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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow

Date: Apr 28 2008

Themes: Music, Pop Culture


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When Sheryl Crow reached international fame in 1994 with the youthful song “All I Wanna Do,” she was already 31 years old. Generally speaking, 31 is still pretty young, but in the world of pop stars, it’s a rather late time to be getting famous.

But perhaps having a little more pre-fame experience than the average star is what has enabled Sheryl Crow to stay relevant and successful into her mid 40s. Or maybe it was just her knack for writing simple but powerful rock songs. Either way, her voice and face are now very recognizable. Mason recently heard a new song from Crow’s latest album, Detours, on the radio and immediately knew it was her.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  You know, I was driving the other day and this new song came on and it was Sheryl Crow. You can always tell it’s Sheryl Crow when she’s singing.

Amanda:  I love her. Kind of like a blues/rock chick. She’s 45 years old…

Mason:  Slash country!

Amanda:  ...slash country. That’s right.

Mason:  She’s pretty much touched on all the musical bases in her, like, 14-year solo career.

Amanda:  I know. And she’s such a huge role model. She’s a single mom. She’s a breast cancer survivor.

Mason:  Really? I didn’t know that. When did that come out?

Amanda:  Last year. February ‘07. So she’s in recovery right now and she’s doing great.

Mason:  Making albums, obviously.

Amanda:  Obviously. And you know, it’s funny because there’s a single in there about Lance. About how she was by his side supporting him through his cancer and when she was diagnosed he bailed.

Mason:  Really?

Amanda:  Yup. There’s a whole song about it. It’s very explicit, so…I thought that was pretty bold.

Mason:  What’s it called? Do you know?

Amanda:  I don’t know. We could look it up right now…

Mason:  Is it, like, “Get on Your Bike and Ride”?

Amanda:  I don’t think so. You know, something people don’t know about Sheryl Crow is she used to sing backup for Michael Jackson.

Mason:  That’s what everybody knows! On the Bad tour! That’s what everybody knows about Sheryl Crow.

Amanda:  I just think that’s so cool.

Mason:  Didn’t she quit because she had to dye her hair so much it started to fall out? Like, that’s the Sheryl Crow legend.

Amanda:  That’s definitely an urban legend. I don’t know about that one.

Mason:  Whatever dude.

Amanda:  You’re high. Go hang out with Devan.



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Mason heard a song when he was driving and immediately knew it was Sheryl Crow. Her style is really distinct even though she plays blues, rock and country. Amanda adds that she’s a role model too. She’s a single mother and recently beat breast cancer.

Her new album even has a song on it about how her ex-husband, professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, left her when she was diagnosed with cancer even though she helped him with his battle with cancer a few years ago. Amanda doesn’t remember what the song is called, but suggests that “Get on Your Bike and Ride” would be a funny title.

Amanda tells Mason that Sheryl Crow used to sing backup vocals for Michael Jackson, but he already knew that and he says that most people know that about Sheryl Crow. He says he thinks that she had to quit because the hair dye was making her hair fall out, but Amanda isn’t so sure about that.

Do you think it’s better to become famous when you’re a little older, like Sheryl Crow, or is there something magical about a youthful star?



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Aww love the way she sits ;) 

03:39 PM May 28 2014 |



United States

I forgot about Sheryl Crow until seeing this.  Its been a long time since ive heard her music and this is the first time ive heard about her having breast cancer too. Thats awesome that she overcame it tho! After seeing it firsthand i definately hate all forms of cancer! Good for her!

08:19 AM May 06 2013 |




Who is she?

This is a bit hard for me.

07:53 AM May 06 2013 |




nice to know Cheryl Crow, thanks

07:22 AM Sep 26 2011 |

gabriele oeda


hi! I like music! but depend.. and i do no what said

11:07 PM Jun 27 2011 |





11:37 PM Oct 19 2009 |




11:51 PM Sep 25 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

People say love is like a bond
Others say love is a feeling two people share,
Some say love is a game,
I say love is pain.

Love help you up when your down,
Just to push you back down again.

Love makes you feel great when you have it,
Just to laugh at you as you loose it.

I say love teaches you pain,
Beacause once the feeling of love goes,
We all try so hard to feel it again.

So in the end,
Love is pain.
                            YES LOVE IS PAIN AND PAIN IS LOVE Embarassed4 SHERYL CROW

08:55 PM Jul 05 2009 |

Benjamin Elizondo


OO i dind't knew about lance bailed on her that is not cool man, he should had been there to suport her even though there was no romantic relationship it is important to suport people who is in that kind of situation. I really like her songs.

10:31 PM Mar 12 2009 |

jack china


i know her cause a good listennig song but i cant remenber the song name

01:35 PM Mar 07 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

very nice lesson

ahe has good voice

09:34 PM Mar 05 2009 |


American Samoa

if she looks like that in the end then she has been more and more stupid during her hard working time… 

09:06 PM Dec 07 2008 |




she's a good singer and strong person when she  defeated cancer and still singing, and writing  pretty songs. I keep her fingersSmile

03:30 PM Nov 29 2008 |




she’s good singer

03:12 PM Nov 29 2008 |



a real role model,she still pursuit of her ideals even though knows she is a breast canser

12:47 AM Nov 24 2008 |



I like this lesson.


01:27 AM Sep 10 2008 |




02:31 PM Aug 16 2008 |




Sheryl Crow is a brave woman,and she experienced a lot. She got through the hardship including the cancer and the leaving of her husband.She never give her music up,she brought her fans happiness.Having suffered from these,she will become more and more stronger!

from my point of view,life teach us how to survive,thus,it appears more and more details like Sheryl Crow.But i consider that age has nothing to do with fame.You could be famous no matter you are young or old,it really depends on yourself.

12:20 PM Jul 24 2008 |



what does it mean " that was bold"

and you are high

07:51 AM Jul 07 2008 |




08:31 PM Jun 22 2008 |

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