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Date: Mar 13 2008

Themes: Food, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

”...Just scrambling around trying to get my last minute things together for the Asian tour upon which we are about to depart.”

- Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 has a lot to do before he leaves town. (MySpace)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

to be mixed up, confused, unorganized or very busy

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Diners in America are full of morning customers ordering scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee. But what do scrambled eggs and Mickey Madden scrambling around have to do with each other? Both Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 and the eggs are mixed up, out of order and hurrying to get ready.

Scrambled eggs are stirred or beaten before they are cooked. As Maroon 5 rushes around to get ready for their big tour, the band feels unorganized, confused and mixed up. It seems like they have to move in all directions at once, which is how you cook scrambled eggs.
But besides scrambling around to get stuff done, you can use scramble to talk about minds or thoughts too. If your mind is scrambled, it means your thoughts are really chaotic and unorganized.
So go ahead and USE it!


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I have been scrambling around at work trying to finish my projects.
My thoughts are all scramble, what am I supposed to be doing?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

to hurriedly gather together his things
by patricia_divina_velasquez
To gather together in a hurried way or to mix or throw together.
by Khulood
Leia_14 To SCRAMBLE AROUND means to move very quickly and urgently.
by Leia_14
nad1a He's hustling and bustling around, like moving around quickly, trying to get his last munite preparations done in a rapid and hectic manner.
by nad1a
Eydo take off or cause to take off immediately in an emergency or for action.
by Eydo
Bossy16 hurrying around; being in hurry
by Bossy16
e_queeling A rush or hurry
by e_queeling
hurrying in a mess to tidy up things, or try to make things better quickly before going somewhere else.
by Lady In Black
Jajani just picking or doing things in a hurry
by Jajani
j.ion busy to do manything in the same time
by j.ion
doing something in a hurry
by if_i_refuse
Nabilah moving or doing something quickly because he is in a hurry.
by Nabilah
Luichi I guess it means to try to fix and arrange things in an adverse situation, maybe with not enough time to do everything.
by Luichi
they are struggling to finis there things
Darlene Go for things in a hurry, due to a time constraint perhaps.
by Darlene
organizing things in a hurried manner
by kaushalyats
just.me i guess it's like they are fighting things and mixing things up to pack the things very quick, like when some one play football they usually scramble around to catch up time and ball.
by just.me
hasten , moving quickly to do many things .
by senior electronics engineer
dearpesar lots of thing should be done in less time. acting rushly
by dearpesar
alkutakul i think it means collect quickly
by alkutakul
fujico885 to scramble is to hastily get, collect or pack your things together in a disorderly manner.
by fujico885

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Ala'a hamadeh

Syrian Arab Republic

to do sth or collect it in hurry

04:53 AM Mar 15 2008 |


El Salvador

i like very much the deliciuos scrambled egg with tomatos and orion areeven better

11:02 PM Mar 14 2008 |




my mind went to scramble,when i am taking a face-to-face interview.

11:43 AM Mar 14 2008 |


Dominican Republic

hello people….

04:32 PM Mar 13 2008 |




i didnt get what u r trying to say plse can anyone help me?

03:46 PM Mar 13 2008 |

Comfort Alli


doing something in a hurry at the same time

03:36 PM Mar 13 2008 |


Lao People's Democratic Republic

oh oh let’s have dinner every one

02:47 PM Mar 13 2008 |




I’m scrambling about my job today, a lot of things to do and i need to do them as fast as I can…

12:08 PM Mar 13 2008 |



thank you

08:07 AM Mar 13 2008 |

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