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If Only I Hadn't Done That - With Third Conditional

If Only I Hadn't Done That - With Third Conditional English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Sep 21 2010

Themes: Health, Soap Opera

Grammar: Third Conditional


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Have you ever done something and wished you could take it back? Last week, Devan told her boyfriend Jason to break a leg. Even though it’s an expression that means “good luck,” she feels bad because he actually broke his leg. She believes that if she hadn’t said that, he would not have hurt himself.

Watch as Devan tries to make it up to Jason by helping him while he’s hurt. Maybe some good will come of his accident.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Devan:  Careful…There. Are you comfortable?

Jason:  Yeah!

Devan:  You look cold. You need a pillow. Or a blanket. Let me get you a blanket.

Jason:  OK. I guess. I mean…It seems fine, but, you know.

Devan:  No, no. You’re definitely cold.

Jason:  Well, thank you!

Devan:  Here. And you’re hungry too, I can tell. Here…

Jason:  Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind a pistachio…

Devan:  Here…

Jason:  You don’t have to shell them for me…My arms are working fine!

Devan:  I don’t want you to move any of your muscles. I just want you to relax.

Jason:  Well, thank you.

Devan:  You’re welcome. What else do you want? Do you need a magazine? Here! Here’s a magazine.

Jason:  Oh.

Devan:  And here are your reading glasses.

Jason:  You don’t have to do all this for me.

Devan:  Let me put these on for you.

Jason:  This is too much. You’re being so sweet, you know, but you have things you have to do, don’t you? You can’t attend to me all day!

Devan:  I do need to help you, because if I hadn’t said “break a leg,” then you wouldn’t have actually broken your leg.

Jason:  That’s not true! That’s not what you meant when you said it!

Devan:  I know, but I feel so bad. I’m going to go put some tea on for you, OK?

Jason:  OK. Thank you.

Ella:  Whoa!

Jason:  Hey!

Ella:  Somebody’s pampered. What’s going on?

Jason:  Yeah! Well, you know, Devan’s been real sweet lately. I mean, we were fighting all the time, and if I hadn’t hurt my leg we probably would have kept fighting.

Ella:  And if you hadn’t gotten amnesia you never would have started dating, so…

Jason:  I guess I should get hurt more often.


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Devan is being very nice and taking care of Jason after his accident. She is even feeding him nuts! When Devan leaves, Ella comes in and mentions that before Jason broke his leg, he and Devan weren’t doing well.
Jason doesn’t think it’s true that if Devan had not said “break a leg” he would have been OK. But he does think that if he hadn’t broken his leg, they would have kept fighting.

Ella points out that if Jason had not hurt his head a couple of years ago, he never would have gotten together with Devan at all. It appears good things happen to Jason’s relationship when bad things happen to his body!

If Jason hadn’t hurt himself, what would he and Devan’s relationship be like? Can you think of something you wish you hadn’t done? How would things have been different?



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Oh yeah I have left to do many things in my like and nowadays I don't think how would be if I had done each of it 'cause I just think if I didn't it wasn't to have been made ;) 

10:59 AM Oct 11 2010 |


Costa Rica

I had had worked today, I might have taken her to dinner.

12:05 AM Oct 09 2010 |


Costa Rica

If hadn't studied, I would have study now.

If had had enough money, I would have gone to study English in New York.

10:18 PM Oct 07 2010 |

liaquat khan


with continue efforts, goal of love have been achieved by any one if he wants, my email is


11:25 AM Oct 01 2010 |




Devan regretted for her bad speech so Jason is lucky that he has a mindful girl friend like Devan.ıf ı were Devan, I couldnt have said or done something for jason.=)) this is only casus.=))and ı think their relation is connected by some accident.maybe they will take a decision about marrying with an different accident=)) 

ıf ı had a chance for changing my career,ı wouldnt have a chemical engineer.so maybe ı could have found a job for another career ;) Cool

10:29 PM Sep 23 2010 |



Hong Kong

If I hadn't found this site I wouldn't have learnt English funnily.:)

04:23 AM Sep 23 2010 |



Hong Kong

If I hadn't found this site I wouldn't have learnt English funnily. Laughing

04:22 AM Sep 23 2010 |



Russian Federation

It’s a wise lesson I should say. There are a lot of things I wish I hadn’t done. And sometimes I even regret about it and wish to take it back. But actually not for a long time. Because if the things would have been different  who knows what could happen with my life… You can win a prize and be injured next day or you can get amnesia and find your true love:) So at last I don’t regret about nothing.

06:39 PM Sep 22 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


That thing is quite normal. Jason and Devan are just like a old couple, they love each other but  they always fight with each other. When something bad happens to one person, the other person will always take good care of him/her.

I am alone, I don't have a girlfriend, I want one. 

11:51 AM Sep 22 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don't have any idea about this lessonSmile

11:11 AM Sep 22 2010 |




jason has to make the most this situation !!!!

09:22 PM Sep 21 2010 |



United States

if one's relationship is good with his girlfrinend, he would not probably see other girl for dating because he feel confortable. (Is that true guys?) Undecided

As we see in this vedio, Devan is taking care of Jason rather than just fighting.


If i hadn't got married, I would have searched for a girl>>>Smile JOKE


06:54 PM Sep 21 2010 |



if i hadn't broke up with my ex boyfriend when i had the chance i never would have  found the happiness i am living now with my new boyfriend

06:50 PM Sep 21 2010 |



I like this lesson.

03:40 PM Sep 21 2010 |




I like this lesson,after fighting with Jason now she is very nice to him.Now she is taking care of him more than before.It mean that she really love him.Sometime little fight make the relationship more stronger.

03:17 PM Sep 21 2010 |



Viet Nam

because Devan s been so sweet to Jason, he really wants to get hurt more ^^ so funny

02:57 PM Sep 21 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

if he hadn't broken his leg and as a resault they would have hated and abandoned each other .

i wish i hadn't practiced cigaretes in my live cuz the matters pobably would have been better

01:03 PM Sep 21 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i liked this lesson  it shows real life when we get hurt close frinds  become kinder than they used to although it wasnt her fault if jason hadn't hurt himself their relationship would n't have changed and they kept fighting but now they love eachother more

in my life if i hadn't found englishbaby i would not have learnt lots of new words


10:48 AM Sep 21 2010 |




I think taking care of your boyfriend is sweet, I would love to do it :) I've done so many things in the past and I regret so much for doing it but I know I can't take it back no matter what I do. The most important is I learned so much from it, it makes me not gonna do stuff like that ever again.

10:42 AM Sep 21 2010 |



Viet Nam

Well, i think she is way too much. But it is so true that sometimes problem can be solved quickly due to someone's suffering from wounds or injuries.

 I used to have fights with my sister over trivial things, which made her become a little mean as she grew up.On looking back on what i did, i really wish i had been more tolerant. If i had treated her better, she would be more generous now

10:03 AM Sep 21 2010 |

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