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"Far Out" - Tech N9ne

"Far Out" - Tech N9ne English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Oct 11 2010

Themes: Celebrity, Music

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Rapper Tech N9ne doesn’t like to do things the conventional way. He spells his name with a number in it and wears face paint on stage. Sometimes he raps really fast and other times he raps slower. Rather than work with a major label like most artists at his level, Tech releases his albums on his own label.

Being different works for Tech N9ne. He is the most successful independent hip hop artist ever. His fans love his creative approach to music. They like that he is far out.

Something that’s far out is weird and usually pretty cool. There’s even a song called “Far Out” on Tech N9ne’s latest album, The Gates Mixed Plate. Learn more about this idiom from the artist himself—Tech invited English, baby! on to his tour bus at a recent concert.

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Jason:  Hey! We’re outside the Tech N9ne show. His show is really far out, and he has a really far out English lesson. You’re gonna learn that “far out” means “unique” or “weird.” But he explains it better than I do. And he insisted on wearing a really weird mask. So check it out. It’s far out.

Jason:  Alright, this is English, baby! and I’m Jason, here with rapper Tech N9ne. At least I’m pretty sure it’s Tech N9ne under this mask. You’ve got a brand new album out, and it’s got a song on it called “Far Out.” Where did you get that title?

Tech:  I’m totally far out when it comes to my flow. We’re all far out, with the way we think. We think way far out of the box.

Jason:  Can you tell us about your mask and how it’s far out?

Tech:  Probably a far out thing to do, an interview with the mask on. But that’s just the kind of person I am, so. It has no rhyme or reason for it, I just felt like wearing my Dr. Satan mask today. All around the buses, all in the venue, you know what I’m sizzlin’, so, you know. I guess it’s a far out thing because a regular person on a regular work day, like today, probably wouldn’t do it. So I guess it’s totally thinking outside the box. Like, far out is.

Jason:  Just far out because it’s unusual?

Tech:  Totally.

Jason:  You can rap really fast. Like, are you good at understanding other rappers when they’re rapping really fast? Like, how would you suggest people listen and be able to hear all the words?

Tech:  Some rappers aren’t that clear.

Jason:  Yeah.

Tech:  You know what I mean? Sometimes I struggle to hear some fast rappers. I pride myself on being heard. Gimme the mic and I’m a mangle it / tangle it / definitely let the people see I’ve got the hang of it. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, even with this mask muffling me you can still hear me, you know what I’m saying? I pride myself on clarity.

Jason:  But I mean, the guys who are rapping with you on “Far Out,” they’re pretty clear on there…

Tech:  Yeah, yeah, the guys I choose are gonna automatically be clear. I’m not gonna choose no jumbly rappin’ cat to be on the song with me.

Jason:  So you think it’s more about the rapper being clear?

Tech:  It’s not about, people always wanna know who’s the fastest, I don’t care about the fastest. It’s about who can be the fastest and clear at the same time, to me.

Jason:  Can I get you to give me a high five and say “English, baby!” In the air?

Tech:  English, baby!


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Tech N9ne says that his song “Far Out” is about being creative and using unusual and interesting ideas in his music. When he’s not rapping, Tech finds other ways to be far out, like wearing a scary mask backstage at a concert.

One of the things that’s far out about Tech N9ne’s music is that he can rap really fast. Tech says that it’s more important for a rapper to speak clearly than it is for him or her to speak quickly. He admits that sometimes he has a hard time understanding rappers who go too fast and forget to be clear.

Can you speak quickly and still be clear? Are you far out or more conventional?

For more with Tech N9ne, visit our blog or his website.



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Hummm I try to be clear always when I'm speaking! I guess I speak "normal" not so slow nor not so fast…I guess "normal" :)

Sometimes I'm conventional but I always try to be a little "far out" on my way to wear some clothes or even on my way to be…

01:40 AM Nov 08 2010 |




I am too convertional to the big world, I hope I can be far out sometimes. probably it will be a new world for me to dig everything new and different even incredible, can I ?

I can't speak quickly in english, due I am fresh in english. But I will get a grade or a highness to be the person who can speak quickly and as well clearly. I will go for it…...

07:02 AM Nov 02 2010 |

Ma. del Socorro


It was really great to listen N9ne. Thank you!


04:56 AM Nov 01 2010 |



tech is really creative. I wish i were far out like him. I generally do thngs a conventional way..wish i cn do like tech.

06:42 PM Oct 23 2010 |




It’s so interesting me much what i do wanna learn from him. He is great!

11:03 PM Oct 18 2010 |




He is good!

08:25 PM Oct 18 2010 |




I would like to speak faster than now, listening rap music can help sometimes, not always!

08:35 PM Oct 14 2010 |



Russian Federation

Well, frankly speaking I should say I don't wear mask … even in the buses. Although I don't read rap sometimes I like to speak quickly. Quickly enough to be clear:)





06:02 PM Oct 14 2010 |




I can speak quickly, but I don't think it's clear. I am more conventional but there are times that I'm a total far out.

02:54 PM Oct 14 2010 |




wooo this guys cool

11:59 PM Oct 13 2010 |




I am a far out chick, that's for sure. Yeah, and I can speak real fast and be clear at the same time. Don't you dare to say I'm not far out,hehe.

01:10 PM Oct 13 2010 |


Viet Nam

As my friend said that I am a little bit far our. But I think, I am not far out so much. Many people in my country are not independent, a lot of people are conventional. Do you know why? Because, In the third of country, people are not free in their mind.

so that is why when you far out, people might blame you. But even though, think out side of the box is good way, be yourself is what I want.



03:13 AM Oct 13 2010 |




this's totally Far out !!!



11:38 PM Oct 12 2010 |


maria_bSuper Member!


He is my favorite rapper ! <3 I am love "EVERREADY"

12:31 AM Oct 12 2010 |

Miss Fabulous


wht the hack is that mask? :D seems to me like slipknot or marilyn manson..i think its just nonsense made without any reason just in order to gain attention through appearance but not with the skill..like many artists are doing right now e.g. lady gaga and nowadays christina aguilera..very desparate

07:02 PM Oct 11 2010 |




tech n9ne..nice name. i m gonna into this far out guy!


02:31 PM Oct 11 2010 |



hey guys .. you wanne be the lightspot of the people …. if you want , let us be far out and do the far out things.. whatever the music and the clothes you wear  , that will attract the people's attention … that is the core-spirit of  being far out …. it is chic

12:26 PM Oct 11 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

speaking too fast is not good for everyone.I don't like it

09:40 AM Oct 11 2010 |

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