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Aging Rock Stars

Aging Rock Stars

Date: Apr 12 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Passive Voice


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People have been making fun of the Rolling Stones for being old for years. But Mick Jagger and Keith Richards aren’t the only aging rockers who don’t seem to know when to call it quits.

A lot of artists that were huge in the 60s and 70s, such as Santana, Bob Dylan, and The Who, are still playing live shows today. That’s exciting news for fans of these bands. But as Devan learned, seeing your favorite classic rock band in concert can sometimes be more depressing than exhilarating. Find out why.


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Devan:  So you know how The Who played at the Super Bowl this year?

Beren:  Mmm-hmm.

Devan:  Well I watched it and I was very excited, but I gotta say, seeing them play like at this age, it just seemed really sad.

Beren:  Really?

Devan:  Yeah. It just like, they just seemed old and tired, you know? And it just…you know, just seeing like an old guy that’s like overweight trying to do the windmill and stuff…It was just kind of depressing.

Beren:  Really? Townsend couldn’t do a good windmill?

Devan:  No.

Beren:  I can’t believe it. Well, they have a lot to live up to. They were known for their live performance back in the day.

Devan:  Yeah, so that kind of…you know, it just brings me to the question, at what point should a band call it a day?

Beren:  I think…yeah, I don’t know. If the youngest member in your band is looking old, and I think Zak Star, he’s the drummer and that’s Ringo’s kid, I think it’s time to retire.

Devan:  Yeah. I mean, there are other older artists that are still just as sharp as ever. Like David Bowie seems like he’s aging backwards, and Prince, when he played the Super Bowl a few years ago, was incredible. But some people just don’t seem to know when to call it quits. Is it better to burn out or just fade away?

Beren:  Or just retire, if you’re The Who.


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Devan is a long-time fan of The Who, but she was disappointed when she saw them play at the Super Bowl earlier this year. They seemed tired and old. The band’s guitarist, Pete Townsend, looked overweight and couldn’t move very well on stage.

Since then, Devan has been thinking about when old bands should call it quits. It seems better to just stop playing in public than to go on performing once a band is over the hill.

But some artists age more gracefully than others. Devan points out that David Bowie and Prince seem to get better and better with age.

When do you think a band should call it quits? Have you ever gotten too old to do something you used to enjoy?



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Vina Novalina


Music is universal language, no matter the country we are born in, the color of our skin, how old u r. Brings us all together. Life without music like facebook without notification, twitter without tweet and youtube without video :P, life will be dull then ^^

04:02 PM Nov 24 2011 |




Music is life, and as long as they live, it’s alright for band to keep performing. Music doesn’t under age,so don’t ask them to stop awhile their life of music is still rising high! Go Music!!

11:59 AM Nov 24 2011 |

1 person likes this



In my humble opinion, rock n' roll never gets old, so do good rock bands! Rolling Stones, The Who… who cares about their age? Believe me, keep on rocking at this age is a big deal! If good bands just stop playing… what are we gonna do? We don't have great rock bands anymore. The new "rock bands" are quite the same, and they seem to be more concerned about 'looks' than music, and this is soo  disappointing.

Age doesn't matter at all. Some bands are like wine, the older the better.


03:36 AM Sep 30 2010 |




Hummm I don't know…If the "old" band feels good,why not continuing to play?

I like the Who till today and I really like their musics :) Now,there is a Bon jovi band example…In the 80's their musics were more agressive then today…Now they are playing many romantics ballads and a type of "light rock" ;)

07:53 PM May 18 2010 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

It's not a time to call it quits untill the bands enjoy what they do and have fans who enjoy their perfomance.

11:42 AM Apr 17 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


As long as the band still think they can do it,they still feel it,they should never quit.

I used to play basketball all the time.But now,I got a job,and I always sit in the office.When I do some sports nowadays,I always feel very tired.

But,that's not mean I am old,I just lack of practice.Youth is the greatest gift we have ever got.

01:01 PM Apr 16 2010 |




I love the Rolling Stones.

they are still cool.surely, looking is getting old,but their sounds are nice!

especialy, i like Angie~♪ song.


08:37 AM Apr 16 2010 |



Maybe rock bands should really call it a day when members, critcis and fans start realizing their perfomance is not as good as it used to be. At the same time, I think aging rockers have the right to go on playing live, if they feel fine doing so, and if band members get along… :) The Rolling Stones are still a good example of old but good rock… :D

12:18 AM Apr 14 2010 |




i dont know why should have to think abt them. bcs as i see them i'll see myself.


11:54 PM Apr 12 2010 |



I think the band should call it quits when they are too old. People would not be so excited to see the tired, old and overweiight band on stage. Rather people would love to watch a band of young artists who are full of energy.

 Yeah I don't enjoy reading and listening to music as much as I did in the younger days which means I am over the hill.

03:08 PM Apr 12 2010 |




i really dont like rock music!

01:36 PM Apr 12 2010 |




oh.. i love all those classic rock bands ..it is very sad indeed they are aging now and it is pity that we were born in different generation. ..fortunately ..good music from them can never age…Smile

11:46 AM Apr 12 2010 |




If I were a longtime fan of one band,I will love them forever.Cause I like their music talent,singing, passion even though they become old.Seeing the favorite band's performance  in live show many years later can be much more exciting rather than depressing cause when we enjoying their playing,actually,meanwhile we cherish the memory of one person or one time.Their songs have accompanied with us for a special and long time.On the other hand, aging rock stars also have rights to go on performing as long as they like.No one can deprive their persuit of music.

10:49 AM Apr 12 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

maybe it is very horrible for a rock star that be old!but every body knows that happen for all of us!so we should behave wisely,not being sad…......

07:06 AM Apr 12 2010 |

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