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Future of English Learning

Future of English Learning

Date: Jan 01 2011

Topic: Listening

Author: andylu2


There is a huge smart phone revolution going on.  Google and Apple are selling Androids and Iphones like crazy.  Both are selling over 300 000 per day!  The international sales numbers are huge and, just like the computer, pretty soon everyone will have one.  Learning English on an Android or an Iphone is going to be commonplace.  People will be able to listen to MP3's and read along with well designed apps.  ESL students will be able to take advantage of all their free time on the subway, car, or during their lunch break to get some extra studying in.  The market for language learning materials is always a bit slow to catch on to technology, but when it does, the revolution will be amazing.  Podcasts should change the way English is taught and they have for many people, but they never gained the popularity that apps are.  More than 200 apps are downloaded every second from the Itunes store.  Over 7 billion apps have been downloaded already.  In a few years when the internet speeds and all the infrastructure catch up with the mobile phones, the way people use the internet and learn will change like we've never seen in our history.  It doesn't matter how most people study, trust me, they are doing it in the wrong way.  Schools are so old fashioned it's crazy.  You need to be different and take advantage of all the free and or very affordable learning material.  You'll save money, time, and get a much better education at the same time.  Check out the home page of this site and download some of the free podcasts.  They are on the cutting edge of the future of English teaching. Learn English with Android and Iphone apps


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Is there any mobile application that i can test for this topic? Maybe you need my skills as an app developer from Perth. I have good portfolio of both website and mobile application either iOS or Android. Find our our portfolio 


10:47 AM Dec 04 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

English learning is making progress.learning with phones which connected with internet or phones with developed dictionaries help us day by day learn English easier and better.

04:32 PM Dec 21 2012 |




KIDS Opedia is an engaging & addictive App built for children to entertain, educate, and help them learn. As the name suggests it is a complete encyclopedia for kids. 

It is designed such that it engages and entertains the Kids using various multimedia elements such as sound, text, images, animations, and quizzes. 

Check out the special new x’mas edition of our # 1 fun and entertaining learning app for Kids and toddlers – KIDS Opedia Early English. Download it today! Available on both iOS and Android -




Also check out the video -



01:17 PM Dec 21 2012 |




When after school or language courses one more way to practice  is iPhone app. There are many of them, but I recommend you free IntelliVocab. It is specially created for SAT exam – but is helpful anyway whether you pass this exam or not.

09:23 AM May 31 2011 |




more and more people using smart phons , blessing technology.

01:40 PM Feb 23 2011 |


United States

Andy, thanks for giving everyone the "heads up" on the new technology that's developing.  You're always a good source of English learning for your students!

12:42 PM Jan 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I liked the article useful for me I learn a new word here thank you

05:54 PM Jan 01 2011 |

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