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second guess

second guess

Date: Jul 01 2010

Themes: Family


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Every single day, I second guess myself as a mother.”

-Actress Naomi Watts on the difficulty of balancing motherhood and a career. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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question or doubt

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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It would be great if babies came with a book of instructions. Unfortunately, they don’t. Although they usually have help from family and friends, new mothers have to figure out for themselves how to care for their children. And sometimes, it isn’t easy.

The actress Naomi Watts says she second guesses herself all the time as a mom. She questions her decisions and wonders if she is doing the right things for her baby. When you second guess yourself, you doubt yourself. After you have already decided to do one thing, you question that choice and wonder if you should do something else instead.

The expression second guess is related to another idiom, second sight. If someone has second sight, she is able to predict the future. It is a special form of “vision” that allows you to see into the future. Someone with second sight probably wouldn’t need to second guess herself all the time. She would be able to see into the future and know if she was making the right decision. But she might be tempted to second guess others around her, which could get pretty annoying.

What do you second guess yourself about? Would it annoy you if someone second guessed your decision? Do you ever second guess other people?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Don’t second guess yourself about quitting your job, it is the right move.”

“Now that he’s a teenager, Anthony has started to rebel and second guess his parents.”

“Kristina is bad at making decisions and often second guesses herself.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

by Bitten by an Arab bug
chomo criticize
by chomo
Having doubts about something
by pype
mecklybver critisize
by mecklybver

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08:49 PM Aug 06 2010 |





08:49 PM Aug 06 2010 |




I have already done some second guesses in my life mainly about some relationships…When I encounter with a hard situation into a relationship I used to rethink if it's the right way or the right person to me,it is difficult to me to deal with it…Now in respect to practical things it is easier to me ;)

11:35 PM Jul 23 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

sometimes I second guess myself as being an english fammlair.


10:17 AM Jul 10 2010 |





12:54 PM Jul 02 2010 |

mari mina

mari mina


sometimes I second guess myself as being an english teacher.

God knows

11:01 PM Jul 01 2010 |



Costa Rica

Sometimes I second guess about being an architect because there are many professionals in my country doing the same thing.

05:35 PM Jul 01 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Sometimes I second guess myself as a medical student. Cause we gotta sacrifice many things of our lives.

04:47 PM Jul 01 2010 |



Hi to all!!!

In my opinion, this slang means that in a woman, over the years, grows increasingly the desidre to have a child, and, accordingly, to became mother. Is it true?



04:32 PM Jul 01 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

when you become a mother for the first time in your life, you will definitly be confused, but by time you learn to handle stuff and not to second guess yourself 

01:35 PM Jul 01 2010 |

zahraa flower


HI everybody,

i think all human do that"secnd guess" but it's better to be more confident when taking decisions..well if it is  the wrong one then we will learn from it Smilewe came to life to learn.

11:14 AM Jul 01 2010 |



South Korea

it's difficult not to second guess your decision.

but, we need to confident ourselves

07:39 AM Jul 01 2010 |

rabbit socks



06:45 AM Jul 01 2010 |




05:17 AM Jun 11 2010 |



It’s really interesting!
It’s commom in the countries which native languages are English,of course ,in other countries maybe it’s not seldom to be seen ,cause I’m not sure ,my knowledge are not efficient.

05:17 AM Jun 11 2010 |

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