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wing it

wing it English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 24 2010

Themes: Music, Romance, School


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I’m just going to wing it. I didn’t prepare for anything.”

- Jason before choir practice, a test and a date.

2. Video - Watch the video before learning the definition.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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improvise, act without a plan

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Not planning ahead has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, you end up doing something exciting that you never thought you could or would do because you didn’t plan. But other times, not planning can get you in trouble.

If you’re not prepared for something, it means you’ll just have to wing it. To wing it is to do the best you can without a plan.

Today, Jason has a big day ahead of him, but he intends to wing it all day. He practices singing with Dale, but does a terrible job because he didn’t prepare. Then he takes a test. Beren studied all night. Jason wings it and believes he did very well. Then he has a date with Devan. She hoped he would make reservations at a fancy restaurant. Too bad Jason planned to wing it.

The phrase wing it comes from the theater. When actors didn’t memorize their lines before the start of the play, the would study them in the wings, or the sides of the stage, where the audience can’t see.

Have you ever had to wing it? How did it go?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“The politician did not prepare a speech. She decided to wing it.”

“When the plan didn’t work, the team had to wing it. “

“I forgot to bring the directions, so we’ll just have to wing it. “


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

do something without preparation
by williamwang
to wing means to go unprepared to do something
by monacovalentina
chomo to do sth without planning or preparing it first
by chomo
VadimATP Perform without preparation, improvise
by VadimATP
penguiiin it's the same as to improvise..
by penguiiin
majid_jjs wing it : to do something without planning or preparing it
by majid_jjs
to improvise
by Miss Talant

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zaheer abbas


to give a challenge for some thing 

01:12 PM Jun 24 2010 |




it's the same as to improvise

11:30 AM Jun 24 2010 |




Wing it means to do something without preparation and I think we can also say spontaneous

10:40 AM Jun 24 2010 |

world english


Really sometimes you just get bored of carrying on a schedule where you organise what you want to do every hour in a day. We can't deny that it's good to prepare everything ahead to accomplish a certain task; but actually this is the outstanding source of stress-the worldwide illness-. "Wing it" is a kind of breaking out from daily routine and doing something exciting and adventurous.

What is worthy living for if there is nothing adventitous that spices up your life!

10:33 AM Jun 24 2010 |



South Korea

wing it,~~ it sounds good.

sometimes, I just wing it. when I ride a bike, I just wing it,

I just go wherever I wanna go. that makes me really fun.

and if you take a trip, you can just wing it. had no plan  just experience all that you can.

08:39 AM Jun 24 2010 |

Donia 21

Donia 21

Saudi Arabia

to do something with in an impromptu manner, improvising, with little preparation.

05:17 AM Jun 24 2010 |




? stupid ?

I did sth funny sometime…

I was going to have my final exam on high school..

I had studied but my colleague doesn't….

So… He tried to cheat that… using my exam…

He just pulled my exam from my desk and gave me yours…

Our teacher didnt saw that.. lol lol lol

But at the time to change our exams again…

He saw my friend giving to my one… So I almost got in trouble..

What I did??? welll…

I wing it….

"no teacher, that isn't what youre thinking about… I had a doubt about your name… so I asked him to see if I wrote right.. I wasnt cheatting… :)"

and he just said…. move your face to your exam… Not behind anymore..

And any other doubt call me.. Or you will be punished….

So… I was saved… uffffffffff

02:14 AM Jun 24 2010 |





01:27 AM Jun 24 2010 |

zico barbosa


Perform without preparation, improvise
by VadimATP

12:20 AM Jun 24 2010 |

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