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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Date: Feb 14 2011

Themes: Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Usually going to jail doesn’t do much for one’s career. In fact, people who spend time in prison often struggle to find a job once they’re out. But this doesn’t seem to be the case for rappers, or at least not for Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne was recently released from jail. For the past eight months, he had been doing time for illegally owning a gun. But being behind bars didn’t stop Lil Wayne from dropping new hits. Now he’s out, and so is his latest album, I Am Not a Human Being. Hear Beren and Amy talk about how being in jail may have affected Lil Wayne’s style.


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Beren:  Lil Wayne just got out of jail early on good behavior.

Amy:  Oh that’s good. He behaved well.

Beren:  I know, I’m super excited.

Amy:  Yeah!

Beren:  Yeah, you know, he was in, I think this time…I think it was gun charges. I’m always, you know, kind of slightly concerned that somebody like Lil Wayne is allowed to have a firearm, but then also surprised that he got caught.

Amy:  Right. It sounded to me that he had a lot of them, or particular ones that you’re definitely not supposed to have.

Beren:  Like semi-automatics.

Amy:  Yeah.

Beren:  Well, he had a fairly stiff sentence, like a year, and you know, for a rapper you’d think that would be kind of career-stalling, but he just had a new album come out and he’s been all over the radio, and I’ve seen new videos throughout this past year.

Amy:  So do you think that going to jail has been good for his career?

Beren:  Well, I don’t know if it’s been good. Before he actually got arrested he was all over the place, on the cover of every magazine. So, you know, he’s maybe not as high profile as he was, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Like, you know, he’s not over-exposed now like he kinda was before his sentence.

Amy:  Do you think that he’s, you know, that any part of his experience in jail maybe made him a better artist, like do you think it’s changed his music or his message or anything at all?

Beren:  Well, I guess on the new album he doesn’t really use auto tune. And I don’t know, maybe because of the limitations he had in jail he wasn’t able to experiment with auto tune and technology. He just had pen and paper.

Amy:  So it was kind of more like back to the basics.

Beren:  Mmm-hmm, totally. So I guess it’s maybe not necessarily good for his career, but good for his musicianship.


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Beren is excited because Lil Wayne got out of jail early. Sometimes when people in prison behave well, their lawyer can get them released before the end of their sentence. Lil Wayne went to jail on gun charges. Beren wasn’t surprised that he owned illegal weapons, but she was surprised that he got caught.

Beren tells Amy that Lil Wayne just released a new album. Amy wants to know if jail has been good for his career. Beren says that he is still really popular, but not quite as over-exposed as he was before going to jail. Amy hopes that Lil Wayne will grow from this experience.

Have you ever learned something from a difficult experience?



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I think all this kind of artist are involved in this situations, with weapons, drugs, fights. I think is part of this environment.

10:52 PM Feb 15 2011 |



Russian Federation

I’m in russian jail right now… I’ve been here since 2008 and will be near by 3 year yet… Do u want to know how is it here?

09:46 PM Feb 14 2011 |



Russian Federation

O yes, how not to have the same experiance next time.

06:52 PM Feb 14 2011 |




yes, i learned.. a never eat more than i can !!

03:42 PM Feb 14 2011 |

Najwa Al-harthi

Saudi Arabia

yes , this experience of life , I learnt to be independent , you don't wait  for someone to give you  hand ,hopeful , cause life is unexpected …..

03:07 PM Feb 14 2011 |



I love Lil Wayne Kiss

02:47 PM Feb 14 2011 |



Yes, I've learned useful stuff several times in my life when I've made tough experiences. I think is a fantastic lesson to enhance my vocabulary areal.

I need bed words to grasp a stiff life, like Lil Wayne.

Thank you English, baby! crew!

10:59 AM Feb 14 2011 |


Viet Nam

Be positive. It will help you to get through any difficult situation.


06:11 AM Feb 14 2011 |



Of course, I think that people learn  about their mistakes, but the idea is not to make mistakes, and to receive advises of people who had had bad situations.


Obviously every person makes mistakes, so I try not to commit them.

04:36 AM Feb 14 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I 4got 2 say I love 'Fireflame' by him! :D

04:00 AM Feb 14 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I just wanna say I love Lil wayne, I've always liked his music :)

03:41 AM Feb 14 2011 |

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