arabia

nice dialog 


05:24 PM Nov 13 2009 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia


05:14 PM Nov 13 2009 |

1 person likes this



:S:S  girls doing their best conversation ;)

08:01 AM Nov 10 2009 |

lily lily

lily lily


sometimes even if you don’t give hints that you like someone, other people can tell.

06:17 PM Nov 06 2009 |

1 person likes this




 they should get togheter…

they match .


08:08 PM Oct 31 2009 |




 well.. she likes mason but he has a wandering eye on a lot aof girls, thing that devan doesn´t like it..

08:07 PM Oct 31 2009 |




OMG, I bet Devan get hurt when Berren said that Mason has a wandering eye. I think it turns her off. I hate guys like that.

02:15 PM Oct 23 2009 |



nice girls -

08:56 AM Jul 31 2009 |




KKK…. May be    Beren likes Mason because she does not want that Devan loves him….. kkkk

05:23 AM Mar 02 2009 |




Oh girls, girls….............................Laughing

I'm LOL full time. Nice story and  simple dialogue, nice!!

09:10 PM Dec 10 2008 |





08:53 PM Dec 10 2008 |



yes, and i have the same feeling with you.

12:39 PM Dec 05 2008 |



     They can rumor relationship but I think , İt s must to be private love forever like the all love so… I hope they are happyy each otter evertime

04:17 PM Nov 29 2008 |



Well, Devan has a crush on Mason, everybody knows that. If he has other girls or not it is a problem of them. Both of them have to decide it. But if Beren knows something, she has to tell her. She can't hide information, friend is friend. C'mon Beren helps her! Deven has to fight to her love!

12:46 PM Aug 25 2008 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

i dont  like guy who build his love on lay

10:08 PM Aug 04 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

i think she is going to suffer for ever if he is putting his eyes in alot of women


06:41 AM Aug 04 2008 |




CoolI‘m really envious of Mason

05:43 PM Apr 02 2008 |



 Frankly speaking,I don't like Mason's character,and i don't know why there are so many ladies like him,just because of his appearance and looking,i think only because of it is not adequate,and i think loyal is a important for your morals.compare with Jason,i think i will like Jason and put my love to the gentlemen….

  you shouldn't judge one people by their appearance.

02:48 PM Mar 22 2008 |



This lesson is very good,I like it!my english is improving!

03:04 PM Mar 11 2008 |

vivi bulat


For lili zenk

I think you wanted to say "guy" NOT gay.

You know but gay is somebody homosexuelle…

They do not love girls just men. OK?

Good luck Honey!

03:28 AM Mar 05 2008 |

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