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Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 14 2009

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Adverbs


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

What’s the quickest way to get a million dollars? The lottery, of course. When people want to talk about an imaginary situation in which they’re rich, they often start, “If I won the lottery…”

But to win the lottery you have to play. And a lot of the time, you just win a few dollars. But the possibility of millions is always out there. Perhaps the fact that Ebaby! recently reached a million members is what inspires Jason to buy a scratcher at a convenience store. But Dale doesn’t like the odds and thinks it’s a bad idea.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  You’re wasting your money, man.

Jason:  I don’t know, man. Like, sometimes I win, like, you know…five, ten bucks.

Dale:  That dollar could go somewhere else. I mean, gosh. The lottery is always just an investment.

Jason:  Three.

Dale:  I mean, it’s not an investment. I mean, it’s not an investment.

Jason:  Four! Five in a row! It’s a million bucks! I just won a million dollars!

Dale:  Whatever, whatever. No way!

Jason:  No, I’m totally serious. Look at it. Yeah. Can’t you see?

Dale:  Oh yeah! I knew you were gonna win, man!

Jason:  Yeah.

Dale:  I knew it! I knew it. I get half, by the way. I get half.

Jason:  What?

Dale:  Automatically. Automatically.

Jason:  Why would you get half?

Dale:  I’m your lucky charm. I’m your lucky charm. You wouldn’t have got that.

Jason:  You just told me not to buy it.

Dale:  You wouldn’t have got that if I wasn’t here. That’s it…

Jason:  I told you…

Dale:  Five-hundred thousand dollars.

Jason:  I was just pulling your leg. I didn’t win a million dollars. I just knew you’d do that after…

Dale:  You sure?

Jason:  I didn’t win anything.

Dale:  Loser.


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When Dale starts telling Jason that the lottery isn’t a good investment, Jason decides to play a trick on Dale and tell him that he won a million dollars. Dale immediately gets really excited and says that he should have half the money.

Then Jason tells Dale that he was lying. He didn’t win anything. He just thought Dale might feel differently about the lottery after imagining he won for a minute.

Is there a lottery in your country? Do you play? Why or why not?



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fadel san

fadel san

Saudi Arabia

we don't have allot lottery in saudi arabia and i never pay money for one but I thing is someone know he has good luck he should try it why not.

my luck isn't so good  so I fried to get one.

03:25 PM Apr 17 2009 |




I wouldn't waste my time and money for a lottery… to me it's like gambling. it can become an addiction. and it doesn't do any good.

09:48 AM Apr 17 2009 |

Amido Hernan Rios


If you buy it, you can hope a prize but if you don't, you can continue dreaming of nothing!

06:57 PM Apr 16 2009 |




In my memory,I have never bought lottery,of cource,I have ever dreamed I won a million,what will I do? It's so attractive,but maybe I will donate a sum of money,then help my friends,at last,I wanna be a vagrant.

In fact,it's not a good thing to win a million,No pain ,no gain.

08:18 AM Apr 16 2009 |



There are a lot of lottery in Brazil and sometimes i buy some scratchers, but the odds is so low that is almost impossible to win. It´s not an investment but just a lucky game.

01:33 AM Apr 16 2009 |




Wish I can get one million dollar if I could buy a lucky scratcher.

12:47 AM Apr 16 2009 |



Saudi Arabia


What am i goning to do when i win amillion dollars…!!?

i don't know..i'm gonna fly

it's for dreamy people..they waste their money to buy unreal dream

09:22 PM Apr 15 2009 |

mi young

South Korea

There are many kinds of lottery in Korea. I don't usually buy lottery but when I work in convenience store, they sold "Lotto" so, once a week I bought it! Actually, I've never win, but when I bought and had it until announce of number, I felt like "I'm going to win!!". so I was so happy to wait on Saterday for a week having mind that I'm winner.

I think lottery is good because we can find some pleasures but too much to buy lottery is not good. We shouldn't risk on lottery. The odd of win is very slim!!!!

You can lose your all money to get a million dallars.

04:49 PM Apr 15 2009 |




LaughingHi everybody! it's fun!

I think play on lottery is interestingbut it's not necessary to put all on it. But ther're cases when people play usually and then win good money.

I think that the lottery is necessary for fun and it's not good to do it by meaning of the life at all

04:30 PM Apr 15 2009 |




Yeah,we get various of lottery here.Like sport lottery,or economy lottery and all.They are some people do get their millions of dollars from the lottery,but that's minority.It's like everyone is dreaming of becoming a millionare through the night,but that doesn't happen to everyone,if that,there would be no lottery.But I do believe the odds,cause there are winners out there.I have never bought one,it's not that I'm not interested in that,but I know nothing about it.I always have a feeling that if I bought it,I would win the first prize and get millions of money.That's like a daydream too,but I have made the decision that in my life I would only buy a lottery for once,losing or winning,we'll see.

02:33 PM Apr 15 2009 |



lottery ticket saler exsist here and there in my state. but i did not play that once. because i know it s really hard for me to get an opportunity good enough to win a million. i wana to be rich in hard working.  

01:33 PM Apr 15 2009 |



nowadays,i also waste my money on lottery tickets.for my part,verily,i think it is one investment,you can foster one hope for it,and you can fancy your million future,it can add mirth into your boring life…...

01:21 PM Apr 15 2009 |






01:20 PM Apr 15 2009 |




lottery tickets is a lie !!we  should not get in!!

11:24 AM Apr 15 2009 |


American Samoa

ın my country there are a lot of lottery tıcket.ı never play and ı hate.ıt's very bad for our.ı thınk… we shouldnt play anytıme:)ı mean that

11:34 PM Apr 14 2009 |



United Kingdom

there are many lotteries in my country, i usually play and sometimes hoping to win :) your life turned to a dream in a second if you won a lottery, so everyone should play rarely, maybe next time you win :D it is worth playing.

08:55 PM Apr 14 2009 |




In my country are quite many lotteries, but I never buy a ticket and never play, because I don't like to play in the lottery. Despite that, my aunt often buy me a ticket, sometimes I win 1 euro or smth like that. Good luck, who plays.:DD

08:24 PM Apr 14 2009 |




yup! IF is a great word, want-to-know

07:19 PM Apr 14 2009 |


Russian Federation

Now I need money so much! If only I could win a million dollars! It would be great Cool

05:56 PM Apr 14 2009 |



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Here in Israel where I’ve been living for last ten years they have a lottery and it’s very popular between Israelis. There is a great deal of points, like convenient stores, kiosks etc., where people can bye lottery tickets and dozens types of lotteries exists.  As far as I concern the chance to win is too little. So I never buy lottery tickets.

05:53 PM Apr 14 2009 |

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