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Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch

Date: May 18 2010

Themes: Friend, Tech

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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These days, many of us have friends all over the world, not to mention in different cities and parts of the country. It’s also easier than ever to stay in touch with people, no matter how far away they live.

But even with email and social networking sites to help you keep track of your friends, staying in touch takes effort and loyalty on both sides. Find out if Devan and Jeff maintain old friendships, and how they do it.


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Devan:  Are you pretty good at keeping in touch with your old friends, Jeff, like from middle school and high school?

Jeff:  I’d say so. I’m still very close with a lot of my friends from high school and even before that.

Devan:  How do you keep track of them? Do you talk to them on Facebook, or on the phone, or in person?

Jeff:  Um, pretty much all three of those, although the popularity of Facebook has made things easier. It’s easier to communicate with old friends and people are more willing to do it. What about you?

Devan:  My best friend Marie, we’ll have been friends for ten years this summer, and, you know, we still talk on the phone.

Jeff:  How did you guys meet?

Devan:  We met in high school, first day of high school.

Jeff:  Best buds from right off..right from the start.

Devan:  Yeah, and we really bonded because we had a lot of the same taste in music and we don’t have anything in common anymore whatsoever, we’re in like completely different places in our lives, but I think we’ll always have that bond from our past that’ll keep us together, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose touch with her because we just have that past that we shared.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think that’s pretty natural to still keep in touch with your friends but not share the same interests that you used to.


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Both Jeff and Devan have friends whom they have known for many years. Jeff has friends from high school and middle school, and Devan has known her best friend for almost 10 years. Jeff thinks that Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch with old friends. But both he and Devan also talk with their old friends on the phone and in person.

Devan doesn’t have as much in common with her best friend as she did in high school. But even though they lead different lives and have separate interests, they share a bond that can’t be broken. Their shared past keeps them together.

How do you stay in touch with old friends? Do you have many old friends whom you’ve known for a long time?



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yeah i have known so many friends from school time though we are not in the same college.

04:26 AM Jun 24 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i still keep in touch with my old friends,no matter old or new i just want to continue my relationships with them.thats perfect specially hanging out with old friends due to reminds you some of the best events & memories that happend in ur school time .

06:11 PM Sep 13 2015 |




08:33 PM Sep 12 2015 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


06:50 AM Sep 12 2015 |


Saudi Arabia

How are you every one

02:28 AM Sep 12 2015 |



United States

I like when somone keep in touch with me.

01:54 PM May 26 2015 |




I have to confess I’m not pretty good at keeping in touch with my old friends. They live far away from my city and we speak to each other very seldom. Maybe I don’t have anything in common with them now. They have their own families, live in countries that differ from our country in the economic and political organization and culture (and even weather)).

But I keep track of my classmate who lives in Germany. She is the only friend abroad I’m still very close with. We usually talk on the phone or by Skype.

I wonder if it’s possible for people to live far away from one another and still stay in touch for years.

08:00 PM Feb 20 2015 |

1 person likes this




Keeping in touch is very important to me,I still in contact with all my fiends because that makes me feel better and that i have someone to talk with.

07:37 AM May 19 2014 |

Sally Turquoise

United Kingdom

Personally, I’m still in touch with my old friends but not in the same way as we used to be.  Because we study now in different universities, though Facebook and the social netwerok made the contact much easier than before, but at the same time, I may not chat or talk to a friend for years, but we comment on the post we share, and tag each other in photos .. I didn’t like this new life and technology, I find the old lifestyle preferable.

01:28 PM Feb 12 2014 |



i have some good friends , they r my classmates when i was in high school and university. we keep in touch via qq mostly and phonecall. i usually don’t call them first, they always contact me. it makes me feel ashamed of myself. and i also know a guy from egypt. he is so funny and we r also good friends now. we chat through skype. i now don’t like to make friends online. i think it is really very difficult to meet honest ppl on the net. 

01:44 PM Oct 24 2013 |

1 person likes this

broken wing


i knew a forein friend several days ago, he is an outgoing boy, he said he loved me, he kissed me, but now he is back to his country, i found i miss im very much, but he is always busy, i have to admit that i fall in love with him, but it is really a painful thing for me.

01:14 PM Oct 23 2013 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well, unlike the past, technology has introduced new, widespread and popular virtual ways of staying in touch for people with one another. In generall, I contact my friends via the Internet and my cell phone. My old friends are not alot, it is hard hanging on to a friend for a long time, indeed. I have an old friend who we have been in touch for almost twelve years, he was my classmate in the last grade of elementary school. I believe, the more time elapses, the better we can sift our true old friends.

06:40 AM Oct 20 2013 |

La Princesse de la vie


We mostly stay in touch through social networking sites and phones..

I don’t have many friends from the past still in touch with me until now.. 

One of them I’d known in the elementary school and bonded with her in high school..

09:20 PM Aug 13 2012 |

Daniel Mv

Daniel Mv


Currently, since we left school, the comunication and the frecuency which we were used to seeing each others have decreased, I mean, now each one of us are in different stuff right now, so, sometimes it’s really hard to have a meeting or something just because of our jobs and college.

It’s so sad, because they’re my all life friends, but you know, life’s that way. We’ll meet new people and just keep with our ways. I know, if we really want, we’ll keeping in touch each other a long long time, I hope.

10:23 PM Jul 16 2012 |



keeping in touch

01:47 PM Jun 14 2012 |




Do you know, Anja friends  I have got here in Belarus are out of the comparison with my dear old friends that I left in my native country. I terribly miss them and I know I will never find the same people here. My old friends will never be replaced.

So, it is a great disadvantage to move to another country for the constant living :(  


06:13 AM Mar 29 2012 |




From my own experience of life I can say that the true friends are the friends you know since your childhood or school years.  :)

Devan, you are right saying: “we’ll always have that bond from our past that’ll keep us together, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose touch with her because we just have that past that we shared.” Smile

05:38 AM Mar 29 2012 |




I still keep in touch with my closest friends from college, high school and even middle school. I met my best friend when I was 10 and we still have a lot in common. we still live in the same city so even if being now working ng having less free time, we manage to meet regularly and we phone each other.In fact I know most of my friends from a long time and we keep in touch mostly by phone and in person. 02 of my friends are now living abroad and we keep in touch mostly, via internet and we meet when they come here for holidays.

10:15 AM Mar 07 2012 |




I have many new friends and old friends, I stay in touch with them,These days I have a lot of work to do and busy always, least time to free ,when I feel lonely or miss them I will send sweet e-mail and take comment on themselves photos.  

11:48 AM Jun 26 2011 |

Roth Mr.


hi friend i am one the new member , my name is roth i live in Phome Penh city of cambodia,  Could you please share your everyday life and your english laguage so i realy vanna to know more Englis.

warmest regard.

Roth MR

05:19 AM Jun 04 2011 |

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