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Remembering Paul Newman

Remembering Paul Newman

Date: Oct 08 2008

Themes: History, News


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Death is, of course, hardest to deal with when it’s a surprise. Well-loved 83-year-old actor Paul Newman announced over a month ago that cancer would soon kill him, but the world grieved nonetheless when he died a little over a week ago.

Newman was famous not only for acting, but for his philanthropy. He donated a lot of money to charity through his life and left even more in his will. He was that rare combination of a famous person who is also a truly admirable human being.

Listen to Jason and Marni talk about the mix of emotions that Newman’s death made them feel.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I was just eating my Newman-O’s and with every bite was feeling the loss of Paul Newman.

Jason:  It is such a loss. I mean, even though his great acting work was probably behind him for the most part, his whole contribution to charities through his food company was just amazing.

Marni:  Right. Absolutely. All of his after-tax profits were donated to environmental causes and educational causes, which I’m all about. And what a classic American actor, just so much charisma. Cool Hand Luke is just one of the best characters ever.

Jason:  Definitely. Butch Cassidy is my favorite role that he ever did.

Marni:  And then even, you know, The Color of Money which he actually won an Oscar for.

Jason:  Yeah. I mean, he had such a good, long life, but it’s still sad, you know? It’s kind of like loosing your grandpa. He’s at that age where he doesn’t have that much time left, but you can’t help but feel pretty sad about it.

Marni:  It’s the passing of an icon and you realize, “Wow, all these great, classic American actors are like, they’re old, and there’s a new generation and it’s sort of the passing of an era.”

Jason:  Yeah.

Marni:  It’s kind of sad. But he did live a good life and he left us with a lot of great movies.

Jason:  Definitely.



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Marni couldn’t help but think of Paul Newman’s death as she ate his brand of cookie. Newman owned a food company that donated all of its profits to charity. Jason says that the 83-year-old’s death is sad because even though he wasn’t acting much anymore, his charitable work continued.

What was your favorite Paul Newman role? In addition to the movies Marni and Jason mention, he also starred in The Sting, The Verdict and many other great films. Are you more inspired by Newman’s acting or his generosity?



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I think he was a good actor and he had a lot of charisma. 

but I didn´t know about his charity- help (or I forgot …)

07:20 PM Nov 17 2009 |




Paul Newman was the big person.

11:29 AM Jan 24 2009 |




I've heard his name but to be honest can't remeber his movies…Andrey Mironov was really great

06:06 AM Oct 14 2008 |


Russian Federation

I don't know him…but now I want to change that… Sealed

12:37 PM Oct 11 2008 |


zeus2006Super Member!


About Paul Newman,He was a great actor,I saw many movies which Paul Newman acts and actors like him are not die….

10:54 PM Oct 10 2008 |


United States

PAUL NEWMAN was and still is a LEGEND

06:08 PM Oct 10 2008 |




A great actor, a great person, a great symbol of inspiration. Paul Newman was brilliant and charismatic, had a  charm of a few. Its a poor lost of all who love the seventh art.

03:18 AM Oct 10 2008 |


Viet Nam

i really like him.

01:58 AM Oct 09 2008 |




I advise you to watch one of his greatest movies The Color of Money

It's wonderful

01:54 AM Oct 09 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love cool hand luke

09:48 PM Oct 08 2008 |



I don’t know this actor and I’m sorry about it.I think such people like he has bright and terrible life.I don’t know why but there are many people who sacrify and do everything for others but in the end they suffer from deseases and another problems.And to my mind these people are real “angels”!God bless him!

07:57 PM Oct 08 2008 |




I have never heard of him or wached one of his movies because I am not that much fond of movies.  

I am so inspired and impressed by his generosity and philanthropy.  He realized there are a lot of poor people in  this world, and someone must do something to help them somehow.  I wish there were more people like this great, gnerious actor.

Allahummah bless him.

03:33 PM Oct 08 2008 |




He was a nice man! most people should follow your example!

02:30 PM Oct 08 2008 |




what's the kind of film? Can you give us some summerize or introduction?


10:13 AM Oct 08 2008 |




Prison Break?

what's the relation between them? Is he one of the actor?

I kown little of this actor too. But I praise his philanthropy.

God bless him

10:11 AM Oct 08 2008 |



haha 我介意你看一下越狱,it is so wonderfull!!!!!!!!!

06:51 AM Oct 08 2008 |



Czech Republic

Paul Newman was amazing person and many things i learned about him after his death. From movies i saw Collors of Money, Road to Perdition and Message in a bootle.

06:22 AM Oct 08 2008 |




thouhg i have never watched his movie before 

i believe he is really of something

so sad about the news

06:18 AM Oct 08 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

oh,it is really sad news !!

actually, i heard about him but i did not watch any film by paul newman yet:(

01:20 AM Oct 08 2008 |

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