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Mason's Date

Mason's Date English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 13 2007

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

How oblivious can Mason get? Just a few weeks ago Amanda practically told him she liked him over a conversation about crushes.
But Mason didn’t take the hint.

Watch as he sits down right next to Amanda and tells her about a date he went on with another girl! Poor Amanda!

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Hey Amanda! What’s going on? What are you…just hanging out?

Amanda:  Oh was that too much? Oh I’m sorry. We’re friends. I’m sorry.

Mason:  Don’t let me interrupt…

Amanda:  So what’s going on?

Mason:  I just kinda finished a date.

Amanda:  A what?

Mason:  Well I met this girl Hilary…

Amanda:  A girl?

Mason:  She works at the Hot Dog on a Stick. I mean, I tell ya…

Amanda:  Are you serious?

Mason:  ...I know she looks kinda lame, but uh, you see her out of that uniform. Whoa-oh-ho. Man.

Amanda:  Is she a hot dog on a stick?

Mason:  I didn’t think of that, but yeah, she is one hot dog. Uh…

Amanda:  So what do you like about her? Is she smart? Good with her hands?

Mason:  You know, like, she’s got really good hair. She’s blond. Really pretty.

Amanda:  I…I have great hair.

Mason:  Yeah, you do have great hair. You know…

Amanda:  Did you say she was skinny?

Mason:  Yeah, I mean, you know. I didn’t really notice…

Amanda:  As opposed to…me?

Mason:  She’s not fat or anything. I guess she kinda looks a lot like you.

Amanda:  But skinny?

Mason:  A lot like you.

Amanda:  Are you gonna call her?

Mason:  Well totally. I mean, I’m kinda…like how long should I wait? What’s the appropriate amount of time? Like two days?

Amanda:  I think I heard, like friend to friend…is girls don’t like being called.

Mason:  I should wait for her to call me?

Amanda:  Yeah.

Mason:  You sure?

Amanda:  Totally. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. You’re my friend.

Mason:  You give it to me straight so that’s totally what…

Amanda:  Oh, I’d give it to you…



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Mason sits down next to Amanda and she tries to cuddle with him a little. Mason is surprised and she backs off saying, “We’re friends.”

He begins telling her about a date he went on with a girl named Hilary who works at a hot dog stand. Amanda jokingly asks if she’s a hot dog, meaning, “Is she attractive?”

Mason says that she is and he begins to describe her. He says he likes her hair, but for some reason Amanda asks if he said she’s skinny. Could Amanda be insecure about her weight? That would be crazy! Look how thin she is.

Then Amanda tells Mason that even though he likes Hilary, he shouldn’t call her. It’s terrible advice. She’s trying to sabotage Mason’s relationship with Hilary. But Mason trusts her and says he won’t call her.

What do you think is going to happen to Amanda and Mason? Do you think he’ll ever notice that she likes him? Have you ever liked someone who didn’t realize it? Watch this soap opera unfold every Tuesday right here on Ebaby!



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meiravm221280Super Member!


I think that Amanda trying to sabotage Masson date.

11:46 AM Feb 15 2021 |

1 person likes this

meiravm221280Super Member!


I think that Amanda trying to sabotage Masson date.

11:44 AM Feb 15 2021 |


United States

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02:13 PM Sep 10 2019 |




I dont think amanda likes mason

12:36 PM Sep 28 2017 |

1 person likes this



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07:38 AM Sep 28 2017 |


txbluebeeSuper Member!

United States

What does that mean “good with her hands”? She is good at cooking hot dog?

07:03 PM Mar 31 2016 |



I think he should do what is right with his girlfriend, it’s good ask friends, but he needs to make sure what he does for fun or real.

09:02 AM Jun 16 2015 |




 i think İt is quite clear that Amanda steer him wrong.Because she is   the one of extremely sterotype jealousy girl ı ever seen.İn that case i think mason shouldn’t go for Hilarry 

02:14 AM Jun 08 2015 |



seriously? Girls dont like to be called? Amanda didnt give it straight to you for sure. U r gonna lose the chance hang out with the girl

02:34 AM Jul 30 2014 |




lucky have a friend like amanda

09:01 AM Apr 06 2014 |




I think Mason likes Amanda, Amanda doesn’t like Mason

02:03 PM Jul 17 2013 |



i think mason can feel that amanda likes him eventually.

02:54 AM Jan 27 2013 |

mary m 2030

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

manson falls in love easly .so he can get new girl easily

03:45 PM Jan 23 2013 |

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05:15 AM Jan 06 2013 |



United States

I think it is enough for Mason to realize that Amanda likes him. He seems to be poor in this kinds of thing. :)

05:42 AM Nov 27 2012 |

marija luiza


Wow, Oh my gosh. It is a difficult topic to talk about. I saw that Amando is so crazy for Mason, but he is just thinking about another person. Auch, it really hurts.

I don’t have any word to say because it is difficult. I think she should talk with him and say I love you, and go for it. 

Hope she feels better after hear it.

04:57 PM Sep 08 2012 |




In fact Amanda loves Mason. And when woman want …

01:15 PM Aug 19 2012 |




Each woman is a bit of jealous. In this video, it is quite clear that she wants to put Mason off Hilary. I think she goes well on it.

04:18 PM Jun 17 2012 |





04:04 PM Jun 10 2012 |

bipoo 30000

Cote D'Ivoire


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06:18 PM May 25 2012 |

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