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makes my blood boil

makes my blood boil

Date: Mar 10 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Being called a cheater made my blood boil. That is one thing I am not.”

- Actor David Arquette, talking about rumors that he cheated on his wife, actress Courteney Cox. (The Oprah Show)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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makes me very angry

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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What happens to you when you get angry? Does your face turn red? Does steam start to come out of your ears like in cartoons? Do you start to feel hot?

Imagine being so angry, it actually made your blood boil. It would probably take something really big to do that.

The actor David Arquette and his wife, Courteney Cox, one of the stars of the TV show Friends, recently broke up. Sometimes couples break up because they make each other’s blood boil. But there are rumors that David and Courteney split up because he cheated on her.

Those rumors make David very angry. He says it makes his blood boil when people say he cheated.

What makes your blood boil?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“It makes my blood boil when I hear about people abusing their pets. “

“When I found out my boyfriend cheated on me, it made my blood boil.”

“Marissa can’t find a job, so it makes her blood boil when she hears other people complaining about their jobs.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

dani008 He became very very angry about that.
by dani008
ЈǾôĐ ..it means when something/someone make you feel real mad about sth..
by ЈǾôĐ
angie.liu make me extremely angery
by angie.liu
Manu4 To make you feel angry
by Manu4
MissROSY something that pisses you off or makes you damn angry..
by MissROSY
made him very angry ;S
by BiG AmBiTioN
Anrusch Make someone very angry. The gasoline prices make my blood boil at the moment.
by Anrusch
makes you very angry
by Bitten by an Arab bug
natamooi when your blood boils is when you find yourself angry and you feel you are going to explode
by natamooi
Made me very angry
by Criz search
sofree make someone very angry
by sofree
kokoboko To make blood boil means to make someone very angry, even furious.
by kokoboko

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It means, Have some one's too much prossure until make his/her blood boil.

07:01 AM Mar 13 2011 |




the current events now in egypt and the big mess makes my blood boil

05:10 AM Mar 12 2011 |



This is when something ... freaking me  out…

08:39 PM Mar 10 2011 |




Makes you very angry..

07:09 PM Mar 10 2011 |

javier armando


It makes my blood boil that this world is so unfair and that there are  lots of people who  lack of basic stuff like food and healthy while just a few anothers possess eveything.THIS FUCKING WORLD MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL LIKE STEAM. :p

06:49 PM Mar 10 2011 |




It makes my blood boil if someone tells me `don`t do that` and then s\he does same thing. 

But I am patient I don`t show my anger.. 

05:46 PM Mar 10 2011 |




This actually what happened to me not much time ago , when the manager start to feel jealousy of my success work , and because I haven't to make my blood boil , I directly decided to leave this work and this stupid  manager

05:36 PM Mar 10 2011 |



United Kingdom

means outrage and really angry

04:15 PM Mar 10 2011 |




to be angry

03:15 PM Mar 10 2011 |



I'm looking for job, but my blood boil when on an interview their said,  well your are perfect but your spoken English is poor, i agree with that because i haven't practice it, but they're not really perfect. 

03:05 PM Mar 10 2011 |



Viet Nam

I'm unemployment at the moment. So it makes my blood boil when I hear people talking about their jobs. 

01:57 PM Mar 10 2011 |




01:56 PM Mar 10 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It makes my blood boil if i hear an obvious lie from someone who knows other people understand it but thinks because she/he has power others should accept that.  

12:55 PM Mar 10 2011 |

kane charles


very very angry…Cool

11:17 AM Mar 10 2011 |



I just learn this kind of words and know the definition

11:05 AM Mar 10 2011 |




our manager postpone giving our salary for more than one month really makes my blood boil

10:54 AM Mar 10 2011 |




It make my whole body hot and i feel mad that time

10:46 AM Mar 10 2011 |




Make me so mad. It makes my blood boil when someone said something that i did not mean the way he thought or judge about myself

07:01 AM Mar 10 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I saw the interview in the Opera Show .He seem very sad and frustrated . We can feel his sadness .His heart has been broken by Courteney Cox. He has been gone through alot ,especially when he became addicated to alchol .His life turned upside -down .And she did nothing about it .She  just gave up on him . I think she should have been a little bit  supportive and a little bit helpful.That what  a good wife does if her partener goes through hard time .What she did is complaining and asking for seperation . Any way he still loves her .that's really abvious and clear .

06:05 AM Mar 10 2011 |




recent life is mess up and makes my blood boil.

05:53 AM Mar 10 2011 |

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