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Date: Jul 23 2010

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Second Conditional


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There are a couple different ways to end an argument. You could try to resolve your differences with a nice, rational conversation. Or you could start swinging.

Getting in a brawl may not be the most civilized way to resolve a dispute. But sometimes it is the most effective. Just make sure your opponent left his brass knuckles at home.

Listen to Dale and Beren throw down about throwing down.


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Dale:  Would you ever get into a fist fight?

Beren:  I’ve actually never been in a fist fight, like as an adult. I don’t think I would. I don’t have it in me. I’ve been punched. But I kind of deserved it.

Dale:  Do you think you would ever duke it out, like you’re angered so much that you really go, “Let’s step outside!”

Beren:  I don’t know. Do you think it’s a good way to settle an argument? Because I don’t. I feel like it would just make things, you know, more heated. But I think it’s a difference between like being a woman and men. I feel like maybe guys would get a punch in and then get over it, that’s all that needs to be said.

Dale:  If someone punched me, I definitely would punch him back.

Beren:  Yeah. And then would you be over it, or would you…?

Dale:  I think that I would definitely get into a fight. But I don’t think I’ve ever had any…I’ve never been punched. I pretty much…I’m a diplomat. But if it has to come down to it, to protect my family, to protect myself, I’m definitely down to throw down and duke it out. Go nuts.

Beren:  If it comes to fisticuffs, you’re ready to go.

Dale:  Just keep throwin’ the left and right!


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Beren has never been in a fight, and doesn’t think she ever would. She thinks duking it out isn’t a good way to resolve a conflict. In her opinion, punching someone would probably just make an argument worse.

Dale hasn’t been in a fight either. Normally, he’s a pretty peaceful guy. But if he had to, he wouldn’t be afraid to throw a few punches. Beren thinks men might be more likely than women to try to resolve a conflict with a physical fight.

Have you ever gotten in a fight? Do you think duking it out is a good way to resolve an argument?



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I haven’t gotten in a fight before and i don’t think duking it out will be the best way to resolve problems either.and physically i’m not strong enough to start a fight.so for me ,the best will be rational when it comes to an argument or what ever;)

08:36 PM Dec 14 2011 |

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Well…I've been into martial arts ever since I was 10 !! )))

09:00 AM Oct 11 2010 |

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Fighting is the worse way ,  more peaceful make everything better 

01:13 PM Aug 28 2010 |

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Never! Fighting is bad way to resolve a conflict,always! I'm a peaceful guy too even I have done kung fu for five years so I don't like it to me and neither attracting it to me…But if I have to defend myself I will for sure!

08:22 PM Aug 04 2010 |

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that's lesson gave me keens to start brawl righ nowwho wanna step outside


05:14 PM Jul 28 2010 |





12:30 PM Jul 28 2010 |

Sandra B.

Sandra B.


I have brawl with my sister when we were kids, we punched each other with our fists, thing got heated when we were in our business, but after a while we just get it over…Tongue outand continue playing…now we duke it out just for fun…

We remeber when we fisticuffs for our barbies and we laugh…what those days…Wink


02:35 PM Jul 27 2010 |

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United Arab Emirates

am with taking things away  from fighting as long as we can solve it.. otherwise leave it .. because geting in fight will diffenitly make things worse.. so i think we don't need that in our lives our lives is comlecate already why we make it more complecated!!!!!  I believe in this almost in every cases..

Wish all people who get in argumant understand that diser to fight comes from anger but if they are cool down they will not ever want to fight… and they will realize thats wasting time and make u hate others as well…for sometimes a long time .

12:37 PM Jul 26 2010 |



prophet Mohamed peace upon him said words which means to be a strong man doesn't mean that u can duke it out but the strong man is the man who can control himself when he has temper tantrums, and i totally agree, don't u ?!

08:29 PM Jul 25 2010 |


El Salvador

i suggest that you watch some english news channel and you will get familiar with words and sentences. you will notice that your ears will start getting used to english very easily. and you will be surprised how important is listening and speaking… moreover, here you have a link that teach you how to learn english with the news.  check this out http://www1.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/   when you surf this web just click twice on a word that you dont know and it will show you and explain you the meaning in a friendly way… get ready to go pals !!!!

05:45 PM Jul 25 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


As a adult, I've never been in a fight with anybody. I guess, I am just too nice to get into a fight. Actually, I can't remember the last conflict that I have with others.

Though I am a nice,polite guy,I don't like myself for that. Because, sometimes, other people would take advantage of me for my kindness.For example, last time, one of my friends borrowed me 500.00RMB and he haven't paid it back yet. It's been two years.

But if somebody hurt my family,I definitely would punch back.If they do something terrible, I would even kill them.

08:36 AM Jul 25 2010 |

Holmes nash phil


I dont like fighting but some time i do coz i alwayz defend myself from dangers.

01:39 AM Jul 25 2010 |


Viet Nam

One of the animal instincts to survive is to fight. Even now we can really fight with high tech weapons. Once a while we must resort to fisticuffs when necessary. I am always interested in kung fu fighting, really a martial art. The Shiaolin monks who were supposed to practice meditation, mercy and nonviolence had to fight with kungfu fists sometimes.

I have punched others quite a few times and also gotten punched, even used weapons.   See the Chinese Shiaolin bonzes with their artistic pugilism! How exciting their kungfu is! Whereas I am just a layman with sometimes uncontrollable temper! and I wear a blackbelt in Tae-Kwan-Do!

12:45 AM Jul 25 2010 |

why not ?!

why not ?!

Saudi Arabia

I don’t like fighting & I don’t like argument. I just mention my opinion once, whether they accept it or not, I don’t care. Sometimes, I keep it for myself, but I have a strong believe that some people can’t leave you alone unless you break their necks. *_^
So, some cases need ‘FIGHTING’ to be solved !!

09:30 PM Jul 24 2010 |


ml2000Super Member!


I don't think duking it out is a good way to resolve a conflict. Fistfight is a violent behavior stemmed from an anger. When someone gets very angry to a degree that he/she can't control himself/herself, it would come down to fighting. I don't think fighting is a solution of any problems but making things worse. I'm a diplomat too. I solve problems with my brain, not my fist.          

07:14 PM Jul 24 2010 |




I got in a couple of fights when I was a teen. However; in my opinion; duking it out is the last thing you should do unless you want to get punched or be killed. So, be careful!


06:45 PM Jul 24 2010 |




for me i neva gotten fist fight , coz i beleive that is not the good ways to resolve argument . bet sometimes you find youre selfe Compelled gotten fight .

05:49 PM Jul 24 2010 |



Fight ! ha ha ha I am not a fighter ,  a lover , though . but when it is necessary , I will show off all I got to someone like a freak!!!

02:38 PM Jul 24 2010 |




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02:24 PM Jul 24 2010 |




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02:24 PM Jul 24 2010 |

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