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the buck stops here

the buck stops here

Date: Oct 21 2010

Themes: Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Movies are much more collaborative than music to me. With my music, the buck stops with me.”

- Justin Timberlake on being an actor and a musician. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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no excuses; no one else is responsible

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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The word “buck” has a lot of different meanings. It’s most commonly used as a slang for a dollar. But a buck can also be a male animal, or a dashing man. There’s also the verb “to buck,” which means to resist or oppose.

As if that weren’t confusing enough already, there’s also the expression the buck stops here. In this case, the buck means responsibility or blame. When you pass the buck, you try to pass a responsibility to someone else, like when you didn’t do something you were supposed to do, but instead of admitting your mistake you say that somebody else was supposed to do it. But when you stop making excuses or sharing responsibility with other people, you can say the buck stops with you.

Justin Timberlake is most famous for his music, but he can also act. He even has a pretty big role in a new movie about Facebook called The Social Network. But Justin says that a big difference between acting and singing is that he shares more of the responsibility when he’s in a movie. With his music, on the other hand, he has all the responsibility and control. The buck stops with him.

In what areas do you share responsibility with other people? In what areas can you say the buck stops with you?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Now that school is stopping you have to focus; the buck stops here.”

“Mary’s kids know that the buck stops with her. If she says no to something, that’s the end of it. “

“I always do my own work and never try to pass it off to someone else. The buck stops here.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Someone takes responsibility for a situation or problem.
by Jansen silvaSuper Member!
Gaby313 it means that the responsability falls on him.
by Gaby313
rawdy22 with my music , i take a responsiblity ...
by rawdy22
coolplanet responsibility or blame is on me only.
by coolplanet
the responsibility for something cannot be passed to someone else
by myfriendahmet
dearpesar accepting the responsibility
by dearpesar
janko3 taking responsibility for sth you've done
by janko3
Mauudi someone takes responsibility for a situation or problem, in this case, Justin.
by Mauudi

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01:50 PM Dec 20 2016 |



well i’ve got to say that i was kinda afraid to take the blame when i was a freshmen or something. And yes i usually said something like “It’s not my fault” or “i didn’t do it!”~ But after these years a lot of things happened and they really helped me to become a real adult which means get the guts to take the full blame and get the ability to learn and grow from the mistakes

01:00 AM Sep 07 2011 |




In my work area (I work in a gym) I have to divide some tasks with other "teachers"...But when I have to work alone in certain days the buck stops with me for the simple fact that I'm alone :P

12:19 AM Dec 13 2010 |




cool !!!

03:09 PM Oct 27 2010 |



United States

Oh yes . . . The buck stops with me . . .Nearly all the time :) but it’s good in fact. ‘cause it’s the way i feel responsibility

05:06 AM Oct 25 2010 |



Russian Federation

My work of cause. The advices I give and the actions I do the buck stops with me.

05:55 PM Oct 23 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

 nice slang!


05:48 AM Oct 21 2010 |

Just My Luck

Saudi Arabia

You are solely responsible for anything that happens


08:25 AM Oct 15 2010 |

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