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Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch

Date: May 18 2010

Themes: Friend, Tech

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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These days, many of us have friends all over the world, not to mention in different cities and parts of the country. It’s also easier than ever to stay in touch with people, no matter how far away they live.

But even with email and social networking sites to help you keep track of your friends, staying in touch takes effort and loyalty on both sides. Find out if Devan and Jeff maintain old friendships, and how they do it.


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Devan:  Are you pretty good at keeping in touch with your old friends, Jeff, like from middle school and high school?

Jeff:  I’d say so. I’m still very close with a lot of my friends from high school and even before that.

Devan:  How do you keep track of them? Do you talk to them on Facebook, or on the phone, or in person?

Jeff:  Um, pretty much all three of those, although the popularity of Facebook has made things easier. It’s easier to communicate with old friends and people are more willing to do it. What about you?

Devan:  My best friend Marie, we’ll have been friends for ten years this summer, and, you know, we still talk on the phone.

Jeff:  How did you guys meet?

Devan:  We met in high school, first day of high school.

Jeff:  Best buds from right off..right from the start.

Devan:  Yeah, and we really bonded because we had a lot of the same taste in music and we don’t have anything in common anymore whatsoever, we’re in like completely different places in our lives, but I think we’ll always have that bond from our past that’ll keep us together, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose touch with her because we just have that past that we shared.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think that’s pretty natural to still keep in touch with your friends but not share the same interests that you used to.


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Both Jeff and Devan have friends whom they have known for many years. Jeff has friends from high school and middle school, and Devan has known her best friend for almost 10 years. Jeff thinks that Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch with old friends. But both he and Devan also talk with their old friends on the phone and in person.

Devan doesn’t have as much in common with her best friend as she did in high school. But even though they lead different lives and have separate interests, they share a bond that can’t be broken. Their shared past keeps them together.

How do you stay in touch with old friends? Do you have many old friends whom you’ve known for a long time?



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Old Yeller

Old Yeller

United Arab Emirates

i used to keep in touch with my old friend but sice they dont care i dont tire myself and i dont care now

12:12 PM Jun 01 2011 |

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Faizan siddiqui


Hey Guys I want a Cool Friend circle so i need some guys who can speak in english with me as well..
m all alone so plz i request to all of you to add me

waiting for the bet reponse :)

08:18 AM May 23 2011 |

Faizan siddiqui


Hey Guys m all alone contact me plz!!


waiting for your best response.. :)

hope we gonna talk soon.. :)

07:58 AM May 23 2011 |




i have several bosom friends and we keep in touch with each other by sending mails and message.though i do not meet them frequently,we still have a good relationship.

and i make a new friend through english,baby.so far so good.

07:05 AM May 23 2011 |



Jeff and Devan are talking about keep in touch with friends. And it is easy for friends to kepp touch with each other due to the popularity of online community such as facebook. 

They also talk about that friends with a long history have a lot to share to may be different from the the past. but the bond is solid.

01:19 AM May 10 2011 |



iam a guy who living in an endless war country in eastern africa

its very very difficult to give you an overiew about my country  the reason is the country is has  no peace and security for more than two years ,so see and understand what is going on a country that has a functional and central goverment

what ever the condition is the citesens are thinking in a positve way hoping a good change will come soon

12:34 PM Mar 11 2011 |

Claire Wang


I keep in touch with some old friends by MSN, FB, phone,and in person. but i think it'll be getting harder and harder to contact with old friends, because we have different lives and society.

03:50 PM Dec 21 2010 |



I keep track of my friends, I maintain old friendship.

02:45 PM Dec 19 2010 |



I'm pretty good at staying in touch.

"Staying in touch takes effort and loyalty on both sides"!



02:08 PM Dec 19 2010 |

su mint

su mint


Some friends who I haven’t seen them a long time. But I keep in touch with them by facebook and phone.when we meet ,we will talk as usual. I think this is a ture friendship.

09:14 AM Jul 20 2010 |

rose hong


I have many old friends,such as my college classmate, I stay in touch with them by Email and phone.We forgathered every two years,I think it's good to meet them and I hope it so forever,I bless my friend happy everyday.

03:02 AM Jul 14 2010 |



Although technology makes it easier to keep in touch, I think it lessens the depth of your interaction. For example, instead of calling your friends to wish them a Happy Birthday, and catch up on old times, you'd post a message on Facebook. On my b-day, I get lots of messages from "friends" I haven't heard from in years on a once a year basis! I live in the US now and I call and talk to my real friends the old fashion way, thanks to my basic Net10 phone!

10:01 PM Jul 12 2010 |


Hong Kong

These days, keeping in touch with old friends is more easy , unfortunately when i was high school i hadn't been as much friend. But luckily i get so much friends now, so i will try my best to keep in touch for the friendship

04:23 PM Jul 10 2010 |




Yeah I can say that I have many old and new friends…I keep in touch with many of them :)

I'm from Rio de Janeiro,my hometown but today I live in Brasilia capital of Brazil…My friends from Rio I lose a little touch but when I go there I review all of them :)

Here in Brasilia I know too people since my high school years ago till my friends from the gym…Certainly many things in common were lost in time but it is always good meet again all of them,but just the true friends ;)

08:20 PM Jun 24 2010 |



Hong Kong


02:34 PM May 24 2010 |




yeah,shared the past to keeps friends together is pretty nice cuz memories are always the wonderful things!!

06:12 PM May 22 2010 |




first for thanks 2 lot of much this lesson and this topic 

i have a some old friend at high skool ,i m really miss my friend they are very honest very help full very sweet ,well i m communicate throw the net(my space,orkut,yahoo nd facebook) nd some time throw the phone 

i dedicated 2 my all sweet friend this line 

Come I will carry you on the gusts of the winds  you are the one You are my

[the]friend Come I carry you in my thoughts You are my only friend 

I am the river of sounds, I flow away thorugh the dark nightsI remain awake, even

though the deep eyes are full of sleep i m the voice/sound ,

At night sometimes the moonlight hums as such,Listen, it seems it is trying to say

something with you ,i m the fragrance of thought,on the humming musics ,

If possible then sing to my music,Have you seen the color of the sunset,They say

a fairy passes through the sea/ocean


11:08 AM May 21 2010 |

mari mina

mari mina


keeping in touch with our friends not going well as the past time . may be the new technology makes a huge gap btween people . people in the past used to visit each other regularly in order to maintain their relationship alive .howvever ,nowdays , they depend on facebook and other communication technology only .

08:40 AM May 21 2010 |

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