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Restaurant Music

Restaurant Music

Date: Jun 21 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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Eating at a restaurant is about more than just the food. The atmosphere, service, and presentation all contribute to your experience. Even the music a restaurant plays can either make an ordinary meal more special, or ruin a perfectly good dinner.

In the US it’s common for restaurants to play some kind of background music. Sometimes the music even matches the theme of the restaurant or style of the food. Find out what kind of music makes the perfect side dish for Dale and Amy.


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Amy:  I couldn’t believe it, the other night I went out to dinner and it was kind of a nice restaurant, not really that nice but it was sort of trying to be nice, and they were playing the radio.

Dale:  They were just playing the radio, with commercials and everything?

Amy:  Yeah, with commercials.

Dale:  Did that bother you when the commercials came on?

Amy:  It was really annoying, yeah.

Dale:  Was it a great station? What kind of genre of music was the radio station?

Amy:  I mean, it was kind of just generic, poppy, sort of upbeat. But it was…any time…I mean, radio commercials are so annoying, and it was just so distracting, and it completely killed the ambiance, I thought, in the restaurant.

Dale:  Well, do you like it then when a restaurant plays music?

Amy:  I don’t know, I don’t have a strong opinion in general. But what about you, do you like background music?

Dale:  Certain places, yes. I like a very chill house when I eat nice, good food. But then, if I’m having a burger I want to hear some type of rock, kind of American type of sound. It doesn’t have to be just country, but something a little bit more fitting with the food.

Amy:  Right. So you like the music to kind of suit the meal.

Dale:  Yeah. I don’t think I would like it ever like complete silence.

Amy:  Yeah. It could be kind of awkward.


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Amy was annoyed when she went out for a nice meal and the restaurant was playing the radio. The music was OK but the commercials were annoying and ruined the ambiance of the restaurant.

Dale likes it when restaurants play music that suits the meal. He likes relaxing, soft music when he’s eating a nice meal and upbeat American music if he’s at a burger joint. Amy and Dale both like it when restaurants play some kind of music. If a restaurant is too quiet, it can make for an awkward meal.

Do you like it when restaurants play music? Have you ever gone to a restaurant with live music? What kind of music do you like restaurants to play?



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I like when restaurants play music. In my opinion, it’s important because this ambient can make you feel relaxed and enjoy even more the food, but it must be played at a low volume, other case, music can be disturbing. Also, the kind of music depends on the style of the restaurant. 

02:43 PM Dec 12 2020 |



Viet Nam

I like to be in a restaurant with some background music because it makes me feel good and temporarily forget all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

07:05 AM Sep 22 2014 |



I just found that I never pay attention to the background music when I was shopping. But of course when the songs sung by my favorite singers pops out, I will be exciting and enjoying my shopping more.

Soft music is great in a restaurant, as it makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. However, low volume is better.

10:02 AM Jan 21 2013 |




Restaurant music is ok,but it mustn’t be too loud,or it may cause eaters want to vomit:( And also it should be fit,just imagine when you are eating in a traditional Chinese Restaurant,loud punk music is around you,how strange you will feel:P

05:12 AM Jan 20 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i hate restaurant music, just think about it for example:when u go to the restaurant  with your family or with your friends and you want talk but u should listen to the musicYell

02:57 PM Sep 18 2012 |




I do like restaurant play music.

07:24 AM Jul 23 2010 |




 depends on the kind of resturant where you go, for example if you go a fancy restaurant, usually get classical music, and now if you go a common restaurant like a burger usually get another kind of music like a pop, rock.

05:09 PM Jun 26 2010 |



I think the background music needs to be in the right tone. In fact, is very annoying a loud music playing while you're eating. Music suits the meal!

01:38 AM Jun 26 2010 |



Sri Lanka

I don't eat restaurant but I like to silent places. 

03:42 AM Jun 25 2010 |




when i eat seafood i enjoy has as  background music "son jarocho" is a music from my town.  check it out



11:54 PM Jun 21 2010 |



a good meal with a good wine and a good music is perfect but the most important is  who u r eating with …..

10:43 PM Jun 21 2010 |




I actually don't eat at restaurants… but, I think, it's important for the atmosphere that there is a kind of background music. It can make you feel better at this time and eat the food with more joy. The other thing is background music is good for a conversation; you have something to talk about and it make you feel … better :) just relaxed and away from things the day over happened…


nice greetings

06:58 PM Jun 21 2010 |




i love quiet places , so i prefer eat in quiet restaurant , so when i choose my favorite restaurant , i will interest in restaurant that has best service and quiet 

04:24 PM Jun 21 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


If I go to a restaurant with my girlfriend, of course I would like some nice music.But normally,I go to a restaurant by myself and I just want to fill me up,then music is not necessary.

I don't like to wait too long for my food.If a restaurant's service is too slow,I won't go there again,even if there is some properiate music.

02:31 PM Jun 21 2010 |



listening to classical music is suit for people when have dinner.it will makes people  comfortable.But in china,the traditional table manner consider we should pay attention to eatting rather than doing other things.Every cultre has different.

01:24 PM Jun 21 2010 |



listening to classical music is suit for people when have dinner.it will makes people  comfortable.But in china,the traditional table manner consider we should pay attention to eatting rather than doing other things.Every cultre has different

01:24 PM Jun 21 2010 |




i find to have a  backgroud music while we're eating is a good thing , i mean a soft music . Because that allows to have a good atmosphere , and appreciate  the food ^^

12:26 PM Jun 21 2010 |




Yeah,i like the restaurants play music when i am eating,especially soft music,i think the music makes me feel more relax and enjoy

09:51 AM Jun 21 2010 |




Yes, I like music very much and recommend that the music should be played in restaurants.

I have been to dinners at restaurants and there were live music being played and it was so great when we had food with live music. Some people ask for their favourite songs to be played by the live musicians and some enjoying with all songs, it looks very nice. The customer enjoyed a lot when his/her requested songs played by live musicians. The other people also get involved in this session and give their input.  

I totally agree, that the music goes with the meal so restaurants people must see that which type of music fitting to their food stuff so the customers can be attracted to their given food and atmosphere.

Since people are going out for lunches and dinners because they need to have fun as well so the atmosphere, service and background music in restaurants is majorly counts. 

I have never been to a restaurant which plays radio with commercials but yes i agree with them that when commercials will be played the customers will be distracted because the customers will have no other choice but to listen to some consumer promotion ads and offers which they were not planned to listened for. 

As I know that music plays a key role in increasing or decreasing your emotions so it is very important for one to select the right music for the atmosphere.

06:44 AM Jun 21 2010 |




Yes, I like when restaurants play music. In my country, to play live music is a must for a respectable restaurant. Some chill music is the best.

06:01 AM Jun 21 2010 |

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