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Make Up

Make Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 29 2010

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Devan and Marni used to be great friends. They used to hang out and talk about their personal lives. But then they became business rivals and stopped getting along.

Marni has had a hard time making new friends. So she sent her lawyer to make up. Can Marni and Devan put the put the past behind them?

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Dale:  Hey, look who’s back! It’s my new boss! Welcome back!

Marni:  Thank you!

Beren:  Where were you?

Marni:  Where haven’t I been, is really more like it. I…I have to be honest. I went searching for new friends.

Jason:  Did you find any friends?

Marni:  No. I mean, I met some nice people, but I missed my real friends. You know, real connections. I missed you guys! I did!

Jason:  We missed you too!

Marni:  Thanks!

Jason:  You got to go before Devan sees you. It’s going to get crazy.

Devan:  So, to what do we owe this pleasure?

Marni:  Well, I came here today to extend an olive branch. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to compete anymore. I want us to be friends and I want us to work together and be like we used to be before companies and competitiveness.

Jason:  Yeah, remember that? All the fun we used to have?

Devan:  We did use to have something between us.

Marni:  We had some good fun!

Devan:  But can I trust you? Is this real or is this another one of your ploys?

Marni:  This is the epiphany I had. I had to travel far and wide to get to this point, but it’s real.

Devan:  I’m willing to make up if you’re willing to make up.

Marni:  Absolutely!

Jason:  Man, can you believe they’re just making up, just like that?

Dale:  No, I can’t believe they’re making up!

Jason:  Wow, so after all that fighting all it took was, you know, someone to extend an olive branch for you guys to make up? This is incredible, this is great!

Marni:  Yeah, it is!

Dale:  Yeah!

Jason:  Uh, back to work I guess?

Devan:  Back to work, everybody.


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When Marni comes into the office after being on a trip, everyone is happy to see her. But they warn her that she ought to leave before Devan sees her. Then Devan walks in.

Marni explains that the reason she bought the company is because she wants to make up and forget about the disagreements she has had with Devan and be friends again. Devan isn’t sure if she can trust Marni, but Marni assures her that she’s telling the truth. They hug and everyone celebrates.

Do you think Devan and Marni can really be friends again? Have you ever made up with someone?



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this is an example that how we have to be each other in your house , work , as in …


04:42 PM Jun 29 2010 |




 i think that  marni and  devan will be more  close than  befor because now  they clear to each other  and  they  get expericene , if  they disagree in  future the  make  easly , i had make alot  of  times  with  my  close  friend and we  still close  friend forever

l really  like  this lesson because  it's vocab  are  so  nice  and  eperessive  and the  idea  i got  from  it  too

10:49 AM Jun 29 2010 |



Some people can really be friends again,but some can't. Two of my friends had a quarrel  before,  but one apologizes to the other one , and they put the past behind them and make up again. But it's really hard for me to make up if I lost trust in him or her.

09:45 AM Jun 29 2010 |

su mint

su mint


If they solve their contradiction ,they'll make up and get along well than before.

09:40 AM Jun 29 2010 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

Definitely they can be friends again. But what I don't think about is that old friendship will not be the same a new one. Take for example, if Marni and Devan have had terrible problems;so from this point I don't their bad memories will be omitted or deleted. Because sometimes we may have some moments or events remember or recall us to the old problems " This happens naturaly" . Consequently, the new relationship or friendship will not be same the first one "the old one " with the same person.

About if I have had this situation of making up with someone or not? Certainly I had. It was very hard and harsh to back ! Because of horrible problems that I had with some of my friends. Especially in high school level; during this period, I have had a great competition with my friends, then when I accepted in an Engineering college, I passed that and when I meet them everything goes ok but there is a little bit of envy, jealousy or animosity from the past. Furthermore, the competition still on because I meet a new competitors in the university.Cool

09:00 AM Jun 29 2010 |



i alway believe that real friendship is invaluable asset

06:35 AM Jun 29 2010 |



I'm sure they can be friends again if all based on sincere, yes I ever made up with someone, one of my girlfriend at junior high school, and we were getting closer than before…

12:25 AM Jun 29 2010 |

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