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Say 'Cheese'
Say 'Cheese' English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the imperative form

Date: Mar 15 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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What does a dairy product and photography have in common? Some people like to look serious in pictures. But if you like to smile, “say ‘cheese’” is a phrase you should know.

Try it. Go look at yourself in a mirror and say “cheese.” Do you see anything special? If you’re doing it right, you should see your teeth. When you’re taking a picture of people, you can remind them to say “cheese” so that they will smile for the photo.

Today, Devan has decided to take a picture of everyone who works at her company. Find out who is the most photogenic as one by one she asks them to say “cheese.”

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Devan:  Does everybody remember what today is?

Jason:  Wednesday?

Devan:  No. It’s employee picture day!

Ella:  Yay!

Jason:  That explains where Dale is. He’s camera-shy.

Devan:  What? Dale didn’t show up? Well, who wants to go first? Are you ready yet?

Ella:  No, wait, I just…let me make sure.

Devan:  OK, good?

Ella:  No, uh, do I get to look at it afterward?

Devan:  This is just for the website. It’s going to be like this big.

Ella:  I don’t care. I mean, some people need magnifying glasses, whatever.

Devan:  OK, ready?

Ella:  ...or, should I do like this?

Devan:  How about you stand. Stand up straight. Put your arms down. Now say “cheese.”

Ella:  That’s so boring.

Devan:  Great. Next! What are you wearing?

Jason:  It’s my sweet Harley-Davidson shirt.

Devan:  Seriously? Everyone’s going to know that you’re my boyfriend. This is embarrassing.

Jason:  No way, babe, I’ve got a Harley-Davidson shirt. That’s the coolest thing your boyfriend could have.

Devan:  Alright, say “cheese.”

Jason:  Cheese!

Marni:  I really hate having my picture taken. Does my hair look OK?

Devan:  You look great. You look beautiful. Ready? Say “cheese.”

Marni:  I’m not gonna say that.

Devan:  What do you mean you’re not gonna say that?

Marni:  I want people to take me seriously. I want to look serious. I don’t want to look happy.

Devan:  Why don’t you want to look happy?

Marni:  Because I want to look professional.

Devan:  OK. Alright.

Marni:  Do I look professional?

Devan:  You look…tranquil. OK…

Jeff:  Wait, wait, wait. If I may, what are these being used for?

Devan:  For the website. OK, ready?

Jeff:  No, no, no.

Devan:  What?

Jeff:  You don’t have a contract I can look over, sign?

Devan:  This is just for the website, pinky swear!

Jeff:  Pinky? How about a handshake? Legally binding.

Devan:  OK. Ready? Say “cheese.” Can you say “cheese?” Jeff? Mason, this is for the employee directory. We don’t put the janitor in the employee directory. But, um, I’ll take your picture anyway, just for fun.

Mason:  Thanks!

Devan:  OK, say “cheese.”

Mason:  Cheese!

Devan:  The whole point of saying “cheese” is to see your teeth.

Mason:  Cheese!


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Devan announces that it is employee picture day. Many offices take pictures of their employees to put on the company website or to make office ID cards. Jason says that Dale must have known it was picture day, since he doesn’t like to be in pictures and he isn’t at work today.

Ella is the first to have her picture taken and she acts like she is modeling. Devan has to convince her to relax and say “cheese.” Next is Jason. He is wearing a funny shirt and refuses to put something else on. When it’s time for him to say “cheese,” he points at the camera and makes a funny face.

Since Jeff is a lawyer, he makes Devan promise only to use the photo of him for official office business and nothing else before he will say “cheese.” Marni doesn’t want to say “cheese.” She thinks it’s silly and wants to look serious in her photo. Finally, Mason is happy to say “cheese,” but he holds his mop in front of his face while he does so that you can’t see his teeth!

Do you like to take silly photos or serious ones? Is there something you like to do before you take a picture to make sure it turns out well?



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Cici Yong


I am shopping clothing here: www.safasov.com

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04:02 AM Oct 18 2012 |



I don’t like taking serious photos, they should either be silly or just normal ones with a smile!! Certainly, I have to look in the mirror first and make sure that I look good then take the picture, well despite that the it doesn’t turn out well…I take 10 pictures only one of them turns out well!! :/

06:49 PM Oct 17 2012 |

walid uchiha


I like take picture but and appeared handsome . I would so happy if I look  beauty

08:35 PM Oct 16 2012 |

Irene Forever


I like both photographing and be photographed,  but I don’t like low-quality pictures.

I’m always surprised at people who post photos with silly expressions on their faces. Maybe it’s a fun for them , but I am a woman, and I always want to look beautiful.

The most preferable for me is  taking photos of stunning views in the countryside and wherever else where I can catch a fantastic moment. I also love taking photos of different people while they can’t see me doing it. As far as I know, the best photos are those which are taken unexpectedly.

08:01 PM Oct 16 2012 |




yes, I am camera-shy :D

06:59 PM Oct 16 2012 |

Mohammed H. Al-sadi



Tongue out

03:49 PM Oct 16 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

I don’t like to take most serious photos :|

08:27 PM Jul 07 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

here we say siib instead of cheese means apple

11:03 AM Mar 26 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we don't have employee picture day in iran do u have it in your country?

11:00 AM Mar 26 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i'm not a camera shy and i love taking pictures from everything that i like

10:58 AM Mar 26 2011 |



I like to take most serious photos, but of course I smile!  Smile

01:34 PM Mar 25 2011 |

Anwar emad

Anwar emad

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I like take photos, but I don't like take me photos. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeees

04:57 PM Mar 21 2011 |



i like to  take my picture and also like to take picture in every function like marriage,birthday to every body.

05:38 PM Mar 20 2011 |



Russian Federation

I like to take photos when it's natural, even unexpected in some way for a person or persons on the photo. But of course their agreement is needed for that. That kind of photos are the best in my opinion.

09:09 AM Mar 19 2011 |




I like take photos, but I don't like take me photos.Smile

04:32 AM Mar 19 2011 |




I definitely liked the lesson. It's one of the best lessons I ever saw here.

07:52 AM Mar 18 2011 |



United States

I love cheese and i love dairy products :-p and i love smiling :)

07:38 AM Mar 18 2011 |



"The whole point of saying cheese is to see your teeth." Nice job janitor, 1 thumbs up.

02:08 AM Mar 17 2011 |



Well, it depends on the place where I am… If I am at work, I think the proper pictures are the serious ones. But if I am at home, or with my friends, or in a trip, I like to take funny pictures.

06:55 PM Mar 16 2011 |





10:49 PM Mar 15 2011 |

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