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Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Date: Nov 21 2008

Themes: Food, Hobbies

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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It’s easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know there’s a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you and friendly people to meet at the coffee shop. Big chains like Starbucks offer convenience, but small, independent coffee shops have something else: personality.

For some, local coffee shops are more than just a place to grab a quick caffeine fix. They’re more like a second home, a comfortable place to spend hours studying, working, or talking with friends. Listen to Beren and Mason discuss coffee shops.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  You know what I miss the most now that I am a 9 to 5-er?

Beren:  What? What’s that?

Mason:  Getting to hang out at coffee shops all the time.

Beren:  Ooh, yeah. Did you used to do that a lot?

Mason:  Yeah, I mean when I was in my crazy swinging freelance days, I had my couple favorite shops and that was just where I’d go get all my work done. And you kind of become part of a scene there, you know. You get to know the baristas and the regulars. It’s awesome.

Beren:  Yeah. I get coffee. I need my caffeine fix and everything in the morning. But I don’t know, ever since I worked at a coffee shop I just have not been able to like hang out there. Just because I feel too bad for the people behind the counter.

Mason:  What kind of place did you work at? Was it like an independent shop?

Beren:  Um, it started out as like a locally owned independent coffee shop. Then it kind of got slowly taken over by a big corporation.

Mason:  Really? That doesn’t happen all that often.

Beren:  No, not too often. But, yeah, I don’t know. It’s just…Once you work in a coffee shop, you’re drinking so much coffee all the time, you get totally wired. You can’t handle…anything. Simple conversation. That’s why people that work at coffee shops are so jittery and angry. They’re just like, “Ahhh!” It’s all the caffeine.

Mason:  Okay. I’m going decaf.


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Mason recently started working a 9 to 5 job so he can’t spend all his time at coffee shops any more. He misses being a regular at his favorite coffee shop and belonging to a local scene.

Beren used to be a barista at an independent coffee shop that got bought out by a large chain. Beren’s experience working at a coffee shop has turned her against them. She says all baristas are wired and angry from drinking too much caffeine and dealing with difficult customers.

Are coffee shops popular in your country? Do you like going to coffee shops to get your caffeine fix or hang out with friends?



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    10:09 PM Oct 29 2016 |



    Russian Federation

    I too drink a lot of coffee at job, but I am not very much angry.

    04:50 PM Jul 23 2016 |


    United States

    amazing place it and i often visit it. regards 

    08:56 AM Apr 19 2016 |




    thank you for sharing this.. it so useful. .

    01:32 PM Jun 26 2015 |



    Very Impressive. Thanks for posting.

    07:26 PM Jun 13 2015 |




    In my town , coffee shops are everywhere ! they are always crowded because people here are open and funny and love to hang out :) , I love to go to coffee shops too but it is not always available for me because I have to study !—’ so I make my own coffee

    I’m a coffee addicted by the way :p I drink 2-3 cups a day I makes me happy <3

    08:32 AM Apr 20 2014 |

    1 person likes this


    United States

    I drink coffee everyday. In the US, there are many shops that sell coffee. Most restaurants sell coffee and various cafes exist.

    03:38 AM Apr 20 2014 |



    Russian Federation

    Yes, these shops are popular in my country, but  I am not a regular there , and prefer to  drink coffee at home every morning.  It is necessary for me,  when coffee is strong, with milk and almost without sugar in it.

    Automatic coffee stores are popular as well, but i dont like  to buy coffee there-  it is not good, sometimes cold, and it is  easy to forget you сhange in these stores.

    07:10 AM Apr 14 2014 |




    what aout drink black coffee at the earlily morning ? anybody try that ?

    06:36 AM Jul 04 2013 |



    Saudi Arabia

    I have a question:

    why they call the person who works at coffee shop ’’barista’’? It’s my first time to heard that

    10:27 AM Jun 03 2011 |

    1 person likes this



    Saudi Arabia

    I love Arabian coffee, but i don't drink it too much spicially at night 'cause it makes me stay up late however i face a problem in getting up in the morning , so i go to work late 

    05:45 AM Jul 01 2009 |

    1 person likes this




    i love coffee,and often drink it at home when i feel relax.It’s luxury for me to drink in cafe because of the buzy work

    02:34 AM Jun 11 2009 |

    1 person likes this



    I love coffee and I prefer to dronk it without sugar

    06:52 AM Jun 10 2009 |

    Ivan Sh.

    Russian Federation

    Actually, I prefer tea to coffeeCool


    11:02 AM Jun 09 2009 |



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    01:44 PM May 21 2009 |



     long time ago ,i want have a coffee shop.but just is my like it .i like coffee's color ,shape and taste  etc. Until  today ,i still want have a coffee shop,but it is not  coffee color ,shape and taste that but like quiet feel .

    01:32 PM May 21 2009 |



    Palestinian Territory, Occupied

    yes, sometimes i like to go to coffee shops with my best friends, when i was so jittery i prefer to spend some times with my companions to talk about everything all over the world

    12:34 PM Mar 01 2009 |

    1 person likes this

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