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Date: May 14 2010

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


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Staying in hotels can be one of the best or worst parts of traveling. It all depends on where you stay. If you find a great hotel with good service and spacious, comfortable rooms, it can be a highlight of your trip. But if you get stuck in a fleabag motel in a terrible location, it might ruin your vacation.

Find out what makes a perfect hotel for Mason and Dale.


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Mason:  Dale, are you much of a traveler?

Dale:  I had been traveling. I’ve stopped.

Mason:  I mean I’ve definitely chilled out a little bit from my heavy traveling phase. But I’m going on a trip soon, I gotta book some hotels and I’m trying to weigh my options of like, you know, do I go for the four star or do I go couch-surfing, sleeping on friends’ couches, kinda hostel style?

Dale:  What do you feel like you enjoy, do you enjoy the room service and the superb VIP treatment when you walk into a big huge building?

Mason:  I don’t really find I care about the service. I like a nice accommodations, you know? Like the bed’s gotta be comfortable. I get really weird, I like the bathroom a lot. That’s that scenario where a nice hotel can really set itself apart, and like you get the nice lotions and stuff. You always make sure and pocket a few extra of those.

Dale:  Always. Of course.

Mason:  But like as far as the service aspect, like I don’t care if someone carries my bags when I come in, or you know, like if everyone’s wearing suits and stuff. Not important.

Dale:  That’s not important to you?

Mason:  How ‘bout yourself?

Dale:  See, for me, I…it varies. It’s by mood. If I’m going to the beach, I’d rather be as low key as possible. I don’t need that extra part. But if I’m in the city, I like to have the full dining experience. I want the whole shebang.


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Mason is about to take a vacation, so he has been making hotel reservations. He has been thinking about what kind of hotel or hostel he prefers.

For Mason, VIP treatment and great service are not as important as comfortable, well-stocked rooms. He especially likes rooms with luxurious bathrooms and fancy free lotions and shampoos!

For Dale, it’s important to have good service and to be treated really well by hotel staff, especially when he is staying in a big city. If he is at the beach, he doesn’t mind a more relaxed atmosphere.

What is your idea of the perfect hotel? What are some of the advantages and drawbacks of staying in hotels?



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Humm I guess,it depends of my trip and where I'm going to…I really like confortable and fancy hotels and lodges but If I have little money I opt for modest and clean one :)

12:31 AM Jun 22 2010 |




Good hotel is clean hotel with good but sluggish service


08:13 AM May 20 2010 |


Russian Federation

I agree with Mason. I don't care about VIP treatment, but I need basic accomondation like comfortable bed and bathroom. The room should be clean and staff polite. I like travelling and everywhere I' m going I take not expensive hotel, but I always check reviews about it on-line.

03:39 AM May 19 2010 |




A good hotel should be well clean, good smell, a nice staff and has comfortable rooms. A good advantage is being treated as important customer and one drawback is the time to pay off the hotel.

11:58 PM May 17 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 i think it depend on ur hotel . if it has good service  u can fell more comfortable about all things . and ur trip might be great with staying at hotel .

06:37 PM May 16 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I do a lot of business trips,and I love hotels.I mean,you don't need to clean the house by yourself and it's clean everyday.By the day your leaving,you just leave.It's very convenient.

I don't need the hotel to be perfect.As long as it is clean and with hot shower and comfortable beds,then it is ok.

By the way,I am in a four-star hotel when I am writing this.

10:48 AM May 16 2010 |




It should be some comfortable in rooms in a hotel. The bathrooms should be very good. I stayed a hotel last week, The bathroom was very bad.

09:30 AM May 16 2010 |




good and comfortable.

09:16 AM May 16 2010 |




I don't want to stay at those hotels which rooms are with stained walls and smell of cigarette smoke..So cheap hotels are not my best option.  

08:42 AM May 16 2010 |



Russian Federation

Yes.It depends from lacation.Not only fancy hotels is good and comfortable.

04:06 AM May 16 2010 |



cheap hotels r good sometimes ;)

09:27 PM May 15 2010 |


Viet Nam

on my vacation, i want a comfortable room,..i cant stay there wit my family or my friend. it's a place to relax. 

05:51 PM May 15 2010 |

dallool <3


i think that the service and good treatment are the most imprtant thing..

some of the advantages is that you can relax and have a rest from your daily routine..but it would be alot more joyful if you are not alone and having your family or friends with you..but for the disadvantages is that it might cost alot especially if you stayed for a long time there..but it's fun eventually

03:46 PM May 15 2010 |




yeah,i agree with mason!

It's all about  whether the room is cosy to stay or not.i don't care about the extra service.

And of course,a fancy hotel will definitely be the highlight of ur trips

03:43 PM May 15 2010 |



Traveling around the world is just a dream for me ….but i will do my best to achive it

livingin a comfortable hotel ,watching a great NBA game ,and relaxing to wait for the next fantasy trip…............

08:38 AM May 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Staying in a hotel can either be a good or bad experience.. The most important thing is  the "Hygiene" as long as the room is comfortable and clean i'm happy.

Also, when I pay more for the room I expect to have a special service. 

07:39 AM May 15 2010 |



Good hotels… Always with family ;)

01:49 AM May 15 2010 |




i rather go to the beach with my family and take the sun as much as possible , eat seafood , chill out with them on the sand , and drink some beers , stay with my family on the beach has not price. for everyting else exist master card.


08:53 PM May 14 2010 |

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