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Writing Letters
Writing Letters

How to use gerunds and infinitives

Date: Nov 19 2010

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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These days, when it comes to communication, faster is better. We love email and text messaging because they let us send messages quickly. But they can also feel impersonal.

Getting a text message from a loved one isn’t the same as hearing his or her voice on the phone. And an email just isn’t the same as opening your mailbox to find an envelope filled with a hand-written letter from someone you care about. Can a love-email possibly be as romantic as a love letter? Hear Amy and Jeff discuss the lost art of letter-writing.


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Amy:  Do you write a lot of letters, Jeff?

Jeff:  I can’t say the last time I wrote a letter. I wrote a fake love letter to a co-worker one time as a joke. That was probably about a year and a half ago.

Amy:  Did you actually send it, like through the snail mail and everything, address it, put postage on it?

Jeff:  No. I was the mail carrier. I just carried it over and left it on his desk. Yeah, I mean, it seems to be kind of a dying form of communication.

Amy:  I know, it does, and I…I wish that I wrote more letters. I have one friend who, we exchange a letter maybe every other month or something. And I do feel like we say things to each other in letter that we don’t say in any other form. Like somehow there’s something about it that feels more intimate, I think.

Jeff:  Yeah, seeing somebody’s handwriting is much more personal, it’s their…kind of their style of doing things. I really like that. I don’t know, it’s almost like a piece of art.

Amy:  Do you have letters from when you were younger and people wrote letters more?

Jeff:  Oh yeah. I keep all those.


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The last time Jeff wrote a letter, it was a fake love letter that he wrote as a joke. He didn’t actually send it through the mail. He just walked it over to his co-worker’s desk and left it there.

Amy exchanges letters occasionally with one friend. She and Jeff agree that letter-writing is becoming a lost-art. But there is something they like about writing real letters, rather than emails. Jeff likes seeing people’s handwriting. He and Amy think that letters are more personal than other forms of communication.

Do you write a lot of letters? Do you like to get real letters in the mail?



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09:44 AM Oct 27 2017 |



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07:16 AM Oct 27 2017 |


United States

Many people on this earth do not know the correct way of writing a letter. I have written a best essay on this thing about how to write an effective letter. So please read my article first before doing anything.

08:50 AM Sep 13 2017 |




Snail mail is really the lost art. I like the speed of our life and appreciate new technology that makes life more easier and allows people to stay in touch with each other all time.

11:27 AM Apr 19 2014 |

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Writing a letters are popular in 70 or 80’s. When I was young I had hand-writing letters to my husband. We were lived in different city at that time and we were miss each other so much. The long distance call was too expensive to use and we did not have any IT products. The world is changing so quick and fast, now most people who living in the big cities are use computers to chat and make connections. That’s a great thing but I still recall my good memories of past.

08:40 PM Apr 18 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Lesson was very interesting, I like it and I really like writing letters. when I was younger sometimes I wrote letters to my friends, but not now. now , I send email to my sister and others. but I still like writing letters. It is so friendly more than email.

07:53 PM Sep 18 2013 |




Write letters is not as common as years ago, nowadays people send email and I find it better and faster.

10:14 PM Jul 15 2012 |



i ,ll try to writ letter for my wife to tell her ilove her to mutch ihope that to receve my letter and repply thanks alot

12:38 PM May 15 2012 |


Russian Federation

I have never written letters except letters to my Granny(when I was 8-11). But I’d like to have a penfriends. It’s so romantic, nice and really personal. I think the best feeling is waiting of a letter.. 

03:37 PM May 14 2012 |

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Kotleysa, I like   how you  have put it:During the reading  I remove myself from the past, thats the secret ,I try to do the same.  I am happy that you are grateful and happy . 

12:28 PM Jan 19 2012 |




julito, yes it is so different now…..... memories are priceless. I like to reread the letters I still keep in my box. During the reading I “remove” myself to the past, where I was full of hope and my heart was full of the greatest love. I’m happy that God has decided to give me a special gift like a true love. 

12:20 PM Jan 19 2012 |

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Kotleysa, my parents are long time gone, but I still  keep in a tin box their love letters from the time they were dating. They were so young and still how  formal they addressed each other.   So different now.   

12:14 PM Jan 19 2012 |




To write letters is my passion (no matter whether they are letters on the paper or  e-mails). I used the “snail mail” on the regular basis (14 years ago). The letters on the paper made my life. These letters were very important for me. I have written lots of letters and I received lots of them as well.  I keep all of them in my special box for the precious letters. I still like to recieve the real letters.  The love e-mail can’t be as romantic as a true love letter. It is the viewpoint of the most romantic person on the Earth Laughing

12:05 PM Jan 19 2012 |




Although post office always diaappoint me,i love the lengthy waiting letters give.My friend’s hand writing can free me from stress.And staying up late to write a letter is fantastic~

05:17 AM Jan 06 2012 |



Write-me a hand letter.

A/C Israel de Oliveira

Av. Brigadeiro Luis antonio, 733 Ap 1108

São Paulo – Brazil – SP

Postal Code: 01317-000

11:14 PM Sep 08 2011 |

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Hey you. Add-me to your Skype “israel.citel”.

Lets talk about this lesson.

11:12 PM Sep 08 2011 |


United Arab Emirates

Hi Iam fatma from u.a.e

05:34 PM Jun 19 2011 |


Syrian Arab Republic

hi,ithink that kind of handwritting letters bocoming a lost art.

 nowdays we use email more if we want to send message to any friend.

02:11 PM May 31 2011 |

rabia xy


should be fun to write letters. But I did not write the letter. e-mail message and send to my friends.

07:06 AM May 18 2011 |

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