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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Date: Feb 28 2011

Themes: Music

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Singer Avril Lavigne does things earlier than other people. By the time she was 15, she’d appeared on stage alongside country music super star Shania Twain. At 16 she signed a record deal, and at 17 her first album Let Go was a huge hit around the world.

Avril has been an early bloomer in her personal life, too. She got married at 21, which is a lot younger than the age at which most American women marry. Three years later, she got divorced. So now, at 26, she already has four albums and a marriage under her belt. Find out what Jason and Ella think she’ll do next.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I’m kind of excited that Avril Lavigne is available again.

Ella:  Yeah, I wish she would just go away. I can’t stand her.

Jason:  Really?

Ella:  Yeah, I’m not a fan of her music, and then she tries so hard to be like punk star rocker, getting married young, you know, rebelling, and now divorced. Come on.

Jason:  Oh interesting. You think getting married young is a form of rebellion?

Ella:  I mean, yeah, it would totally fit her image, you know, like crazy pink hair. She started the black nail polish, you know, basically. And getting married young…just all those things you’re definitely not supposed to do.

Jason:  Well if you’re getting married at age 20 you might not want to marry the singer of Sum 41, you know?

Ella:  Yeah, definitely.

Jason:  I was upset about it when it happened. She’s like exactly the same age as me, and when her song “Complicated” came out and she was 17 and she was number one, I was 17 and in a punk band. And then she went and married, you know, Deryck Whibley from what I regard as like the worst punk band of that era.

Ella:  It’s like the anti-punk almost.

Jason:  Yeah.

Ella:  Yeah, I can see that as being upsetting, but clearly it was just puppy love since they divorced. That didn’t work out well.

Jason:  Would you ever get married that young? I mean, obviously neither of us did.

Ella:  I feel like at 24 right now I still don’t know a lot, so there’s definitely less that I knew about love and life at 20.

Jason:  I was kind of silly at age 20. I don’t know if it would have been a good idea.


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Jason is the same age as Avril Lavigne, and he had a crush on her when she first became famous at age 17. He was sad when she got married young. But now she is available again, and Jason is a little excited. Maybe he thinks he has a chance at becoming Avril’s second husband.

Ella doesn’t like Avril Lavigne. She thinks Avril tries too hard to be punk. She even thinks that Avril got married young as a form of rebellion.

At what age do people usually get married in your country? Do you think it is a good idea to get married young?



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I used to listen to her music as well and have been a huge fan! But as you maybe all notice it’s past tense. The success and the wealth eventually have changed her attitude and personality, rapidly! The Avril I used to like and admire for her ” In Your Face” mentality has died and probably will never be seen again. Instead we all get to see the Avril that sold out on her fan base and decided to follow the path of mainstream which resulted in a horrific change of her musical style! And, honestly who is still paying attention to Avril’s music today – nobody of the guys outside who actually appreciate invidiuality and unique charisma! She screwed up big time! 

09:28 AM Jul 18 2015 |



Like her music it’s really inspiring 

11:37 PM Aug 05 2014 |




I love her,and i like she songs,she is a beautiful girl

02:31 PM Dec 06 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am crazy about her

she is very nice

06:01 AM Dec 06 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

she’s eyes are cute and her voice is beauty:)

02:05 PM Dec 21 2012 |

Vampire girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

she’s awsome

I love her voice

02:02 PM Dec 21 2012 |




i love her she is amazingLaughing

05:17 PM Sep 22 2012 |



AVRİL <3 Turkey Fun :)

09:20 AM May 30 2012 |




My room was covered with posters and photographs of her

 I am her fansYell

03:58 AM Jan 30 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i jast can say i <3 AVRIL :*

06:41 PM Jan 29 2012 |





03:48 PM Jan 18 2012 |




I love her crazy, her style
And her song
That can make people happy

02:27 PM Jan 12 2012 |



i love her songs besides to sing very well she’s cute, preety…

02:18 PM Aug 17 2011 |





05:29 PM Jun 12 2011 |



Here we (not me lol) usually get married from the age to 25 to 30. Poeple, from the youngest to the oldest, should get merried if the two member really want to do it .I say this becuase if they get divorced  they add themselves to the other who want to get married for the cabbage, that’s is the image I have about a couple. 

I aked the discussion because I really like Avril! xD

05:24 PM Jun 12 2011 |




very beautiful

02:47 PM Jun 12 2011 |



getting married early at that age might be considered a form of rebellious for some ppl actually its not. if you are in love with someone to whom you are attracted and you want to settle down why not go for it thats fine

02:01 PM Jun 12 2011 |




First,Avril is a compelling girl in my eyes..Having her thoughts and do whatever she likes.And thats all because she is young and has the privilege.In China,getting married that early is not very common.You know,the policy advocates late marriage.But personally,marrying at a young age is not an absolutely bad thing as long as you are not playing with LOVE..Sometimes love comes and girls as well boys will be blind..Thats why i support Avril.

12:14 AM Apr 03 2011 |

Oriih PrincesS!!


I was a fan of Avril but now I'm not a fan of her.. I think that it's cool that she's available again, her song 'what the hell' is cool.. I like it.. but I agree with Ella 'cause I think that it's a form of rebellion, she wants to escape from her family or her fameof that era.. And here, in Venezuela, I believe that people use to get married in the age about 25-30

12:40 AM Mar 07 2011 |

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