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"Spacing Out" with GWAR

"Spacing Out" with GWAR English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jan 04 2010

Themes: Alternative, Music

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Fans of heavy metal music also often like horror and sci-fi movies and comics. GWAR is a band that brings it all together. They’ve been shredding for 25 years while wearing monster costumes and spraying the audience in fake blood and vomit.

GWAR is from outer space, but they’ve been stranded on Earth for a long time. Recently, the shock rockers stole a spaceship and finally escaped, but they discovered that since they’ve been gone, space got really uncool. In fact, Earth is the only cool place left! So they came back to rock some more, and give an English lesson on slang that uses “space.” Watch this video with Oderus, the singer of GWAR.

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I’m Jason, here with Oderus from GWAR.

Oderus:  Hello English, baby!

Jason:  Your most recent album is called Lust in Space...

Oderus:  Lust in Space.

Jason:  ...and there’s lots of slang that has “space” in it.

Oderus:  Sure.

Jason:  So, like, what does spaced out mean, for instance?

Oderus:  Spaced out means when you’re, like, whacked out on goof balls or maybe, like, you slept too much or the way you feel after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Jason:  Nice. And what’s a waste of space?

Oderus:  Waste of space, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory. When someone is so worthless that they are not worth the space that they occupy.

Jason:  Lust in Space, it’s about…You guys have captured a spaceship, right?

Oderus:  Yes. We captured a spaceship and we go back to outer space and when we get there, we find out all our favorite bars are closed, Cardinal Sin has taken over everything and, indeed, the only place worth fighting for, the only place he hasn’t conquered yet in the entire universe, is Earth itself. So here we are, the great irony of it, we have to go back to the very place that we escaped all these years.

Jason:  Well, thanks for talking with us, Oderus. Can I get you to give me a high-five and say…

Oderus:  High-five!

Jason:  ...”English, baby!”?

Oderus:  High-five English, baby!


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GWAR’s latest album is called Lust in Space, which is a parody of the title of a TV show and movie, Lost in Space. Jason asks Oderus what it means to “space out” and he explains that if you’re kind of lazy and not thinking too clearly or quickly, you’re spaced out. He also explains that a waste of space is something that’s not even worth the space it takes up.

When’s the last time you spaced out? What do you think of GWAR and their music? Are they the best thing ever to happen to Earth, or just a waste of space?

Image by Silvia Ruiz.

Visit GWAR online, and for more photos from their concert and to watch a music video, go to our blog.



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I'm just spaced out now after playing  basketball games .

03:03 PM Apr 09 2010 |



Cool their costume are scaring !!!!!! but i'd like to see them performing…..

05:58 PM Feb 05 2010 |

Rocky FONG

Rocky FONG


wow…..they are cool, their costume let me associate with monster hunter.

04:56 AM Jan 23 2010 |




I think GWAR is cool band, but I prefer another kind of rock )

And I'm spacing out when I listen good music, something that I like.

07:12 PM Jan 22 2010 |




For me,these kinds of songs are odd.The same for sci-fi movies .I prefer classics.It's really a waste of space:}

03:25 PM Jan 21 2010 |




Hahaha cool…I have never heard about that band,but their costumes are pretty cool :P

Hummm I don't remember the last time I got "spaced out",but I can give you an example…When we are intetained with something or someone interesting we normally get "spaced out"...it can also be a music,pic or thought…Hahaha another silly example,men are pretty spaced out when they see a beautiful woman walking on street…It get ugly if they are driving at that moment! hahaha

08:40 PM Jan 14 2010 |

Svetlana Titarenko

Russian Federation

That's the way I see it… I always spaced out when I'm in love :)) So for the last few days I can't think of anything except my love, so my Engkish books are still on the shelf… I mean every time I take one of them and begin reading I just look through the lines, I can't get the idea as my thoughts run far away from the book… into outer space! As for GWAR I can't stand shredding music and shock rockers! It contradicts witth my nature completely!!! I think they r just a waste of space! 

08:45 PM Jan 09 2010 |


Russian Federation


05:38 PM Jan 09 2010 |



Hey GWAR at EnglishBaby. Very funny. GWAR in concert is cool. You need not the newest clothes to go at these concerts. 

06:07 PM Jan 08 2010 |




Just now I was spaced out when I was studying English in a train on the way to home. And first thing I know, I fell asleep…

In Japan, also there are similar bands with GWAR and their name is "Seiki-matsu," means end of the century because they form the band in 20 century. But now, 21st century…they may be a waste of space?

02:48 PM Jan 08 2010 |




I'm not into this kind of band, it's wierd and boring. I'd rather stay home and watching movies than watching this kind of band, or else I'm going to totally space out. It'll only annoy me as hellFoot in mouth Don't hate me for saying this people.


11:24 AM Jan 08 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

if this what "spacing out " means  then GWAR had describe my life in this word

because im always spacing out and i got shy from asking people to repeat what they said ,,,, so i keep nodding

and about the rock thing im not so intersting and when GWAR rock i don't think its a waste of space for the others because they what others like

03:41 PM Jan 07 2010 |





04:36 PM Jan 06 2010 |




I was spaced out when I was watching a "Blues guys" movie with my new friends. 
Why spaced out,  cause there were a boy whom I like, 
so thats why my thoughts was busy with another object )))))) 

08:52 PM Jan 04 2010 |



he talk like a very rusty engine…......

04:48 PM Jan 04 2010 |




It is tough.I can not understand. But sometime,I like rock music.

03:45 PM Jan 04 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

Today's lesson was tough. I can't undertand well. I try to listen English hard.

And I don't like rock group but I try to understnd them. I think it is important to have open-minded in education, anyway, have a happy night.

09:46 AM Jan 04 2010 |



cevap yazsana


08:01 AM Jan 04 2010 |




08:00 AM Jan 04 2010 |




Hey Jason, High-five, bro. You rocks!

01:43 AM Jan 04 2010 |

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