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Date: Feb 28 2008

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“Because I refused to spoon with you last night?”

- Adam Sandler just wanted to sleep alone. (Anger Management)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

lay with another person front to back; cuddle; sleep close together

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

When you lie down to sleep with another person, how do you lie? Do you like to lie with your head on the other person’s chest? Do you like to sleep not touching at all? Or do you like to lie front to back, each on your side facing the same direction?

If you think about it, two people lying front to back look like a pair of spoons. Their legs are curved a little, but the rest of their bodies are straight, just like the handle of spoon and the little bowl on the end.

Spooning can be uncomfortable in warm weather because there is a lot of body heat. But in the winter, it keeps you warm and it’s nice to be so close to another person.

In the movie Anger Management, Adam Sandler’s character goes to see a psychiatrist for his anger problems. The doctor throws some eggs across the room and asks, “Now why did I do that?” Sandler jokes that he did it because he wouldn’t spoon with him in bed the night before.

Some people like to spoon, but only if they are the big spoon. The big spoon or papa spoon is the person, whose face and chest are against the other person’s back. The little spoon or baby spoon is the person whose backside is touching the other person. In the picture, the man is the big spoon and the woman is the little spoon.

It isn’t only lovers that spoon. You can spoon with your friends when they’re sad. You can spoon your dog, or if your dog is big enough, he can spoon you!


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Nothing happened after my date last night. We just spooned.”

“It’s cold. Come spoon with me tonight.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

margui To sleep together, one behind the other..Oh..such an interesting way !!
by margui
jrobk it is a sleeping position in which a man sleeps very tight to a woman facing her back. It may also refer to a sexual position n its mainly for people who"cough cough"
by jrobk
Luichi To spoon is to lay close to someone else holding him or her from behind
by Luichi
EriN it's to nestle against one another in bed whilst both facing the same way :)
by EriN
Nabilah To nestle against one another in bed whilst both facing the same way.
by Nabilah
jojodine Spooning is An affectionate cuddling where the man lays behind the woman and arms wrapped onto the woman's chest OR to spoon with someone is to lie and/or make love in this position.
by jojodine
olirach83 sleep together, huging the person beside you
by olirach83
zlekno to sleep with your partner in a special position.
by zlekno

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nice lesson :)

10:51 AM Feb 28 2008 |



i really love the “spoon”style sleep with my cute friend hahahaha

10:49 AM Feb 28 2008 |



this is very good lesson and ithink its show our feelings

08:57 AM Feb 28 2008 |

Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia

ha ha ha
I like it ,, it somehow has meaningful…

08:47 AM Feb 28 2008 |




when man spoon with woman they feel comfortable in this situation and they sharing emotions

07:08 AM Feb 28 2008 |


Sri Lanka

i like to spoon with the person who i love and spend time by watching stars in the night

06:17 AM Feb 28 2008 |




Wow, Great Slang..I love to learn this slangs.:)
Intresting though but a bit naughty. I would like to spoon with any hot chick. I dont mind. LOLZ..:D

04:13 AM Feb 28 2008 |



Christmas Island

haha i like to spoon with my boyfriend ,but now we separate so i spoon with my teddy bear

02:21 AM Feb 28 2008 |



This is a neat lesson! I love to spoon with my winnie bear. Of course he is the baby spoon :D I think I will lie with my head on my boyfriend’s chest after I got one.

01:56 AM Feb 28 2008 |

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