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New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

Date: Oct 13 2008

Themes: Music, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The formula to make a boy band is simple. You need young men who can sing and dance and who are both cool and wholesome. It’s a familiar formula to us now through bands like Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, but it was invented by New Kids on the Block.

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, NKOTB was incredibly popular with songs like “The Right Stuff” and “Step by Step.” But as boys grew to men, the group split in 1994. Now, 24 years after they first got together, NKOTB is touring again and just released a new album called The Block.

Has enough time passed for their songs to sound retro and cool again? Or did the members of the group just want to give their fans another chance to see them? Listen to Amanda and Devan talk about the reunion.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  The first two tapes I ever owned were Debbie Gibson and New Kids on the Block.

Amanda:  Nice. NKOTB in the house.

Devan:  Yeah. And I saw the other day that they’re back together!

Amanda:  They have reunited! They were on the Good Morning America show and Joey McIntyre out there…

Devan:  Oh, Joey.

Amanda:  I know! The heartthrob, right? The baby? But they don’t have that much new material, so c’mon.

Devan:  So it’s mostly, like, a reunion tour, not like a new, we’re back tour.

Amanda:  I think so. How old are they now? Mid-thirties? And they’re all married. They have children. I think maybe they should have left it. Gone out like a legend.

Devan:  Maybe. I kind of want to go. See I was too young to see them back when…the first time around. I really like them…

Amanda:  I was in high school.

Devan:  Oh…I’m sorry.

Amanda:  That’s alright. I think the interesting thing about them is I always felt bad for Marky Mark or Mark Wahlberg because I thought Donnie’s little brother…

Devan:  Marky Mark? Although you’re not supposed to call him that anymore…

Amanda:  Right. I thought, “That sucks for him because he’s in the shadow of his brother Donnie and he must be very jealous.” But today?

Devan:  Who’s the hotshot now?

Amanda:  Exactly. Right?

Devan:  Yeah, don’t feel so bad for anymore. Now I just feel bad for the older brother because he’s just doing sad reunion tours. Although not that sad because I’d be willing to go.

Amanda:  I’ll go with you.



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Back when people bought cassette tapes instead of CDs, Devan was a young girl and a big fan of New Kids on the Block. Amanda liked them too even though she was a little older. Everyone thought that the youngest one, Joey, was attractive.

Since NKOTB broke up, one member’s little brother, Mark Wahlberg, who at the time was known as Marky Mark, has become a very successful actor. At the time it looked like his brother Donnie would be the more famous one!

Now all New Kids are in their 30s and Amanda isn’t sure if it was such a good idea for them to get back together. It might be hard for them to live up to their legend. But Devan is excited because she never got to see them, so she and Amanda decide to go.

What was the first band you liked as a child? Do you think now is a good time for NKOTB to get back together or do you think they should have done it at a different time, or not at all ?



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i was in love, i am in love and will be in love to themSmile

12:52 PM Oct 19 2008 |



I dont think they will compelet together.Maybe their fans are the same age as them.

12:22 AM Oct 19 2008 |




I think their return is not a easy thing.

Anyway, please support which one you like before.

I'm a nostalgic girl.

03:55 AM Oct 16 2008 |




I love it ,and I love music ,because I think music can help me relax

01:08 AM Oct 15 2008 |

wil nelas


va c fude seus gay

06:46 PM Oct 14 2008 |


Russian Federation

What was the first band you liked as a child?

When I was 12 I adored "Ace of Bace"!

05:17 PM Oct 13 2008 |




They are going to do okay because there are new, younger and more wholesome bands people

would prefer listening to nowdays.  They are not going to be as popular as they used to back in a day.  As a

reslut, their fan will decrease. 

I never heard of them when they were around.

Does any one know why they split?  

03:30 PM Oct 13 2008 |



Important thing is  they can do good performance now.

Its not matter they are Mid-thirties.

I want to know the reason why they reunion now.

01:54 PM Oct 13 2008 |




i believe they will be great too. though i never in my childhood listened to their songs, but for me, the return of the band can bring some fresh feelings and remind us of the old time.

12:09 PM Oct 13 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Oh, I Love there !! OHHH, The memories..Smile

11:02 AM Oct 13 2008 |




Back in USSR

11:00 AM Oct 13 2008 |




i love music,music has no diffierence with the age…....

10:29 AM Oct 13 2008 |





10:27 AM Oct 13 2008 |




gosh….theirs back…what a sweet memory

09:32 AM Oct 13 2008 |



i thimk they well be great
i don’t know
but we’ll see

08:24 AM Oct 13 2008 |




a boy band always failed as well as for girls band,one of the members always go on a single(solo) career and this is how the band splitCool!!!

07:56 AM Oct 13 2008 |



I support their return. i was just a baby when they were popular, so i don't know them very much. but i think though this time they may be not be a legend as they had before ,the courage and the ardently love  to the music is worth to be respected.

06:49 AM Oct 13 2008 |



Well, it's hard to imagine these 30-year old guys to shake on the stage, what would that be? But I'm curious to know about it.

02:47 AM Oct 13 2008 |

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