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Date: Jan 14 2010

Themes: Health


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“If women want to have a little nip-and-tuck, I understand. I haven’t yet, but talk to me in five years.”

- Model Twiggy on giving nature a little help. (People)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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plastic surgery; cosmetic surgery

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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With her big eyes and stick-like figure, Twiggy was the It-girl of the 1960s. Now she is 60 herself, which makes her ancient in Hollywood years. But she still looks pretty good. How do you think she does it?

According to Twiggy, she doesn’t stay attractive and youthful through plastic surgery. She swears she’s never had a nip-and-tuck, even though it’s common for aging models and actresses to get a little beauty help from a surgeon. But Twiggy doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery. In another five years, she might decide she’s ready for a little nip-and-tuck of her own.

It doesn’t matter if you get a face lift, a tummy tuck, a nose job, or an all-new you. Any type of plastic surgery can be called a nip-and-tuck. It’s also used to refer to plastic surgery in general. Sometimes nip-and-tuck gets shortened to nip/tuck. Plastic surgeons nip off and tuck in all the little things you don’t like about yourself.

Would you ever get a little nip-and-tuck? What do you think about plastic surgery?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Ashlee Simpson looks like she got some nip-and-tuck.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a little nip-and-tuck if you can afford it.”

“Mary asked her husband to get her a little nip-and-tuck for her 50th birthday.”

Nip-and-tucks are common in Hollywood.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

popelupis to have a surgery in their face or some kind of "adjustment".
by popelupis
Plastic Surgery
by fitria.risa

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The main problem with plastic surgery is that you start from the part that really need to be corrected, but tried once you can't stop anymore. 90% people do it over and over again and they can't notice that it appears ridiculous pretty soon. It's like start smoking, start playing games in casino…

Anyway, I'm sure this is an issue of self-esteem. Be who you are, improve your inner world and you'll be just fine!


07:03 PM Jan 14 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

I think it is ok to have nip and tuck when you only need that. For example, people who are having problems with their weights and nothing could help them to lose their over pounds, needs nip and tuck. Also, people who have distortions, needs nip and tuck.

So, nip and tuck have a good side if it was used to the right purpose.

05:03 PM Jan 14 2010 |




feeling good about yourself when they make you uglier ???

of course we´re talking about being prettier or beautiful.

the aim of all is youth and beauty, or not ?



04:52 PM Jan 14 2010 |




I agree with this:

there´s no guarantee that you´ll be happier when you´re prettier !!!


04:21 PM Jan 14 2010 |




nowadays as girls as guys get a nip-and-tuck , i think it is ok , is u can afford it , why not ?? in the other hand all woman who lives here in the earth are beautiful they dont need help to get more pretty than they are.


03:58 PM Jan 14 2010 |




I don't think so , I mean in the future a little nip and tuck would be normal as going to the dentist the problem is remain with nice apperance, botox ? I think is a minor thing at least you remain as you are , without wrinkles. Cheers.Piero

01:42 PM Jan 14 2010 |



İ dont like plastic surgery.in everwhere it's full of smiliar faced women,especially botox creates  monster faced woman…

01:25 PM Jan 14 2010 |



In my country, Venezuela, is very common among our women.

01:10 PM Jan 14 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like nip&tuck because terrible firs timeTongue out

10:37 AM Jan 14 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 it depends on everybody how much the beauty is important for him or her. 

08:15 AM Jan 14 2010 |



there are some artists did some nip-and-tucks,and it become common in Indonesia but they looked terrible when you saw them at the first time, but you will get used to.. usually some old ladies did that..haha

07:21 AM Jan 14 2010 |




nip-and-tuck is pretty cool if you are much money:)

06:13 AM Jan 14 2010 |




i dont want nip-and-tuck

05:54 AM Jan 14 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I don't like nip-and-tuck. I think it is not working with man also

05:27 AM Jan 14 2010 |



Personally I don't like a nip-and-tuck. There are millions of ill people around the world who can't even get  to the basic health care. But some people are still paying a lot of money to get themself fixed when there's nothing wrong with them at all. It's very tempting thouhg. Who doesn't want to look good. I do. I have my hair rebound cuz I can't go to work with my hair  going heywire. It'snot a standard grooming at my work. I won't go as far as having my nose, boobs or  eyes done. I  For  me trying to live with my flaws is less tiring than fixing them. All things considered there's no guarantee that you'll be happier when you are prettier.


05:13 AM Jan 14 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no nip-and-tuck can be compare with real youth.Kiss

03:14 AM Jan 14 2010 |

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