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Instant Karma

Instant Karma English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 16 2008

Themes: Friend, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Karma is the idea that what goes around comes around. If you do something bad, something bad will happen to you. Instant karma is the idea that if you even think an evil thought, something bad will happen to you immediately.

It seems that Jason has started to catch on to the idea that Devan likes him. Maybe someone told him. Marni hinted at it a couple of episodes back, and Jason said he’d think about it, but now the truth comes out. Listen to Jason tell Mason why he doesn’t want to be with Devan…and watch what happens to him right after!

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  How the ladies treatin’ ya’?

Jason:  Good. Yeah. The ladies always treat me well, Mason.

Mason:  Do they, playa.

Jason:  No. I like to think positive, you know.

Mason:  I have to live vicariously through you now, you know.

Jason:  Right.

Mason:  I’ve got the old ball and chain.

Jason:  Fair enough.

Mason:  So, uh…Seriously, give me the juice. It’s been a while.

Jason:  Well, word on the street is that Devan is into me. And we have a lot of fun.

Mason:  Really?

Jason:  We go wig shopping.

Mason:  Into you now?

Jason:  Yeah.

Mason:  Huh.

Jason:  Well, I mean it makes sense.

Mason:  Well, good!

Jason:  It was like a slow build, but I don’t know. I don’t really feel attracted to her.

Mason:  Why not, man? Devan’s cute.

Jason:  Yeah. She’s cute. Um, I don’t know.

Mason:  What’s goin’ on? I mean, is something, like, wrong with her…I mean, her proportions? Are you like…

Jason:  No.

Mason:  Too pale for you?

Jason:  No. She’s shapely, but, uh, you know…Yeah. And I like the fair skin.

Mason:  Is it, like, a fashion thing? You don’t like, you know, like, the hipster look? Want something a little more conservative?

Jason:  It’s the hair. I can’t deal with the no hair thing.

Mason:  Whoa! That’s cold, man.

Jason:  I know. I know.

Mason:  That’s like a cancer thing.

Jason:  I mean, just between me and you. I mean, obviously don’t tell anyone else that, but, like, that’s…I mean, what can I say? I mean, I can’t help the way that I feel, if I’m attracted to somebody or not.

Mason:  Chemistry’s chemistry, man, but, like, that’s..The hair thing is not her fault, dude. That’s…Yeah. You gotta keep that one close to the vest.

Jason:  Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you, but…Whoa!



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Mason tries to guess why Jason might not like Devan, but then Jason finally cracks and says it’s the fact that she has no hair. It’s a really bad thing to say since the only reason she has no hair is because she has cancer.

Around this time, Jason finishes eating his banana. He puts the peel on the floor. But as he takes a step forward, he falls backward down the stairs! Is OK? Is he alive? It’s hard to tell…



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karma,you must pay a lesson what you have done ,what's the difference between karma and destiny

04:32 AM Dec 18 2008 |

Mr Shaluunge

United States

Hey mah who's that n wat U mean that lol ?

03:44 PM Dec 17 2008 |



lesson learned, but it's too late u have slipped and fallen already…..hahah

11:37 PM Dec 16 2008 |




LOL      Jason don't tell anymore, he fall down the stairs.

07:36 PM Dec 16 2008 |




I don’t know to extent to which that Jason has to pay the price for him don’t like Devan…It would be just carelessness from the part of Jason???

07:17 PM Dec 16 2008 |




After a fall that…I don't know not! hehe


06:52 PM Dec 16 2008 |




how are u my name is mustapha i am 20 this is my

06:18 PM Dec 16 2008 |

Billie joe


law of karma is true, if Jason don´t tell the true, sooner or later devan will realize of his situation and their relation ship will break up

03:44 PM Dec 16 2008 |



i hated jason'attitude,full of preconcept,but i loved the fall,

02:06 PM Dec 16 2008 |




hey Jason! Choose another fruit next time!!! lol

01:43 PM Dec 16 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

Lol I really laughed when he slipped on the floor .

I think the banana didn’t like his reasons !

However, I think this lesson was useful and it does have lots of slang

words which we need to learn …

And what was interested is the video wasn't boring it was kinda funny

 How can it be just "between you and me" if you are telling your story worldwide???

That was the funniest part… Laughing but you have to live the story anyway Innocent

Thanks a lot and oh by the way poor Jason lol

10:39 AM Dec 16 2008 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

HA HA .. Jason .. OH don't eat banana anymore!!!

10:39 AM Dec 16 2008 |




I don`t really belive in karma, but everything may be.

09:04 AM Dec 16 2008 |



What a poor play.Frown

05:56 AM Dec 16 2008 |



i cant got it only by listening

03:26 AM Dec 16 2008 |




LOL, this vid is funny!!! Ha, poor Jason.

02:08 AM Dec 16 2008 |

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